HILARIOUS Sri Lankan Dudes at Galle Fort Beach. πŸ‡±πŸ‡°
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HILARIOUS Sri Lankan Dudes at Galle Fort Beach. πŸ‡±πŸ‡°

Do I want to take a Sri Lanka lady? Maybe, maybe I will try. Where? Your wife, or no?
No, no, no. Where your wife?
Where your one? 1, 2, 3, 4 5 people like me. I don’t know these ladies. You don’t know these ladies?
Go. Talk! Talk to them! I go tell them you want to talk, okay?
I’ll go tell them, these ladies, these men want to talk. Good morning Sri Lanka. As you can see
I’m at the train station. That’s because I’m gonna take a wee day trip.
A wee 2 hour train ride down to Galle. Or Galle as it’s pronounced in Sinhalese. Thank you. Into the fortified city of Galle. See what’s in here. Ohh, some shade, some shade at last. Your man is sweating his arse off right now. Gonna find some water somewhere soon.
Emptied my supply that I brought with me of Sprite Zero and Coke Zero. Now I need something cold and wet to refresh myself. I’ve just hit the ATM machine, and that’s when
I’ve realised my face is black. As I’m standing here. I have a wee look
in the mirror there and I notice my bloody face is covered in black soot
Of course that was a steam train. It’s a bloody steam train.
I’m getting all the black soot standing in the doorway. for like two hours. So I’m going to have to
go find somewhere to wash my face. I knew people were staring at me. I just thought
because I’m a daft tourist with a selfie stick and I’m sweating my arse off, that they’re having a
wee stare and a wee smile and a wee laugh. But no, it is all that, but it’s also
the fact I look like sooty. I look like a bloody chimney sweep. I’m going to find somewhere to wash all this muck off
my face. Okay they don’t sell tissues but
she’s gonna give me one so I can wipe my face. I take the train and this smoke, black in my face. Oh, thank you very much, you’re very
kind, thank you. Okay Finally. Look at that. Black! See that?
Yeah I know, filthy uh? Yeah, yeah.
Okay, thanks very much. Oh, here we go. Clock tower, through here. Let’s see if we can wipe this. Ah, hopefully that’s better, now. I don’t know. You tell me.
I can’t even, can’t even see. There we go. There’s our shade. Okay that’s better. Bottle of water down my throat. Fake Under Armour cap that I bought from the market yesterday. Now we’re loving it.
Wait there’s a couple of….. You’ll never guess what’s down. A couple of random cows.
Just, there. Tied up as well like that’s where they belong. Like somebody’s using the fort
as their wee mini farm that has only two cows and nothing else.
I don’t really understand why those cows would be there but anyway, they are. Yeah, this is nice. Nice for a wee stroll. There’s just a few couples
around here with their umbrellas. I could do an umbrella. Walk
around, white boy, Michael Jackson’s style hiding from the sun. But with the cap and shades, factor 50 on the arms,
not too bad. There you go. It’s all the couples with the
umbrellas, they’re all at it. This must be the spot where you come.
Where you come and get all romantic. You know, you ask a girl. She lives with her parents,
you live with your parents. What do you do? Where do we go for a wee stroll?
To be on our own. Here, Galle Fort. Sit in one of the wee bits
where they shoot the arrows and sit under the umbrella.
And have a wee smooch. Must be nice. There we go.
Right next to the clock tower that beautiful Stri Lankan flag. Sri Lanka does have one of the
nicest flags of any country that I’ve seen. Most countries, they just have a simple
three or two different lines, a cross or a something like that. There you have this lion with the sword.
I don’t know what the history of that is I’ll maybe find out though. Right, this clock tower.
Is that saying the right time? Two o’clock, when’s the last train? I think the very last train back to Colombo is at 4:50. So I’ve got maximum two hours and fifty minutes to have a wee explore around here. I don’t know how much there is to do. Let’s just climb up. I dunno if you’re supposed to come up here but I’ll do it anyway. Right, don’t know how much there is to do here, I’m just gonna really have no plan other than to wander about. And see what’s here. Would be nice to go for a wee swim.
