Hiking & Wild Camping The Paps of Jura, Scotland
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Hiking & Wild Camping The Paps of Jura, Scotland

hello and good morning from Tayvallich
myself and Kevin we are headed off to the Isle of Jura and we’re going to
climb the Paps of Jura as you can see its an absolutely stunning morning and we’re raring to go hey folks join judo no we almost never
need it here first of all when the we here in the car but just about her stag
let me go out to the pier the board never turned up I went to my
beacon and somehow I managed to work the judo team in lines very quick phone call
to the skipper was the best shot of med bar give you a helped her so he was
coming over she lag on judo she’s dropped us off a bit fallen off
the normal but we’re here and that’s what Mars can t beat the balloon balls
they’re just folded boots were very brambles go win our favor dear and they
were famous till quarter past eleven noisy ELISA with a big toe started ba
give us her boo good yo I saw it daily so I’m hoping that’s enough
nice touch reached the walking though took about 45 minutes to get here and
some a snip is gone-zo just quick snack stop and they will going to be stopped
this bad boy baby thankfully yes here I’ll try it under foot now because the
section up to the the walk was really buggy so you got
just under 400 years on the clock and you got two options you can veer off to
that side and gas are either angle we take a moderator and go up there and
conceit or people head of us have gone that way as well so I know it’s good in
the map currently two steps up one back down you’re just hidden here in the summit
shower get a Mac hold up on the go as we normally do it feel a bit bad to just me
I gave you who was I don’t know if it’s Craig fast
but he was finding it too steep and he couldn’t go up and he couldn’t go down
suppose that King desk like fast he was hoping we were going to go back down the
same way obviously I was to help remote by the same time we’ve got six hours a
day even if you’ve got to get in these holes ourselves so can you explain that
and just so he assured them it was all right there’s any more we can do I
suppose okay so we’re heading for our next objective which is a big bad boy
over there I look so beastly here the first things
first we’ve got this nice low register here down you can see a path they are
and this big ramp here will be our rear up so let’s go let’s do it
we were just coming down the ridge here I was looking awfully steep so you come
back over this we are we bet and there’s a nice low grassy ramp they’ll get you
off there’s a funny finger finger in the
mainland so just over there is a hazy : see and even more he Jie has just been
more from moe and he’s here I believe it’ll show us
boat by Ordnance Survey stuff when they were up here so vien I could be wrong
bump a sure it was super boss two down one to go good idea that was a brutal descent honestly one
body dude jeez aw I think we found somewhere to pitch it’s
relatively short this hole here behemoth so as well let’s hope Amy here is taking
the worst of the wind and the occasional gust is passing fever beggars can’t be
choosers Kevin in pursuit of perfection he’s a way over there it just seems to
think we’ll be something better over the Elbe feint much better than us
sunrise tomorrow if there’s one there’s going to be roughly in the middle there
got to the paps here we’ve got the food part behind us what more can you ask for
anyway the water source was a best suspect it’s
a bet Petey I’ll put hairs on my chest or she may 22
here’s on my head though I tell you what I am knackered now when’s 2 kms plus the
wood off maja 3 this morning and I’m feeling it now so I’m just getting down
already this was she wrote but the winds picked
up a bit I don’t think I’ll come in much at least I hope I do know her ever
managed to ver this be table is Peruvian does the job wait yes a weave son that’s what I’ll do for
late we steel caps came and we twirl a backpack in their stocking I’ll keep my
fella made one for wait just just one makes a wheel well folks it’s just after
9 o’clock both of us Avatar 2 or tents and they you could probably hear the one
has picked up a bit but not too significantly so I’ll hopefully get a
good night’s sleep very Howie catches in the morning goodnight good morning
campers despite the wind in the den last night I
just got a decent sleep I think I was just that not good though I’m safe a
half six fill get up for the sunrise but poked my head out the tent and it’s not
going to happen that the it’s pretty cloudy yeah anyway elbow is at five o’clock tonight
so we’ve got a lot of tainted : Judah are you there kid ask me if you go
mornin Gumbo’s as well other than a bit of flat grass Leave No
Trace has been applied breakfast of fish for what a peaceful and tranquil place
below the pups yes these chairs we have the fun of it you

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