Hiking, Biking, & Camping North Cascades National Park
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Hiking, Biking, & Camping North Cascades National Park

good morning everybody check out this
view no not the rest area right off the Cascade highway but the river on the
other side we’re in Central Washington right now I am going over the Cascade
Mountains as I take a little detour under this incredibly beautiful cedar
tree this is this is quite an interesting tree let me stand out here a
little farther so you can see that’s a cedar tree one that I’ve never seen one
quite like that with the Ivy going up the trunk on all sides that’s really
neat huh look at all the moss on top of that roof Moss crazy Skagit Wild and
Scenic River system okay here we are mile post 100 there’s concrete climbin
sedro woolley marble Creek see this right here it’s National Park day-to-day
been a while since I’ve been to a new National Park here we got the North
Cascades National Park coming up I don’t think I’m gonna be able to get camping
but we’ll just have to wait and see in the hardest summer it’s not hot it’s not
even very sunny so we might get lucky on one of the drop-in sites but either way
we’re going to the park right now – at least park and go experience it hang on
hang on we’ll go into the chapel and we’re
looking for the free beer and bottomless whiskey and steak and burgers I have
seen quite a lot of tiniest chapels in the country right this one’s super I
mean this is like the size of a u-haul storage unit it’s about eight foot by
five foot Wildwood Chapel yeah you can get married here if you’re into that
sort of thing I mean I ain’t hatin like I said you do what you got to do but
this one is right on the other side of the Skagit River although it’s a little
green and lush here the Skagit River is over there
somewhere believe me okay let’s keep on trucking
all right so here we are in marble Mount Washington starting to get into the
woods and this neighbor here has quite an imagination with the smiling Bigfoot
waving at us and the American Eagle their totem pole yeah
lots of food options for you there’s the Buffalo run restaurant across the street
on that side and in front of me over here barbecue at mando restaurant it’s
kind of like a biker bar yeah and the Buffalo run in they look a little
rundown to me I’d like to go straight cuz that bridge looks cool but we got to
turn left here north cascades highway and North Cascades National Park here we
are at the official unofficial start of the North Cascades National Park
it’s a massive park there are a lot of campgrounds each campground has a
certain select number of sites that are available for that day walk in only so
reserving a site you got to do it like six months out but I’m gonna give it a
shot because I really want to see this National Park and Jackson’s like I just
want you to park dad so I can go back to sleep you working on your beauty sleep
Larry man it’s a massive park here check out the visitor center here first
look for my magnet gets some park information see if there’s any kind of
shuttle or anything and he’s very scary yes finally got a magnet on the Cascade
loop here let me show you I also got my postcards for all my patreon people and
they get those addressed and sent out and by the end of the month here here’s
the magnet I got in North Cascades National Park
there are first-come first-serve campsites available I see a couple other
RVs in this lot so we’re gonna jet over to the campground and see if we can’t
get lucky hey I am thankful and happy to it even have gotten the site these first
come first serve basis ones you only get them for one night but still and no
hookups or anything it’s just a spot to park and then take your car or your
bicycle or you get your walking stick and go explore the park which is uh what
I’m gonna do for the rest of the afternoon
so make sure Jax is all taken care of and we’ll go for a little ride and see
we can find and a friendly reminder to watch
out for bears and other wild animals definitely tie up all your garbage oh my
gosh there’s a puma oh no it’s just my Jax he looks like a big Puma he does
yeah hims does what do you think of this Park Jax man it works huh
you know sniff we can sniff everything okay get a nuzzle stuff too okay go go
nozzle that that branch over there get your scent on it
you’ll attract all the Cougars yeah I think he likes it
where we going why you shit on his cap but we don’t need that no we just don’t
need that huh you happy boy now all right man I do
like that they had this nice walking and bicycle trail that runs parallel to the
Cascade highway over here it’s just a little more safer it’s a little prettier
than looking at concrete and worrying about every single car that passes yeah
I’m not going too fast through here just in case I run into a pedestrian or I
don’t know somebody on horseback or something you never know
remember I was talking about blackberries starting to show up later
in August here’s what they look like now on those thorny branches they’re kind of
green and you don’t want to hit those on your knee going through here that’s for
sure it’s a little unpleasant prickly I mean look at this place
it’s gorgeous I don’t see any snow on any of the mountains that’s probably a
good thing but that water looks inviting huh pretty nice it’s my kind of national
park cuz like nobody here kid everything to you look at the color of the water
down there I love that color and this is not a driving suspended bridge just as a
walking only it says trail of the Cedars well let’s go check it out
oh man that water looks inviting though look at that green both sides of course it’s not sunny
today it’s overcast but the water still looks green and I never knew how big
biggest cables really are in person that’s a lot of cable for just a walking
bridge whoo no drones in national parks oh hey wait there’s a little mysterious
narrow walking trail down here too where does it lead to nowhere a dead end high
voltage whoa no the moss entire wall the door everything is covered in moss I
know I made a turquoise green watercolor reference in my last video related to