I don’t see anybody else doing it. Don’t know if it’s possible. Didn’t bring any swimming trunks. But it’s never stopped me before, swimming in my boxers. Or, swimming in the nude, as I did in Penang.
Penang National Park. Here we go. Good thing about coming to places like this in Sri Lanka is that, if I was at Edinburgh Castle there’s no
way they’d just let me walk all over the bloody walls. They’d be like “Hey you! Get doon fae there!” “Get doon fae there! What dae ye think you’re doing?”
“It’s out of bounds!” No, nothing’s out of bounds when you come to developing parts of the world. And you come to places like this.
You just crawl all over the historic monuments and walls and do whatever you really feel like to be honest. So, I wonder if it’s walls all the way around the city.
Cause it’s pretty big. That’ll be a nice wee walk, all the way around. See people walking from that direction, so that’ll be nice if that’s the case, I’ll take you on a wee stroll around Galle Fort. Oh, lovely breeze. Lovely breeze. Ah. That’s what you want when it’s like 34
35 degrees C. You want that sea breeze. You don’t want to be stuck in a city like
Bangkok for example when it’s like 40 degrees and no breeze because the
buildings are so high and then you’ve got all the pollution. It can be it can be tough. Here, oh this is lovely. I am getting sunburned. I’m getting desperately sunburned. But I’m not feeling it. So that’s the point. I can actually enjoy
the moment at least. Some fellow travellers here. Good afternoon guys, good afternoon. They look happy. They’ve had a good wee stroll. What I love about places like this, Galle, it’s a World Heritage Site. It’s ancient,
but you don’t have to pay to get in. And there’s still people living within the walls, living their normal lives, as they have for hundreds
of years, people have lived within these walls. So it’s not been like closed off and turned into some tourist attraction. I mean, there are tourists here but it’s not like you have to pay to get through a gate or anything like that. Or whatever, so that’s pretty nice, okay. Gonna disturb a smooching couple, as I run and jump.
Another smooching couple, as we run and jump. And another smooching couple. Oh, this is fun. And another.
And another. Oh god, they’re everywhere.
And another. Another, and another.
Every single alcove has a smooching couple. And I’m spying and all of them. Literally every one. There’s not one free. You must have to get here early to reserve your spot.
Don’t tell the Germans about it. The Germans will be putting sun towels down on the alcoves. reserving their spot for later in the afternoon. Ah, this is nice. I really am enjoying, enjoying the breeze. And best of all, today’s entertainment is free.
I have spent a quid on a train fare. 240 rupees, that’s like one dollar 30 or
something. That’s all I’ve spent all day. Well, apart from that bottle of water. That’s 70 as well. Had to wash my face and
have a wee drink though didn’t I? Right, again. Smooching couple.
Umbrella. Smooching couple.
Umbrella. Jump. Smooching couple, smooching couple?
Yes. Umbrella. And this one I think was empty. Oh, just need to find a girl now. I can get myself under there. A girl and an umbrella,
that’s what I need. Right, let’s go. Okay so I’ve had three guys, three
different guys tried to scam me today already. Not in Galle but actually in
Colombo and on the way to Galle. First of all, get out the hotel. Some man walks
beside me. I’m walking pretty fast, your man right here walks pretty fast,
so whenever somebody’s walking in parallel with me, right beside me, they
definitely want something. They’re definitely not just, it’s definitely not
just circumstance that they happened to be walking beside me and strike up a
conversation. He’s trying for something. So it’s the
same as yesterday and at pretty much the same spot. Some guy starts asking me
about where I’m going in Sri Lanka blah blah blah. Ain’t got any time for it. He’s
obviously on the scam. Tell him to do one. Oh hello, what’re these guys doing? Going for wee
swim? Looks like a lovely spot down there. Ah, nice. I don’t have any swim trunks.
Boxer shorts swim? No towel either just dry off in the sun? what do I
think? I’m thinking about, I’m thinking about it, anyway I’ll tell you my wee story.
Right, second of all, at the train station I’m away to go and buy tickets and ‘m away to
go and buy my ticket. Some bloke comes up to me saying “no, no, tickets over here,
tickets over here.” any he points to a man. Right, obviously that’s some some random
guy standing at the train station is not where I buy my tickets, I buy it from the ticket counter.
