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Hey what’s going on you guys.
This is Iron here. I’m with my beautiful fiance. We are headed into Olympic National Park
for a five-day backpacking trip. If you like backpacking subscribe to
Irons channel. There’s a dead body. My babe getting the shot. Alright so we just made it to our first
camp here. Super beautiful spot. One of my favorite things about backpacking with
Trish is being able to learn and grow together. So when we first got to camp…
I set up the tent. I blew up the pads. I threw the quilt down. Trish gathered firewood. Over the last
3 years I have been teaching her everything I know about fire building.
She can start a fire, better than almost anybody I’ve ever met. I make sure to clean out that fire pit. I found these little treasures. A metal lid that somebody left behind
and a really nice plastic zip tie. What we’ll do is when we’re done here,
just put it right back in the fire… Leave No Trace…
We’re gonna pack it out. Cool, most awesome girl in the world right there. That’s a nice dry tinder ball. You’re mosquito swarm came straight to
me now that you’re close to the fire. Holy smokes. I didn’t want to see the net go up in flames… We’re ready to get this fire cracking, & cook a nice hot meal. All right we’re introducing you guys to
a little game we like to call… Water bottle roulette. One of these bottles has vodka in it…
And it’s not the one with the red cap. Iron keeps avoiding that one, and he is losing the game. And the chaser is water. That’ll put some hair
on your chest. how many miles do you think we hiked today? Over 30,000 steps… Alright we’re clocking in 12.7 miles.
Not bad… Babe you know that country song? “Lets put a little mud on the tires” Yep, definitely don’t know that one. Let’s put a little wood on the fire. If you haven’t noticed yet… Trish definitely has
the sense of humor in our relationship. I’m proud of my fire. So every year pretty much since I’ve
known Iron, we get out for a backpacking trip to celebrate each other’s birthdays
and mine was just a couple weeks ago and one of the things I love most about
these trips is being able to take away a really sweet photo. I call it my
birthday picture and right before we were sitting here chilling by the fire,
I think we captured one of my favorites. That’s us sitting there chillin at
the fire. Looking sweet, celebrating another year. Happy birthday babe. Good
night you guys. We’ll see you tomorrow. Hey good morning you guys. Just waking up
here. It’s about 10 o’clock now.
A lot of times the first day of our trip… We like to sleep in, let our bodies rest
up. Stress and working at home builds up. Slept a good 10 hours there. Feels good. We’re going to pack up,
make some coffee & continue on. I haven’t washed my hair in a week. Feel how soft it is… Wow thats soft. Look at how pretty the color of the river water is. All right so we’re all packed up here.
we’re getting ready to hike out. A couple of things to always think
about before you leave a camp site. Scan your whole site. Make sure you’re not
leaving anything behind. This is where things do get left behind, just by
accident. We left our small pieces of wood we didn’t use for the next person. And we’re out. you stoked for today? I’m nervous. Why are you nervous? Over 10 miles to our destination. Lot’s of elevation gain. A couple big creek crossings. Super stoked. Our destination is over 20 miles from the nearest trailhead. There aren’t many places in the entire country that you can get 20 miles away from the nearest trailhead. Last time we were there we saw a mama bear and her cub running up the hillside. I really like this plant here. It looks like a
wild asparagus when it first starts growing. Pretty little blooms. Since we can’t google out here, I just
call it Dr. Seuss asparagus. All right you guys, we decided to do
something a little bit controversial. We thought it was really
important that we share our location. We want you guys to have the same amazing
trip we’re having. We started our trip right over here along the
Hoh River. Yeah right along this Hoh River here. No babe we’ve been hiking up
the Elwah… Oh wait I thought we passed the Enchanted Valley… Um we’re
gonna have to get back to you guys. We’ve been hiking for about half
the day now. we’re about 15 miles from the trailhead where we started.
I almost totally forgot but it’s actually the fourth of July today. Probably my
least favorite holiday. Waste your money. Bad for the
environment and animals. People with PTSD can be affected by it pretty badly.
