Historical Place | English Conversation 2019 – Question & Answer By Topic
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Historical Place | English Conversation 2019 – Question & Answer By Topic

Which tourist attractions do you prefer when
traveling? Historical places or natural landmarks? Well, historical places are always my first
choice when traveling. What do you usually do when visiting historical
places? I usually listen to the tour-guide introducing
the sights and take notes about important historical events. Can you name some historical places you have
visited? Whenever I travel to a foreign country, I
always visit its famous historical places. Some of them are the Pyramids in Egypt, Angkor
Wat in Cambodia, Stonehenge in England and the Taj Mahal in India. What’s your most favorite historical place? Why? I love the Pyramids the most. Taking a tour around the Pyramids, I can not
only enjoy the gorgeous architecture but also learn cultural and historical values of the
ancient Egyptian culture. What is the most famous historical place in
your country? It’s definitely the Statue of Liberty in
New York city. What’s special about it? The statue was gifted by the people of France. It is a symbol of freedom for the US as well
as a welcoming sight to people coming to the US from another country. Where is it located? It’s located on Liberty island in New York
Harbor, NYC. Should the youth visit historical places instead
of other places? Sure. Nowadays the youth should visit these kind
of places more often in order to preserve historical and cultural values of their country.

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