And last of all, I’m on the train, Some guy comes up to me. Starts being all friendly
telling me he lives in Germany but he’s back visiting his family.
“Where are you going?” – “Galle”, “No, don’t go to Galle. Go to this, one or two stops before Galle.” “Oh, there’s these islands you can visit. I can
arrange a boat for you and all that. My uncle has a boat and my brother has
and this, and this is so much better.” “Galle, everything closed, everything closed, it’s
Sunday. Don’t go to Galle.” And he’s desperate. I’m giving him excuses why I want to go to Galle.
“I want to see the Dutch, I want to see what the Dutch built all those years ago.
I don’t need anything to be open. I just wanna go have a wee look around mate.” “No, don’t go, this bad. Galle very bad.” “Come to *whatever this place is called*”
I’m like, after a while I’m just like “mate, I’m not interested, sorry, talk to someone else.” So that’s obviously his scam. He just every day gets on that train trying to coax
tourists into boat rides at whatever stupid little part of the coast that
he’s got a scam set up on. Unfortunately, yeah, that just seems to be a
feature of Sri Lanka. People coming up to you, trying to pretend to be your friend and
trying to scam you. Not as bad as India. India, anywhere where there was tourists
it was just non stop. Here it’s not too bad. It’s just now and again, but when you know
what they’re up to it’s not that much of an convenience. You just tell them to do one,
and they do one. Oh wow Beautiful white lighthouse right there. That’s lovely. Wonder if you can go up that.
I don’t see anybody up it. This is nice. A nice place to take photos. Unfortunately I don’t have a friend who can come
and take photos for me. Don’t really want to be one of those guys who asks strangers. Hey, I do have a selfie stick. Okay
let’s just let’s just take one right here. There we go. I’ll grabbed a screenshot of that.
That’ll be my photo, standing in front of the lighthouse. Brilliant. Starting to notice way more tourists. As long as the
tourists are beautiful girls I don’t mind, don’t mind them being here. Bloke selling hats. Wonder if they’re as cheap as the one I got yesterday. And handicrafts, that’s pretty nice. Hello sir, how are you? Not right now. Maybe on the way back. Thank You. Right, can I jump over this one? easy.
There we go. That’s how you do it. Yeah, they’re discussing “how do
we get across there?” You jump! That’s what you do. You just jump, you grow
some balls and you jump. And here the families. All the kids enjoying their day at
the beach. This is lovely. What a picture this. All these people
enjoying themselves. Look at that. That really is nice to see. Sunday afternoon, day off. No work.
Take the kids to the beach. Just enjoy life. You live around here, you can do that every single weekend. You know, you might be just a farmer,
growing coconuts, not making that much money or whatever, but your life is brilliant compared to somebody back home, all stressed, trying
to pay the car payments or their mortgage and worried about going negative equity
and worried about their retirement fund and this and that and the bloody other thing, innit. These guys, come to the beach and chill. Go home, drink a few coconuts. Right let’s see if I can go down there.
Doesn’t look like I’m getting down that way. Wait, there’s some steps there. How do I do this?
Right, run and jump again. Okay just need to have balls.
Okay, here we go. And down here.
Here we go. Don’t slip. There we are.
Safety. Good afternoon. Good afternoon. Good afternoon.
How are you? Fine. You live in Galle?
Yeah, Galle. This is a nice city you have.
Thank you. You can come here every week right? Just relax in the sea, nice. Don’t have to pay any money, just come to the beach. Just have fun?
That’s good. You are very lucky to live here. Me, I’m from Scotland. A very cold country. That’s why now very sweaty very hot.
