Hiking and Camping in Kazakhstan. July 2016
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Hiking and Camping in Kazakhstan. July 2016

Hey guys, my friends and i decided to get together and go on a hike! One of the friends… ugh… One of my friends who’s going with me, or rather I am going with him, is my good friend Dima. Dmitry is a doctor. Please let them know where we are going. Hey, everybody! We decided to go the Big Almaty Peak via Shymbulak. So our goal today is to get to Mynzhylky and spend the night there Then tomorrow proceed to T1 station and hit two passes: “Molodezhniy” and “Soviet” Which would bring us to the “Kumbel Su” canyon located in not to far from the Big Almaty Lake Spend our second night there. And then get to the Cosmo Station on Sunday Aaaand hike up the big Almaty Peak!!! Well, in all fairness, that is his plan! My plan is basically not to die and return home I was not aware of that mouthful of a hike! Hey, y’all. We spent our first night here We slept at the height of 2930 meters above sea level The so-called Mynzhylky stop And we’re ready to proceed! So we are a little higher that the T1 station It has been a very steep slope Lots of rocks And to top that off it’s all covered in mushy snow Our feet are soaking wet, so we’re trying to decide if we should turn back and set up camp lower So, if you remember, 2 days ago we had talked about a certain route But something went wrong. Dmitry, what happened? Well, it all went wrong after the T1 glaciostation A bit exteme weather conditions lots of snow a risk of avalanche, we saw a couple go down before our eyes “A bit” is an understatement Yeah, probably We did make a decision to proceed to the Molodezhniy pass but it turned out to be quite dangerous so taking all of those factors into consideration we decided to turn back WE WENT BACK And set up camp around the Memorial A very nice place, quiet, peaceful, soft. Had a good night sleep. And we did have a great time!!! Yeah, awesome! To make it more clear and to make this moment cuter Here, look! There’s a ladybug on Dima’s shoulder with that look of: i approve all of your choices That’s it! We’re packed and going home


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