Lots of fires… Usually just driving through areas after the fourth of July I
see more garbage than ever. Garbage everywhere. It’s just like an
unbelievable amount of garbage. I’m really not too into
fireworks. I do like barbecue though. Pretty stoked to be out here,
listening to nature. This is my favorite plant in the whole
wide world. It’s called False Hellebore. Beautiful through here.
Working for it. Not an easy day today. I’m beat. I think we are about a 1/4 mile
from camp. I’m super stoked about that. All right so we’re just coming up to the
lake here. Super, super stoked. Wow. I bet you there’s a sweet camp spot up there. All right we found a super, super sweet
camp spot here. We have an awesome view in the distance. A little buggy but
pretty nice. Easily one of the most
beautiful places I have ever been. The 4th of July weekend is one of the busiest
weeks of the summer for backpackers. We have seen zero people up here which is
pretty sweet. what do you think babe what What do you think babe? Doesn’t really get any better. It’s almost sunset here. I am going to hike
around some more and see if I can find some photos to shoot. Feeling super
fortunate right now. Super happy. Super stoked. Day 2 of this trip…
I’ve been working a lot at home on the computer. It’s literally been destroying
my brain. The amount of clarity that I have gained in these last few days is
monumental. It’s interesting when I’m at home and I’m working on the computer…
I get into the slow progression of working more, staying up later, being
less healthy. Little by little by little. When I get out here on these trips,
I can look back and just totally see how detrimental that is and how important it
is for me to have this be in my life. I used to always think that… I
still think that like I’m never making progress. I’m never doing better as a
person. I’m never becoming a better artist. I’m
always thinking kind of in a short time frame. When I really think
back… 2 years ago… Four years ago… Yeah, I’ve made a lot of progress. A lot of
that progress has to do with me being out here and doing what I love.
If I can give any inspiration it’s to do things that you when you’re done with
them you feel better. You feel good about what you did. You feel good about your
decision. You know I use to party a lot. I use to do a lot of things that
in the moment when I was doing them… I would feel good, but not really. Usually
the next day I was always feeling very deprived with my level of happiness. I
come back from one of these hikes and I literally feel better than I have ever
felt in my life. Yeah just getting some killer conditions out
here. I think I can see a bear over there. Pretty nice… There’s our camp. If you think about your entire life… What memories do you have
that just always hold to you? That are so special? So amazing? That’s
what I live for. This is definitely one of those
memories, experiences, times & places. Sometimes it’s not all about the shot. (Music) My
first day on earth I fell into your eyes. Look at how our galaxies collide. Every
color of the spectrum and we stop in the sky. The planets align for you and I’ve known you
since the dawn of time. The Sun just set here. Love you guys. We’ll see you guys tomorrow. Hey you
guys what’s going on. We’re just hanging out at camp here. It’s been an awesome
day so far. Just got done filming a couple of videos for my YouTube channel.
One about the backpacking clothing layers that I wear and another one… I did
a review about my backpack and my Hyperlite pack pod. Make sure you guys
check those videos out. We’re having a midday snack here. We made some
hummus. This is the first time Trish has tried this hummus. What do you think babe? I figured I would show you guys the food
that we brought on this trip. At least the food that we have left. We’re about
halfway through our 5-day trip here. For dinners we decided to try out a
couple new freeze-dried meals. This one from Patagonia looks super good.
All organic ingredients. Patagonia just seems like a really cool company so I’m
excited to try their food. Wild Zora paleo meals to go. Let’s see what that’s
about. Then I have one of my homemade meals here. Guaranteed to be
the best meal here. Basically we’ve just got a bunch of snacks here. I
guess we kind of have a breakfast meal. It’s a healthy breakfast meal that
I created and put together myself. Have some cashews.
Some salmon jerky. A couple bags of powdered hummus, olive oil, cheese and
salami. Of course that’s almost gone. Clif bars, olives, meat sticks &
some seafood in a can. I used to think that stuff was really
gross but you know I’ve actually come to really, really enjoy it.
super good for you. High in omega 3. High in protein. Some smoked
oysters, smoked trout, and some white anchovies. We pretty much just snack
throughout the day. We’ve been getting
some super, super cool conditions today. Clouds drifting in it in and out of camp
here. It’s just been incredible. I could stare at this all day
and be super, super happy. We’re hoping the clouds break up a little more.