But it’s okay, maybe I jump on the sea and cool down. Okay, nice to meet you my friend, have a good day. Friendly locals. I do want to take a dip in the sea, the thing is,
if I go in there in my boxer shorts I’m gonna come out with a wet
pair of boxer shorts, and then what? What, just walk around Galle city in
my boxer shorts soaking wet? Right, so I’ve taken a wee detour from walking
around the fort walls. I’m at the Dutch hospital shopping precinct. where all these wee shops are selling
their arts and crafts. Right, I’m looking for somewhere where I can buy
a towel. Not a particularly nice towel, no not one with a high thread count cotton or anything
like that. I just want a towel that can use one time to take my, to hide my
private parts while I take my wet boxer shorts off after I take a dip in that sea. That guy’s waving at me from tuk-tuks. Never
going to happen mate, ever, ever, ever going to use your services. Right, towel, somewhere.
Oh there’s one. I could just grab that.
A bit small though, to cover my junk. Well that’s nice. Try fitting one of them in my luggage. I’m pretty sure that’s that’s bigger than my bloody
backpack that I brought to brought with me here. Lovely old church there. Built by the Dutch 1755, that’s ancient. I wonder
if I can just walk in. No ticket required to have a look in this wee place, this Protestant
church. All right, that was nice.
That’s all you need. A couple of seconds you can see everything. How are you son? It looks like that shortcut I took has taken me back for the entrance. So I’ve
still got like 2 hours and 20 minutes before the train back to Colombo so what I’m
probably gonna do is there was that first wee bit where there was people
in the water, but it was just like 5 or 6 Sri Lankan guys. Not the bit where
there was loads of people and kids and that, there was just like 5 or 6 Sri Lankan men, I
remember quite early in the trip around the fort. What I wanted to go and do there
is see if I could just If the tide hasn’t come in there, just jump in there with my
boxer shorts and try and dry myself off with my t-shirt and I’ve got a
spare t-shirt and a spare pair of boxers in my bag that I just remembered that I brought.
I didn’t bring them because I thought I was gonna go swimming or anything like
that. If I thought was gonna go swimming I would have brought my swimming
trunks, which are in my hotel room and a towel from the hotel. No, I brought
them because I thought was gonna be a sweaty Scotsman and I am a sweaty Scotsman. So that is the reason I brought them but that could
come in handy. So that is the plan. Didn’t find a towel in any of those
fancy, arty shops that were just selling like overpriced women’s dresses and
stuff like that so a rather than buy a woman’s dress to dry myself with, I’m
gonna, my plan now is dry myself with my t-shirt, jump in
the water with my boxers, get changed find somewhere to have lunch and then
get my arse back to Colombo. So that is the plan. Let’s do it. Here we go. That’s where we were before.
This is where we were before. A nice quiet bit, so I’m gonna try an get my kit off
in that wee corner and and then jump in the water. Hopefully my wallet and my phone and all that’s gonna be safe. Down there. Down these steps.
This is nice. Semi secluded. Hopefully, can just leave my stuff in here, and have a wee swim. Okay, here we go.
Boxer shorts swimming. Oh, lovely.
Oh, that’s nice and cold. Oh that’s better. That is better. Good afternoon. How are you? Ah, nice and cold. Up there too hot. Here nice.
This too hot. This nice temperature. Here we go. I’m from Scotland. From Scotland. Yeah.
Me, I’m from Scotland. Where are you from? From Galle?
Yeah. This is a nice city you have.
I don’t know. This very nice. You can come here
every day if you want, right? Not have to pay any money, just come.
Yes, yes. Relax. My country also have beach but nobody go. Nobody go because they will die. If they come
and stay here 5 minutes in the sea, they dead. Finished. I’m every day washing in here?
Really, you’re washing in the sea? Oh nice. It’s nice, you’e lucky to live next to something so beautiful. You are very lucky. Where your country?
Scotland. Scotland, you know? Next to England. But better than England. Better than England.
Not better in the cricket but better in everything else. Sri Lanka, everyone keep their country very nice and beautiful. Yeah it’s very nice to see.
Some people have bad people have. Everywhere have bad people but not many in Sri Lanka.
Most people have a good heart in Sri Lanka. It’s nice to sea, yeah. I have a very good impression
of your country. This is just what I needed after that
hot sweaty walk around. What’s that?
Monday, Ella? No. Tomorrow, Monday I go to Nuwara Eliya. After that I will go to Sigiriya. I’ll go to Sigiriya. Go to Sri Pada. I dunno where this is.
