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Hilleberg Soulo | Wild Camping Scotland | Camping Scottish Highlands | Aviemore Loch Morlich

asked on then guys I’m back out I’m back
at Locke mana I was actually here about a month ago right here’s their Locke
welcome really next to the car I’m not that far though you did you wanna stay
so I can’t deal a month ago right no snore I was hoping to get snow enjoy
nearly no snore and then honestly Sunday had camped here two weeks after me and
they were walking on this air lock lock manner and it was all I see I can’t
remember who the person was sorry and then two weeks later it’s like
summertime it’s like it’s like 10 degrees here no joke
tomorrow Steve even hotter so first night you were going to come but lock
mana and then I think we’re going to be walking and through and to the forest
honey boy are we and about a named male hiked to some other lock but I just
thought I would give you a look we look still light cuz the last time I came it
was pretty dark that yeah I came so I’m using the tent they’re my new Holly back
sort Sulu or solo heavy pan answer who knows right so yeah like I do attempt
but the only thing is it’s a little bit heavy
that’s stillness thing for a one-man tent right look there’s all my cat my
usual got there but you see on me sleeping bag mama all that stuff my bike
so there we are so but really not far from
their car last him I camped here they Danny and Steve were here so then some
Ranger he’s only rock rock of y’all look has set up he’s there he’s gonna be
sleeping in the truck tonight so there we go
feels he say he’s sleeping in there like that somebody’s had a little fire here
no there wasn’t eyes so tonight we may have a little fire as well just deal
look that was really a market account the last thing does mark foot you think
he’s clean D spot last time he was there that’s good well Sutton so you PI can I
see an X it was a bit dark so I so I thought I would divide you with us they
know you’re smart look at us come over look this is what I
want one look this that’s what do me see the way that’s just set up for the bed
and all that come on and that’s their store look this George wicked camper we shall never
get in George’s bus pass come for wicked wicked Georgia bus pass come / yes so
shit Joe Joe Mills a sink lawyer prophecy prep or with the work talk to
hunt you didn’t give me a loss Lester just
aesthetic yeah I’m sure people watching my video
Elmo Derek but no jacket and BA for Joe even close us
how’d you put a lonesome Derek for job or even pit zips is how a job even I see
I’d say file written for even comment below whose cadets right Anil’s their
Julie I’m sorry I cut their own board or knows one what is your channel Donna
I’ll put up so if you only see Donna company Jake oh yeah George Wilson about
us Tim but will so syphilis is fun another budget so I’ll put I’ll put
Donna’s link below and Julie’s another buddy overseas below that goal here well tasted nice little tent she got that’s ten four five bones one
so we’ll set up not give you a little look you can own as no jobs five poems
for China is short lah there’s marks bed for tonight he’s got
this new air new Tucson squeeze and see that Marty laughs stop that’s what I do
remains active means you gonna sleep out tonight mark i’m solomon mark yup
prophecy prayer for peace apparently Mark’s going to be famous and he’s gonna
be on the news so you seen it here Foster
he’s been under papers he’s famous US month something’s up there oh yeah the
cop being caught my good day I’ll put a link to Mark’s channel if you
see the vodka of martinis car he’s only copying me because I’m the
first person in YouTube he’s sleeping my Karma
we all know that I’m the first marks I copy I copy and mark you get there you
get rid of like ticks on the window as well that’s Sinclair for anybody that
doesn’t know is there georges bill sang coils set up he’s got there Sinclair and
jelly they’ve got the mastery mission of y’all like this mark rolling scarlet so
I’ll give you okay Joey and Sinclair’s what the camper one special I bear
doesn’t say Devon doesn’t stay stay there and he’ll join Isis take
these here these bedroom babies watchin nice I like that nice you got a deal
with big Pete what he’s got yeah I’m a friend Brian he’s here when it does and
sinks and oh wait no it will cook see there what one you’ve got there what’s
fine that was that’s what I would use like a wind guard
yeah oh yes you’ve got to keep the door shut you think that Jose he enjoy the
silver foil differences not Tamaki’s together difference just saw the wind
and the cement will come off yeah that’s good foster to hide as well an object
look cunning yeah maybe I saved your sport but a ways
least aller achieved you I suggest this for the holiday bag crew here but she
says I bought kill and she store Hades good I’ll be up later so there’s
Leslie’s a nature hike someone is I’ve got I’m over here so my daddy’s going
here and look he can what could go there couldn’t sepoys yeah to find evolve a lot people yeah you
going touch it yeah yeah caress it safe touch
her don’t touch Martin after I like not
myself yeah Stace doesn’t thought it’s tiny I’m thinking I’ve not used this I
couldn’t really say but I’m hoping that myself but as teeny for a for me it’s a
smoked in so but if you’re friendly Katy but it’s not really for big people at
myself nice to get a picture of the moment police come to hear what like so I’m guessing that’s for your mobile
phone doesn’t this is exact same spot I come to last time ring I’ve obviously