There’s actually some higher hills directly behind us that you can’t really
see right now. We’re hoping we can go explore around up there in a little
bit. Saw a couple bears roaming around in the nearby hills.
Yeah just settling in out here. Feels good. The clouds haven’t fully broken up yet.
We are gonna go out and explore around anyway. We just secured camp. Got all
food and scented items out of our tent. We’re headed off into the hills. Into the mist. And you thought we were having a zero day… Nero Day… Wow All right so we’ve been climbing
straight up from camp for about a mile or so and I think
we’re getting to the very top of this summit here. Still super socked in but I
can tell we’re gonna have a crazy 360-degree view here. I know
for sure looking out that way, probably one of the best views in the Olympics…
I mean we were hiking through some of the most beautiful tarns &
beautiful Lake basins. On the other side of those basins there’s some really,
really photogenic peaks. So I know for sure the view that way is gonna just be
insane. Also in the other direction… We’re looking more into the core
of the Olympics. Man I really, really hope it clears up. Yeah, enjoying the
experience either way. Starting to get a little bright out… Suns
trying to peek through .This could be good. We hung out here for 2 hours
in the socked in weather. We’re gonna head back down to camp.
Get down there before dark and make us some dinner. It will
probably clear up the second we get back to the bottom. That’s life… Now we gotta check these Bluffs here,
because there’s black bears in this area. We just saw one right there. Our
visibility is only about 200 feet right now with this fog. Hey bear. Heeey bear. Looks like
it’s clearing up. Go figure… Should we go back up? See ya at camp. We just made our dinner… Wild Zora
paleo meals to go, beef stew. One thing I noticed. She pulled a little tricky move
here. Ingredients: grass-fed beef, organic carrots, then the rest of the ingredients
are labelled so it kind of sounds like they’re all organic but the reality of
it is only the carrots are. Tricky thing you did there’s Zora. You
can read it: grass-fed beef with organic carrots, sweet potato and mushrooms or
it’s grass-fed beef with organic carrots, regular sweet potatoes, regular mushrooms. Kind of looks like the pulp that’s left
after you’ve juiced a bunch of stuff. Or like what’s in your compost. mmm it’s okay… Not the best meal I’ve
ever had. I’d eat it again. Wouldn’t buy it. It’s got plenty of beef. The broccoli is all stems. That was a lot better. Cool we’re actually gonna be eating two
dinners tonight. Burning a lot of calories out here. Trish eats a lot. I gotta feed
this girl. All right you guys almost sunset here. Super stoked. We’re getting
some killer conditions and I’m photographing this really beautiful
tarn right here. We’ve got all of these different layers of trees
going out giving some really nice depth. We’re still getting a
little break through up in the sky and we’re starting to get some color.
Yeah just a pretty beautiful little dramatic scene here.
I think that is going to be a keeper for sure. Yeah it’s always nice
when you’re camped right next to a really awesome place to photograph. We’re
gonna eat our other dinner here and then we’ll catch up with you guys.
This Patagonia meal… Unlike most other freeze dried meals you
don’t cook them in the bag so we are just going to use the bag from our last
meal. Keep our pot clean. To conserve fuel on the trail boil one minute, remove from
the heat, cover and let sit. That’s good that Patagonia is
encouraging that. We just got into our tent here. We’re enjoying our
Patagonia dinner. It’s really good. It has a really good chili
taste. I think it’s vegan and gluten-free. For those of you who care about
that. It’s been a
really good day you guys. Super stoked to share this journey with you
guys. yeah pretty nice spot here. Pretty
nice place to call home for a couple days. I’m gonna set my alarm for 4:30. If
it looks clear out I’m going to try to hike back up to that ridge for sunrise.