the Skagit River this is the Skagit River here it’s not really glacier-fed
but it is Cascade Mountains fed so all of this is still runoff from last winter
and it’s still really really pretty and green this is definitely the south side
that does not get any Sun though and speaking of the trail of the Cedars lots
of gorgeous cedar trees gosh look at those raging waters this looks like it was recently burned
unfortunately there must have been a fire recently that pool quick side is
recovering dam George no it’s it’s the George Dam I’m just walking my bike here
because I don’t trust the narrow walkway and want to click my handlebars and die ok then now that George Dam is still
producing power obviously it’s a working plant but this weird tunnel that’s
carved into the side of the mountain they’re closed off I really want to know
maybe it was like an old train access or just for the workers I don’t really know
they’ve rerouted the way things go they got the brother bridge closed down so
I’m trying to find the where you go in publicly yes I found a secret way over
since they got the the bridge closed I found a legal safe way over here
here’s a better look at the front of the dams they’re kind of a neglected park
here though the pool has seen better days
I guess the pond look at all that moss though let’s walk along the edge here
and see if I can find out what all this water sound is oh yeah
it’s the creek so for some reason this Creek goes
around the dam like whatever man I carved my own path yeah but I want to
know what’s up there let’s go oh my gosh look at that pool of water
there North Cascades National Park you’re
getting bumped in to my top three still gonna keep a katie is number one but
Zion you just got bumped not that you’re not beautiful you got
bumped to three because North Cascades National Park is my favorite scenically
Oh end of the line well that sucks
I guess there’s nowhere to really go they had quite a rock fall there alright
I don’t want to be out all afternoon guys because like I said I feel a little
uncomfortable leaving Jax I mean it doesn’t make sense right but I want to
go check out one more destination on the ebike it’s about ten miles east of here
and then we’ll start making my trek back to the RV for the evening I definitely
don’t want to say oh it all looks the same after a while cuz no it’s still
very very different but and this little stretch right here they have signs that
say we can’t enter the water because they’re gonna open floodgates without
warning or something so there’s no access to the water at this point but
like it’s almost looks like wynoochee or something really oh I really want to
just sit on that rock right there and just think about stuffs looking at all
this Thank You nature for all this beauty oh and plus let’s just point out
that ebike is absolutely the best possible tool for navigating something
like a national park like this because I guarantee you no car has ever stopped
here to look at what I’m showing you right now okay it’s 50 miles an hour
barely a shoulder nowhere for anybody to stop and show you this this is a little
unique me showing you this right now however now I
now I instantly regret this slightly cuz we had to go through a tunnel and it’s a
very narrow tunnel I’m not worried about riding it I’m just worried about okay
there’s no traffic see it says tunnel turn on lights wait a
minute bike push button ahead push what button I get to push a button well
that’s kind of cool see that’s what we got across not it’s
not a big tunnel oh here’s my spot they say push the button and it’s flashing
bikes in tunnel speed 30 I do have my headlight on oh yeah we’re tunneling man
we’re tunneling oh yeah yeah did I mention we’ve been going nonstop uphill
the Cascade Mountains this entire trip since I left the campground yeah I’m
feeling the burn I mean I got pedal assist on level 1 so it’s helping me but
still look at these views geez such a massive national park okay I’m gonna put
the camera away concentrate on my pedaling I’ll get to die a blue lake I’m
starting to get a bit of a chest ache today no don’t know maybe this is a
little more biking than I’m used to and I’m feeling I’m feeling you know what we
are up high in elevation that could be it actually just walking the trails man
just walking the trails you see that little mini waterfall the other side
going down oh my gosh and died a blow Lake everyone
and all its magical glory out there man that’s gorgeous
so right now I’m about 15 miles up and east of where Miranda and Jax are at at
the campground so this being the North Cascade highway here we are gonna drive
this stretch again when when we leave the campground so not gonna go any
farther well I just had a breath I’m working on it man
we’re working on it anyway ah go back to my nice little camp campsite and we’re
back I don’t think I really mind the whole no hookups at national parks cuz
it’s nearly every single one I’ve been to has been that way no power there is a
dump station on the way out with some water but the campsites themselves are
very natural and I think that’s a good thing for the national parks whoo these
are these are huckleberries guys I don’t know if these are found other places but
these are huckleberries Oh sour oh but edible yeah
no flashbacks to the movie into the wild kind of out here by myself and this
campsites huge like there’s a big huge backyard it’s quiet it’s peaceful it’s
not a Walmart parking lot or a rest area and I kind of like it for one night
good I want true Nomad guys it’s hard for me to sit still but that’s how like
that’s how I enjoy life and there’s so many different ways to do it you know
that’s why some people buy the RV and then booked three months at a resort and
then three months at another resort that’s the way they like it who cares
let people do it their way I like moving if I move too fast for you just don’t
just skip a couple videos anyway gonna you know chill here with my little kitty
cat and then Jackson I’ll see you in a few more days from the cascade loop as
we head on east wards over the mountains good night guys


