Hiking and Camping in the Dolomites | Seiser Alm Italian Alps (Urdu/Hindi)
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Hiking and Camping in the Dolomites | Seiser Alm Italian Alps (Urdu/Hindi)

It’s my 3rd day in the Dolomites and the last hike which I did called Seceda in the Val Gardena valley, I camped there Today I’m very near to that area and is called Seiser Alp or Alp di’suili is only a 30 mins drive, absolutely stunning I recorded some of it but I had to concentrate on the drive due to a small road I planned to due wild camping here as well but due to Mountain hotels it is very difficult to find a wild camp place it might be possible but I don’t know the area so I’m at a designated campsite looks incredible I already checked in and I will show you how campsites are here which has camper vans, rental huts and tents and after that I will do a small hike of 2 hours to go to Seiser Alp it’s a very beautiful region weather is fine now but later it might rain but first I have to pitch my tent and rest a little This place looks good to pitch the tent someone already pitched there before and the view in front is also nice there I will pitch it This is my two-person tent I’m using it as a single person usually share it when I travel with a friend I have travelled with this tent all over the world The advantage of this tent is there is lot of space to leave all the stuff inside the tent but its weight it 1kg more than my one person tent when I travel solo, I try to take 1 person tent it is very hot inside the tent it is almost 25 C and due to intense sun it is hard to sit inside This camping is not free it costs 23€ for one person and tent but there are some nice facilities so it’s fine and this region is very expensive Now let’s go use the facilities to take shower I have still some time before I start the hike so let’s make some coffee my coffee is ready and some cookies it’s 5:15pm The road opens after 5pm so should be fine now let’s go for a hike and to get there I have to drive for approx. 30mins it costs 18€ to park here but no one is here to collect so it’s free This hike is around 1 hour along this road because they block the road for normal traffic I take only stuff that I need in my small backpack I reached there and it took me one and half hours check this view The view from this hotel Incredible This is Hotel Adler only guests of these hotels can drive on this road and the rest like me have to hike but the views are incredible probably one of the most beautiful region in the alps so remember if you come to Seiser Alps What do you think of it? I don’t have to say anything absolutely stunning I came here to see the sunset but but there wasn’t any sunset sorry I mean there was sunset but due to clouds in front of the sun the light conditions weren’t that impressive but still, it is an incredible place with or without sunset hopefully, you also liked it It’s almost dark so I go back to the car park and then back to the campsite I’m back This campsite is called Camping Seiser Alp I forgot to tell the name earlier For dinner, I have Knorr Risotto with Spinach But the problem is it is all written in Italian and I’m struggling to understand maybe I have to put two and a half cups of water I put 250ml of water and see if it goes well with Tuna for some extra protein there is no protein inside only rice let’s see if it tastes good as well Risotto takes so much time to cook I will go back to noddles I’m cooking for more than 20 mins. and it still needs more time, but almost ready It takes only 10 to 15mins to prepare noddles and the Risotto sticks to the cooking pot bad for cleaning on a campsite is fine but someone on the mountain with less water it will be a pain in the ass to clean see it sticks to the pot and I couldn’t finish it It wasn’t really tasty I think I won’t try Risotto again while camping it’s time to sleep and see u tomorrow It’s 7am I slept very well it’s hard to wake up but I have to wake up I think it is raining again outside It rained all night it is at low height around 1200 meters so it wasn’t very cold during the night around 4 or 5 C during the day it is around 14 C that’s why I didn’t feel cold and slept well Let’s see how the weather is outside It is not raining heavy but it is raining I will wake up now take shower and prepare some food I already packed everything my tent is wet that’s why I didn’t pack it well and have to dry it when weather gets better My plan is to go to Sassolungo and if the weather gets better I will hike there else I will drive towards Passo Gardena This is Lago Karrer or Carezza I had to wait 2 hours for it to get clear as my Airbnb is near to the lake It is finally visible now but unfortunately the peaks behind the lake which have a beautiful reflection in the lake those are still covered in clouds maybe those will get clear later or maybe early morning I will come here again in the morning to see if the conditions get better and you can see how clear the water of the lake is this is a protected area It is not allowed to go on the other side of the fence even though I want to go there to get some pictures but let’s respect the laws I stay on this side there is a small circular trek around the lake which is a nice walk which takes only 25 mins.


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