Hiking Torres del Paine Circuit & W in Chile (Patagonia Expedition #08)
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Hiking Torres del Paine Circuit & W in Chile (Patagonia Expedition #08)

In the previous episode, we saw ice cracking down from the Perito Moreno glacier and listened to the story of the cyclists from Pedal South. Now, we’re back in Chile and doing the full 8-day circuit hike in the National Park Torres del Paine. (Kristin) Hola from Torres del Paine. We’re about to do the circuit trek. (Steve) Right now, we’re standing in front of the Hotel Las Torres to do the first stretch, which goes from here to Serón, where we will camp for the night. So we start the circuit trek in the Chilean way by drinking Pisco What are you having for lunch? (Kristin) Nuts. Rabbit food. (Steve) Alright, we’re now almost in Serón. We’re walking next to the Rio Paine. And the Campamento Serón, where we will sleep tonight, is in the back over there. Kristin, why are you so wet? (Kristin) Because it was raining. (Steve) We arrived in Campamento Serón after hiking through the rain and set up our tent. Now, we go for a hot shower. (Kristin) Good morning from Campamento Serón. (Steve) It was raining all night. But now, it’s dry. And we’re going to Refugio Dickson today, which is about 18.5km. And as you see, while we got rain, the mountains got snow. We made it over the pass! And this is our reward. So, the last 3km, and then we are in Dickson. And there we are, this is Dickson down there. And there in the back, this is the Glaciar Dickson. Well, this is where we stay for the night. So, we set up our tent and today we’re in for a treat, because we’re going to eat at the refugio. Good morning from Refugio Dickson. (Kristin) And today’s hike takes us to the snow in Los Perros. (Steve) We’re about to go see the glacier, Glaciar Perros. And the Laguna Perros over there. Looks amazing. Wait until you see the rest. Alright, guys. We made it to the glacier, and it’s a bit windy here. Maybe this is not a good idea. We made it to- (Kristin) Los Perros. (Steve) It’s time to set up the tent. So what’s for dinner, Kristin? (Kristin) Some rice curry. With carrots in it. (Steve) Good morning, guys. It’s now 6:30 in the morning. We’re here in Campamento Los Perros. We got up so early because we need to go to the pass, and in the morning, the weather is most stable. I’m preparing breakfast, and we’re heading to the pass. (Kristin) So it begins. (Steve) We’re now going to the pass. We made it to the end of the tree line. We can see the sticks from here. For the pass. Over there is the pass. This is a good sign. It doesn’t look too bad up there. So, we’re going to cross. Have a little Snickers break right now. And there you see it’s like 1,180 meters. And then, we can see the ice fields. Rainbow! Oh my God! It’s lunchtime. We’re almost at Paso. Down there is the glacier drain. Look at this view. We are at Paso now. Did 12km. We have another 6 hours ahead. Suspension bridge! Don’t look down. This is probably the best mirador to see the great glacier. It’s next to an old campsite called Los Guardas Alright, 10 hours down. And now, we are at Refugio Grey. Going to set up the tent. Then tomorrow, we continue on the “W” (Kristin) Good morning, guys. We woke up in the Refugio Grey campsite. And today, we’re hiking along the Lago Grey to Paine Grande for a pitstop. (Steve) And then, we go to Campamento Italiano. We got to Paine Grande, and now we have a short break. (Kristin) Cheers. (Steve) We’re going to Italiano. 7.6km more. (Kristin) Hola from the Camp. Italiano. (Steve) We got right here in time to save us a good spot for camping. And now we’re going to cook to be ready for tomorrow. Today, we’re heading into the French Valle to the- (Kristin) Britanico Lookout. (Steve) Yes, let’s go. It’s 3 hours. (Kristin) Here we are at the Mirador Britanico. And this is the head of the French Valley. (Steve) So, we got back from the French Valley. We grabbed our backpacks. And now we’re going to- (Kristin) Los Cuernos. (Steve) This is actually the Cuernos mountain range, which is responsible for the name of our next camp, Los Cuernos. And now, right next to the Lago Nordernskjöld at te lake shore, which means we are just about 1.5km away from camp. (Kristin) So, after about 6k, we’ve arrived in Los Cuernos. And that’s a wrap on hiking today. Cheers. (Steve) And tomorrow, we leave this place and we’re going to hike to the highlight of the park, the Torres. Back on the road. Starting our last stretch to Campamento Torres at the base of the Torres. Had a wet start into the day, but it looks bright on the other side where we are heading to. Alright, we made it to Refugio Chileno and now we keep going to the Campamento Torres. It’s snowing. We are almost there. Just 1km left to the camp. Alright! Made it to the Campamento Las Torres. Last campsite. (Vlad) Last campsite. Triple five! (Steve) Triple five! We’ve got some time to kill, so we decided to go up the mountain already. And by the way, these over there are Matt and Vlad, our circuit hiking buddies. We did all this together. Seven days of hiking. And now, we’re going to the top. (Kristin) We made it to the top! (Steve) And this behind us are the Torres. Good morning from Torres del Paine, where we’re seeing the sunrise. So, we got up early to see this. That’s it. And now, we’re heading back to the hotel to finish the circuit trail. Alright, guys. We are back at the Hotel Las Torres, which means we finished the circuit in 8 days! Time for a celebration drink. In the next, and last, episode of the Patagonia Expedition, we show you the other parts of the Torres Del Paine national park and get to know some of the locals working here. If you want to hike Torres Del Paine too, take a look at my trekking guide, which is the most comprehensive for the hikes there. And check out Kristin’s blog posts too. Finally, don’t forget to subscribe to this channel for new travel videos every Thursday. See you next time. We are at camp, and somebody already went into the sleeping bag. No, the hate on your face. Wee-eee-eee!