got OCD me I need to come the same spot and I need to part in the same spot as
well so I’ll sure you look then obtain case using the Trangia triangle get out so I’ve got some baby be be calm got a
pepper my cooking oil my salt and pepper got a spa cause we had some when a slice
or that up slice the courgettes up I’ll slice their pimples up and I’m going to
slice my baby corn up great there’s my stuff right what I got
I’ve got some courgettes in the bomb courgettes from the bottom I’ve got some
yeah baby corn I’ve got on there Trangia and I’m gonna dice this farm up and
putting spar man as well I’ll put the web on will let it cook away lovely job
Lee but it’s old mines are so there we go
deals there goes my purpose so what red Purple’s courgettes be be calm I saw
them there the base to spar mops I’ll add that and next I’ll just let that
cook down a little but and I’ve added then some salt and pepper lovely jubbly so the dribble guys that’s mutton
already got their biblical spam courgette and red peppers and some salt
and pepper but as always the soul mains all names so my mom’s ready we’ve got this bomb stuffed right we’ve got a little fire on the Galler
it’s one of those ones it’s raised off the ground it’s to get to success of an
email and our ones where doesn’t yeah yeah I used to have a chair right
but mark over there stole that so I’m reduced to sudden I’m sudden he’ll know
what I’m setting the floor there no I had Mrs T beta but it was a little file
right so I’m gonna going I’m gonna go and enjoy Madonna help the cold he’ll be
cold amigo then I was gone lovely job with so well
sudden burn the fire weirdoes mark I think marks cookin oh yeah he’s in his
tent you cooking mark or chop just let me see where’s my chippy in here or all
look at our chocolate chips and mushrooms chips on a 10-2 I mean how
many people are going to complete the shallow fried it’s perfectly safe see
the last him I cook chops I definitely set the forest and fire off so I need
you see you should hear the cooking chops on your 10 and be careful but we
don’t care do they know you’re Scottish sandwich but don’t kill each other
that’s what they smart oh no give me into that can presumably and move
smell of it but look at that it says an awesome say 10th what see compared to my
local solo oh right I’m away
that smells lovely Wow you got enough stuff on your car are you sure that’s
like wow this isn’t this is like Eddie’s bedroom see if you’d watch you never
know what you’ve all been this is like Eddie’s bedroom
Scott’s will camper honestly honestly Eddie’s bedrooms like that it’s like are
y’all I stopped 1mil what extra clothes cuz I didn’t know if it’s gonna be hot
with cold you see so well I’m their small car there’s about five hits what
kind of work is this soup I got your first really first whiskey pardon
oh very nice yes yes which is made by a hole here because he just food any good
oh I can’t get a cord for the madness this cords gettin caught for make this
meeting yes we got some toasters but the Oman gonna tell me what your channel
called tonight no no boss yeah but that’s
I am little Donovan senior no Dona and check this out one Facebook I’m alone
for popular there oh yeah I’m on YouTube we’re gonna honest it’s a Barbarin well
I think after that’s really getting you some friends is to be labeled movie
there we go there we go Marcin know what we all need command here thus what
they’re funny carpet you’ve got Nana’s very own you got jumpin getting the
party bus they don’t come as well Oh lovely lovely cheese isn’t that whiskey
for the priests I bet my said as a training started so
let me see me I’m sure you can locks in the grim grinning are they yeah
yeah this will ten so catch them wat no real
a good one so I’m off to bed guys
number two I’ve done a lot of following today I just a problem they’re mostly
goodness they’re not Senate Emma should run the bar and Whistler just chillin
but tomorrow but heading right into the toilet selected by good brother so I’m
off to bed I’ll catch you in a moment bug is a bug
in a rug sleeping bag hey guys
can’t beat that race uncommon morning somebody on Norman
it’s Epoque 1/2 7 amazes sleep last night so warm and say that’s 10
obviously because it’s so small hopes the heat but well I’ve got a little bit
of condensation above here that must have been see one of my head there’s
been split yeah just there look I don’t see that come let me see that what just there so I don’t know why
that’s obviously not believed I might not have had the redzone pause the reason cuz the rest of the
tent as dry stop there so only you figured out how you used events but cameras there yeah mullet get it night
in a ten holes he he I just a fact that I will Hotere I’ll get the Quan decision
and st. obviously I should have left pencil so yeah yeah then up the top as
at the whole tin and maybe I should have a left some of the door open shimmer cuz
it’s got this see the vent they look so it’s always been to win but that’s what
I’ll do it tomorrow the best leave the door open a little but see talking like the best should have left got one option
but I scared you know lost look with visa so good not a lot of coffee some
ace muscle to that read this has stopped but it didn’t read the whole night any
of it so I’m gonna jump up go ahead I’ll see an end of it they dumped see we were
camping the moment the trigger yes their motors
in the back of the lock so this is very well last night I didn’t issue a lot at
nighttime sir I’ll give you a little look good my tent was ways least tent is
here darn I wasn’t a vine over there mr.