Sri Pada like. Oh yeah. Last time I go.
Walk the steps. They call in English ‘Adams Peak’.
Adam’s Peak is Sri Pada, right? Sri Pada. Sri Pada. Yeah. Walking up stairs like this.
Yeah, I go before. I start walking 3AM and go to the top
for the sun coming up. At the top there’s a temple and
they’re chanting like this. It’s very nice. And walk down, there’s waterfalls.
Very beautiful. Yes, Yes. Do you want to take Sri Lanka ladies? Do I want to take a Sri Lanka lady?
Maybe. Maybe I will try. Your wife or no?
No, no, no. Where your wife? Where your one?
Where you one? Just with your friends? One, two, three, four, five people like me.
Ahh ok. I don’t know this ladies. You don’t know these ladies? Go!
Go, talk to them! I go tell them you want to talk, okay?
I go tell them, these ladies, these men want to talk. Sri Lanka ladies, they shy or no?
They not shy? You can talk to them? No, I want only ****
What? Don’t talk, only.
I don’t like talk. Really? Don’t like talk? Only like one thing?
Yes. Okay. You don’t like?
I like but it’s a bit too honest. At least you’re honest.
Okay, tell them you want do this. Tell them, go. Hey, hey, hello.
He want do something with you. You are very good.
You are very good. And where good for eating the food in here?
Everything here very expensive, right? Have to go outside the fort? No, you don’t eat inside. Don’t eat inside, because they charging like 5 times or 6 times. Other country people coming here, too much money, you know? Yes. So the owners are charging high. You go buy some salmon. Maybe 100.
You go there, maybe 1000, like this. Really? Oh. Ten times, ten times? Don’t go inside. Not good. Everywhere in the fort not good?
Same, same. I can see that, yeah. You need 1 coffee 100,
but I take 1 coffee, 1 rupee. Really? 1 rupee? No way, 1 rupee. What is your job? Electrician.
Electrician? Ah. Telecoms.
Telecoms, ah? Carpet. Carpet.
Okay. Ah, okay, that’s good. Why you laughing. Why you laugh at him? All drinking. No job company.
No job company, only drink. Only drinking?
Police coming, police. Hey but if he drinking, where he get the money for drinkning? Where he get the money for drinking? These people, they have too much.
Have [inaudible]. He go there, ask you buy money. This guy go bar, buy drink.
Really, like this? Oh, okay. That’s how he lives his life. Good.
His life. If you’re having fun it’s okay.
Coming police, run. Really? Ah, okay. What’s your name?
My name is Dale. Dale? Yeah, what is your name?
Delucia. Delucia? [inaudible] Tarigar. Tarigar? Jetson.
Jetson? Maleed. Waleed? Pleased to meet you.
This Arabic name? No.
No? Waleed not Arabic? Maleed.
Maleed ah, okay, I thought you said Waleed. Because Waleed Arabic.
Arabia, yeah. Walla. This guy Arabia, Arabic. Salaam alaikum sir. Salaam alaikum. Wa alaikum salaam. You know Arabic language?
Yes, a little bit, a little bit. I know a little bit of every language. You know Arabic language?
I know just a little bit. Every language I know a little bit, little bit.
You know? You know, khalas? Khalas is finished, yeah yeah, okay. Dook dook?
No. Dook dook ****
Dook dook? Okay, I learn a new word today. He never buy the sun cream in his life.
Never need. This good. You like this colour?
It’s good, yes. He can stay here in the sun all day.
Not go red, not go red. If he come to my country, the girls very like this.
They like, wow, really. All these men, white like me, they don’t like.
Then they see you, like, wow, exotic. I want, I want. Really. If you go to my country you’re very successful, very successful. This colour is good though?
Yeah, the girls will like, they will like. Mahogany, yeah. Kohomada, Kohomada. Yeah the girls. Every country the girls like
someone who is different from their own men, yeah. Sri Lanka girl, they like this colour.
Yeah that’s what I’m saying. Every country they like what
is different from the men there. You go there, some lady coming hug. Hug, uh? Okay, I’ll go now. No? Bad idea? Police come for me if I do this, right? Ah, okay they don’t know English? Badgan.