  • Perfect Little Planet

    Amazing. So worth it for that sunrise shot of the Torres. Congrats on completing such an epic hike. That's on our bucket list for sure!

  • Die Le Manns

    Jetzt freu ich mich noch mehr auf unsere anstehende Südamerika Reise. Das Video ist mal wieder übertrieben gut und macht so Laune auf das Land, das kannst du dir nicht vorstellen.

  • Greg Snell

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  • Victor Z

    Bellisimo vídeo de mi país, gracias por el video. Te aconsejo otros lugares de la Patagonia Chilena en caso de que vuelvas. 1- Parque nacional Conguillio es uno de los lugares mas bellos que existen en la Patagonia chilena con la laguna arcoiris y el volcan llaima no te arrepentirás (mejor visitalo en Otoño porque los colores son alucinantes). 2- Valle de Cochamó (no se si lo haz visitado pero te lo recomiendo en caso de que no lo hayas hecho). 3- Trekking en el parque TAGUA TAGUA. 4- El Parque nacional Bernardo O'Higgins pero mas al sur y ver el glaciar mas grande del hemisferio sur fuera de la Antártida el PIO XI así como puedes hacer la ruta para hacer trekking y subir al Fitz Roy por el lado chileno (es una montaña compartida con argentina pero el lado chileno es mas difícil acceder que el por el lado argentino en el Chalten, pero vale muchísimo la pena ver otra cara del fitz roy). 5- si quieres algo aún mas remoto te aconsejo visitar el Parque Yendegaia en tierra del fuego parte Chilena tambien puedes hacer Hiking y subir la Cordillera Darwin (la montaña mas alta de la isla tierra del fuego). 6- Hiking Dientes de Navarino (el parque nacional mas austral del continente dejando de lado cabo de hornos). 7- Parque Nacional Lago Jeinimeni se encuentra en chile chico y es un paisaje un tanto diferente al típico de la patagonia. También he visto que no haz visitado un lugar emblemático de Chile que es la Isla de Pascua (Easter Island) que sin duda vale muchísimo la pena hacer un video aparte tambien puedes visitar otras isla emblamitca de chile llamada Archipiélago Juan Fernández y hacer trekking (esa isla es muy diferente a todo chile continental). Saludos

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  • MyNimbus2000

    Hey, what size pack did you use, was that with your own camping/cooking gear or was it possible to rent those from the camp sites?

  • david2012slayer

    It is sad to see so many hillsides and burned trees, and all because of a dumbass Israeli tourist who started an illegal campfire and ended up burning more than 19,000 hectares of native vegetation.

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    Hi Steve, thank you for the inspiring videos and blog posts. I am soloing the circuit in 7 days second week of november. Concerning the food, should I bring my meals with me or is everything available in Puerto Natales? Subscribed!

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    Thank you for this amazing video. I'm chilean, but I live in NY, and probably never will experience such a beautiful trip.


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  • Arnthei Fah

    Hat derzeit Juli 2019, jemand ebenfalls Probleme den Trek auf der
    CONAF Seite zu buchen? Ich bekomme immer die Meldung einen "geschützen
    Bereich" auszuwählen. Kann aber kein Ticket kaufen oder die Zeltplätze
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