block conquered again will help a lot way a little fire I think the fire
happened with Derek’s some kid already had the fire here so the fire scars not
from eyes ability yeah should be used their fire come on V : it was a nice truck there’s Donna’s car baby seal mom and Mark bit slip
I’ll get quite an insertion and my turn I’ve obviously not but I don’t get it
money chahe just pop or not venti that they are some film yeah pop in my head
that’s a bit was just up he’s your food next to those the locker
I some is in the he and say that but see compared to my bank 10 yeah that as
always so much oh no I’m not too huh sighs fingers been
too hot mark not for me anything they’ll say these what you squeezed on the house
but I don’t think my tails Buganda but no I know I like this see that spot
unless I know it’s in a car park but it’s so nice yes for more they would
love this he’s not going he’s only walking and running they pointed
straight but see when it comes to coming out camp he doesn’t really wanna walk
because I did runnin and it’s super far away but just lazy bills there Georgie
say look next to the car and there oh yeah looks he’s good at so long as well couldn’t even see him
martsin there someone if he’s alive Jamie sleep George this has been all the
camper runs come to a spot and then you’ve really whose beat you that’s all
tons of space easier Bill’s boat come on and there I’m over you don’t know what’s
my tent see that little not fast elf there my
red Holly but when you want a bow up don’t heal some books dollars there’s a softball player softball and
scuttled that’s a fast you’ll see my name is Scott just have
one old Estrella but my mother then log give of it cool frosting – must be you
can hear keep getting boat song yes’m like your nose in here boats oh it’s the
ceiling club so I’ve just found this little map this
is where we are just here so I think we’re gonna camp as their Glenmore
Forest Park sorry hum line closing more forest we’re
gonna go over last lake so over some probably gonna camp up peel you like 600
meters awesome tomorrow today at my bunny head honey
patch up camp and the woods and then head up one of these mountains tomorrow
I won’t picking up now I’ll just do the the one here I’m gonna home so I would
show you off to Marlon I’ve got the brew on using the
Trangia so whenever coffee I’m just put him at
the head was coffee and hey I’m going to have some honey with and I’m gonna set
and enjoy that view look at that is that not of you so I’m gonna have my beret
what my view amazing so that’s the forest we’re gonna head
and it to it today and then I think what maybe claim some mountain love it out
one seven that was seven hundred meals and then think that ones like nine
hundred meals and then when it was a bit named EE or something pilot so birthday was almost ready so I’m gonna go and
enjoy that guy’s and then pack up so I end the video here I’ll probably show
you the end there’s no mess and all that been left but I’ll end it here and see
thanks for watching thank you so there we go guys that summer my patch
in spot was right there by their lock of your last look of the moment so we’re
going ahead then to that forest go in more Forest Park that’s cold I think
we’re going to do some moments so I’ll do that as I said that deal but was
tainted up everything yeah people with the vines and that took the rubbish in
that are we so we’re just waiting and Donna Donna’s last one to leave so I
just watch see ya thanks for watching guys and their thank you for all the
support that on your chip and there I want to do more camping but who as a
shield so thank you I do think everybody fun watching me very grateful so thanks
guys yeah I’ll catch it in the next one but
I’ll be in the forest so thank you cutting my stuff your love got ta I’ll
bring extra stuff because what sudden the other car but I’m gonna get rid of
half a lot so thanks guys thanks for watching thank you


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