Badagan? Oh, you are telling me something bad.
I do not trust. I do not trust to go up to some woman and say Badagary. I love you.
I love you, uh? Aadarey.
Really? Aadarey. Aadarey. Aadarey. I go, I say Aadarey. No, no no. I don’t trust you.
You are saying something bad. It’s true but don’t say to the women? And they have their baby with them as well, yeah. Punch? Ah yeah. Okay, I’m going to be nice today. I’m not going to
upset the locals. Aadarey, aadarey. But you know, this Sri Lanka language is better, good. You know, Kohomada, how are you. Kohomada, Kohomada. Why are you laughing?
I don’t trust you. I’m going to read a book and find out what it is. Why he laugh? Why he laugh?
This guy every day laughing. But he don’t know language.
Okay. So what is it? Modaray?
Aadery, aadery. Aadery, okay so I find a police man, I say say to him aadery, aadery?
Aadery means I love you. Aadery, I love you, huh? Kohomada, kohomada means how are you?
How are you. Fine means hondai. You cold? You shaking.
I can see you cold. This cold for you? This lovely for me. This perfect for me. You go there – Kohomada.
He telling – Hondai. I will ask, Kohomada.
Hondari, Hondari. Hondai, hondai. Ahh, hondai. Kohomada, Kohomada.
Hondai. Okay, Kohomada, Hondai. Okay, I ask with the women. Okay, Kohomada, Kohomada, how are you. Okay, let me try. No, no, no, no. No, no?
Do? Okay, I ask them? Kohomada? Kohomada? Okay, no. Really? Not talk, not talk. Same in Sri Lanka, you don’t talk to the women like this? Lady, you don’t talk to the lady like Arabic countries? You know, Sri Lanka lady have here. Pussy, pussy, you know pussy?
Yeah, I know pussy. Pussy, have here.
Have here, yes? She is think, oh I am very beautiful. Oh, like this? Not want to talk like this?
Oh, really? So if you want to meet a woman, what do you do? You play Tinder app or what do you do to meet? If you want to meet a lady, how you do? You go to a nightclub, or bar like this?
Dancing, that’s a good way, yeah? Oh okay. You want? I don’t want because tomorrow
leave train 5AM. You like to ****? You want to **** with a lady? You mean one I pay money or one I just be nice and and she do, like this? That’s what I like.
No, not pay the money. That’s not fun. That’s not fun, not fun.
Fun, you go, you meet, you chat, you say Hey, hello, my name is Dale, pleased to meet you. Where are you from? Oh, what a lovely dress you have. What a
nice shade of lipstick you’re wearing. Charm the lady and then she you give for free
and then this way I feel like I winning winning, I feel like I am successful. In Sri Lanka, how much these women costing? 3000, 2000.
2000? 3000? Oh it depends on the quality of the lady. Starting 2000?
No, starting 500. Starting 500? What do you get for 500?
Yes, I can’t imagine how bad. Colombo, 500. 2000, no problem, good. 2000 for a good one?
Yeah, starting 2000. And 5000 like supermodel. Ah, okay.
Age 21, 20 age, 3000. 3000 uh? Okay, this is interesting. You go, no 3000 Yeah, I know, I know, I pay tourist price.
2,000,000 2,000,000 they want. 10,000
10,000 yeah? Kohomada, Kohomada.
Kohomada. They’re not talking.
Kohomada. Kohomada, Kohomada. Okay, I’m gonna go dry off. And go outside the fort to find some food, not inside. For eating, yeah. Okay guys nice to meet all of you. Now I go, yeah.
Bye, bye. Nice to meet you, it was fun. Nice to meet you. Enjoy your drinking, enjoy. Nice to meet you. Enjoy, enjoy your day. See you. See you guys, okay, bye, bye, okay. Okay, friendly locals. Okay guys nice to see you. See you again.
Maybe next year I come back, I see you again. Find you on a Sunday, swimming in the sea. Okay, see you guys. Nice meeting you, bye, bye. Well, those guys were pretty friendly. That was nice.