I’ll see you guys in the morning. Peace. If you guys have any questions about
anything backpacking related, leave me a comment. Say hi. Say what’s up. You guys
are awesome. Give this video a LIKE. That helps me
out. That helps other people find this content. Hey what’s up you guys. Just
enjoying the morning here. I woke up at 4:30. We were still super socked in so
I went back to bed for a couple of hours. Just getting some super
awesome conditions right now. I’m taking a really cool photograph here. Got all of
these beautiful avalanche lilies in the foreground. Yeah just getting some super
cool dramatic clouds in the distance there. I’m just waiting for that
peak to break through. What’s up you guys. Beautiful
morning here in the Olympics. Really enjoying this sunshine. The birds are chirping.
It’s really going to be hard leaving this place. We’re packing out. Really, really hard leaving this place… One of the most
beautiful areas I’ve ever been for sure. We’re gonna drop back down into the
river valley which is beautiful in it’s own way. Can’t wait to not poop in the alpine. Gotta get to the river valley. We have 2 river fords to cross this morning.
It’s gonna be cold. All right so we are just about to
completely drop out of the high alpine. Pretty cool you can see that
winding valley down there. We’re gonna be hiking about 20 miles down that river
valley to get back to the car. Pretty cool being able to get an arial view. So this color of Indian Paintbrush.
This kind of pinkish color. It can only be found in the Olympics which is pretty
cool. It also happens to be my favorite color of Indian Paintbrush. Pink and green look really good together. Tiger lilies. These are one of my
favorite flowers. We’ve seen a lot of wild flowers out here. We have Indian
Paintbrush, Avalanche Lilies, these beautiful Tiger Lilies and then
one of my favorites is the Columbines. We just passed a field of red
beautiful Columbine flowers. Really great time of the year out here to
enjoy the wild flowers. Milk Thistle… Are you a lactating mother because this is
great for breast milk… Is that why it’s called Milk Thistle? Where’d you hear
this from? I don’t know the name of this one but
look how beautiful it is. Almost looks like a little Snapdragon. It’s got a
little tiny bug inside. Cute. We’re getting close to this elk bed here.
We saw this on the hike up. I’ve actually seen it a couple times up here. You can
smell their tracks. If you can imagine them all cute and
cozy right here in their bed… This is so cool. Super cool waterfall in the
distance there. Long ways down. Had a super long day of hiking. Super
good day. We made it I made it to camp. We’re all set up now. We ended up
camping at the same spot we camped at on night one. I’m pretty exhausted, pretty
beat but it’s been a really really good day. We’re just eating dinner here. Trish is in the tent eating one
of my homemade meals. How is that babe? Amazing! If you’re curious about
making your own awesome homemade backpacking meals be sure to check out my
website. I’ve got a bunch of awesome free recipes there. That’s gonna wrap it up
for tonight. We’re hiking back to the car tomorrow. I will see you guys in the
morning. Peace. Good morning you guys. Just getting up here, staring at these
big beautiful trees. Trish is brushing her teeth… Socks are drying on top of the roof. It’s
going to be a good day. Also it’s gonna be a sad day… We’re hiking out. I always hate it
when it comes down to this day. Hey babe, could I use that toothbrush when you’re done with it? All right so we are just leaving camp
here. Got an early start today. We have about 12 miles to the car. It’s
been a really good trip. I’m really stoked you guys are here with us. Very grateful
of you guys. Really appreciative of you. Nice morning golden
light coming through the trees right now. I’m just feeling really good. Always
feeling better at the end of these trips. How are you feeling up
there? AMAZING! Huckleberries…
A couple varieties. Nature’s candy. Antioxidant rich. Lot’s of vitamin C. Trail raspberry. Some fresh bear scat right there. Maybe
1-2 days old. We are about 1/8th of a mile
from the car. Trish hurt her hip… How are you doing up there? She is still
crushing it and in good spirits. Super stoked to share this
adventure with you guys. Share one of the wildest places left on earth.
You guys are awesome. Thanks so much for being here. I love you guys very much.
We will see you guys on the next trail. Peace. Leave me a comment if you guys have any
questions about anything backpacking related. Say hi. Say
what’s up. You guys are awesome! Give this video a LIKE if you found it
useful. That helps me out. Peace. Thank you guys so much for being here!


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