  • Fredrick Riffel

    You can be winded , but you should not feel chest pain. Get that pain checked out. There is another term for it and it's called Angina. My husband can attest to this since he had his first heart attack when he was 38 years old………………

  • Living The RV Loca Life

    love your videos who cares if its fast or a lot loving the views we will be traveling through there soon as well great pointers too thanks safe travels

  • Chris Riley

    keep moving just add a little more detail of were your at. im a hway 410 camper never been hway 20 your finding some prity good places thinking of going up there

  • NWHiker

    Much of your video was shot on Seattle PUD land why it looked all run down and closed up. No profit in maintenance. You missed Diablo/Ross Dam and the Ross Lake overlook!….. Marblemount/Newhalem were once thriving hwy/dam construction towns back in the day. Used to be lots a free camping on the river/lakes and tons a places to park a RV for a week or two. Always a shame to see how run down everything is.

    FYI for anyone wanting to drive this route. You aren't in the Nat. Park unless you hike several miles off the highway, so no Park pass/Entrance fees are required unless that's changed in the last couple years. Don't know what pass Eric bought? Much of the highway valley is Ross Lake Recreation Area. Administered by the NPS, so the rules are less strict than a Nat. Park and the lack of funding shows in many areas. Beautiful area and an incredible ride on a motorcycle on a warm sunny day……:)

  • Chris Kozak

    Awesome + beautiful National Park. Great video. Keep up the good work! Jaxman looked like he was enjoying himself.👍🏽

  • Jody loretta

    Love that Acadia park is still your favorite since im from Maine its my favorite to 😉 beautiful video. Im renting my first ever rv today because of your videos. Thanks for the inspiration

  • JSHofficial

    I think the epic tv series Twin Peaks was filmed not too far away. Correct me if im wrong. Some really nice places. Snoqualmie, North Bend and Fall City. I think North Bend was the main place. Maybe you have already passed it. I really enjoy this Cascades trip 🙂 Keep up the great work.

  • naturekat3

    Absolutely beautiful! Thank you for sharing. Definitely making this part of my journey. Was glad to see you using the e-bike, your original video on the bike sold me.

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