A nice wee chat with the locals. And I just left my bag while I was swimming, with my phone and my wallet which has like enough money for two months for the average Sri Lankan wage in it. And didn’t feel worried at all. All those people there seemed like pretty trustworthy. Doesn’t seem the kind of
place where somebody’s gonna, likes it’s not like Koh Phangan or something like
that where if you leave something valuable on
the beach, you go for a wee swim, you’ve got pretty much zero chance of finding it
when you come back. So yeah, that’s nice a Nice to be in a place like this. Well that was nice. I’d happily visit there again.
So those lads suggested I get out the fort, which I have. and find myself some grub then. So let’s see if we can find some Sri Lankan priced food. Well here’s an interesting thing about Sri Lanka, is that cafes or restaurant cafeterias, are called hotels here. See this one, National Hotel you
think that’s a place where you can stay for the night. It’s not. That place is a restaurant.
They just call them hotels for some strange reason. So what I’m gonna do is check myself in to one of these hotels for half an hour to get a bite to eat. That one looks like it’s probably going to be decent, but I’m gonna take a wee walk up this alleyway first. I’m thinking, if one of them is gonna screw me over it might be that one just because it’s the one closest to the train station. But I’ll have a wee look down here. 10 rupees samosas. That is cheap as chips. 10 rupees that’s like four pence British or like five, five and a half cents American. For one samosa. I mean, I mean how cheap
do you want to eat. Right, see what these are doing here. He’s also got snacks, but these ones are like 50, 40. They look much better though. Right. A further walk down the alleyway. They’re all selling these things everywhere. These spring roll and
samosa and pancake type looking things. Everywhere, everywhere is selling these. What are they?
What are these? Dunno, don’t know if I fancy getting food poisoning today. It’s a bit early in the trip to be writing off the whole trip like last time. If you read my blog about my last trip to Sri Lanka you’ll understand. Lost the last couple of days spewing out of both ends. Right so we just came out the train station. There’s a bus station there as well. So that’s why there’s all these little eateries everywhere. This place looks more legit. The South Ceylon Bakery.
Looks more legit. Selling decent cakes and all that. Pretty expensive compared to some of the local places down there. Let’s just have a wee look inside. See what’s going on here. Egg rolls. See this is how I got sick the last time. In a little cafe outside the Pinnawala Elephant Orphanage. They were selling some egg pastries and they’d probably been sitting there for days, and that’s what made me sick. and that is the reason I’m going to avoid eating in that place even though that does look quite tasty
right now, I want to find somewhere I can get something cooked fresh or
something that just looks like it’s not gonna kill me. Well that looks nice and sweet.
I think those are Indian style confectionery. I just don’t want to buy something that looks like it was left there the whole day. Like this stuff. What’s he selling? Hello. How much for one? How much you pay for one? how much 1?
100. You want? Yes, 1. Okay, there you are. This looks like it was made with tap water. Probably going to kill me. Give it a go. Thank you my friend, thank you.
Oh yeah, very nice. Right, I probably got overcharged for that.
I was trying to ask the guy next to me how much is one. He either didn’t know English or wouldn’t answer me. What’s this here, chicken? Chicken. Ahh okay. And this, what, oh it comes together – Chicken Pasta. Ah okay, yeah one plate please. Yeah, this. One, oh it comes together, chicken pasta or chicken and rice? Okay, chicken and rice is good. Yes, yes. Hot? Hot, I want to eat here.
Eat here, yes please. Cream Soda flavour. This a spoon? Spoon is good, okay. Mmm, nice. Okay, train back to Colombo and your man actually got a seat on this one. Fantastic. The legs do need a rest
after walking around Galle all day. Anyway, total spend for the day, for this day trip to Galle, total spend the whole day including transportation, 1100 rupees, that’s
like six dollars or five quid. I’m pretty happy with that as a good value day trip. Anyway, if you’ve made it this far through this long video I reckon that must mean you think it’s worth giving a thumbs up to and my channel is probably worth subscribing to. Because there will be more videos like this coming soon so for now guys, take care and I will see
you on the next video. Peace.


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