Homeless People Living in Freezing Cold in Ithaca’s Tent City, The Jungle
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Homeless People Living in Freezing Cold in Ithaca’s Tent City, The Jungle


  • Invisible People

    Your voice can help end homelessness. If we do not fix the affordable housing crisis, homelessness will continue to get worse. Click here https://invisiblepeople.tv/getinvolved to tweet, email, call, or Facebook your federal and state legislators to tell them ending homelessness and creating more affordable housing is a priority to you.

  • Sonda Randolph

    There needs to be tiny houses built and development for a village of tiny houses and space for community gardens. Also lots of fruit trees and nut trees need planted for public assumption.

  • Peter Vick

    ANYONE can find themslves homeless, through no fault of their own. How can a supposedly civilised first world country like USA make homelessness illegal and treat people SO poorly, when others live like Kings & Queens? USA should be ASHAMED. This is the 21st Century, yet you behave like it was the Middle Ages!
    Just one, of the many, reasons why I wouldn't want to visit, let alone be part of the USA.
    SHAME ON YOU AMERICA! But then you elect someone like Trump to be your figurehead. So I guess that proves how distorted your morals really are.

  • Mark Stevenson

    Wake up America , these are your real heroes NOT the fake world of celebrity whose only contribution to society is to feed off their overgrown egos . What they spend on plastic surgery could be used to help these desperate people ! You have an election coming up use this time to highlight this all to real American crisis !

  • r86

    98.9% are Drug users I've lived in LA I've lived in NYC so to say that people can't help it the issue here is drug addiction people wanna say what do I know I was a heroin addict for 15 years I've seen it I've lived it the reality of it this is due to drugs , which normal are the fix for drama , mental health distress

  • dragonfly111cute

    He is so right about trauma and being stuck in the church walls! What a great example! And the city councils are the road blocks to housing many people

  • Dickie Larue

    $95 million dollars for a 15,000 seat arena Church…501 c3 tax exempt…doing the lords work…not…James 2:14-17 14 What good is it, my brothers and sisters, if someone claims to have faith but has no deeds? Can such faith save them? 

    15 Suppose a brother or a sister is without clothes and daily food. 

    16 If one of you says to them, “Go in peace; keep warm and well fed,” but does nothing about their physical needs, what good is it? 

    17 In the same way, faith by itself, if it is not accompanied by action, is dead.

  • My own Idenity

    Your statistic about being more likely to be shot by suburban white guy is racist and wrong. Please cite how you came upon this info.

  • Mauwi Wowwi

    Carmen: I help ppl out here

    Crazy guy in blue: OMGGG u VOLUNTEER in the COLD and u don’t have to, you’re a SUPERHERO WOOHOOO‼️‼️

  • Lori Touma

    Good for u!!! Thank god people are there to help… actions do speak louder than words.. this man and his wife are a blessing.. right about it… 💟😗

  • geri martinez

    Nothing like kicking people when there down I can't stand all these free hateful advice can't you just show a little kindness and love most of you are so call Christian if your a asshole or a troll dont respond to my comment

  • Anna Whitis

    Thankyou you guys for helping these folks, we need national health care in this usa, convicted murderers get free health care and dental care in this country and dont deserve it. What about law abiding people who are out of work in this country , displaced vets, displaced sick and elderly wake up wake up in this country, take care of law abiding christian people they deserverse the help not outlaws etc.

  • Ilansini Shoresh

    According to republicans,they say
    the people don't need help!?!?!?.
    But they blow tax payers money
    saving other people around the
    world.this is where they should use our money. NO MORE WARS
    NO MORE WALLS!!!. FUCK trump
    and repunlicons!!!

  • KENT J


  • ildiko ivanyi

    It is because the welfare state crowded out private charity. When the state takes over charity it makes people less charitable, more selfish, and entitled. I watched a thing on this.

  • Liza Rosa

    Don’t blow credit cards. Love modest life humble frugal. Only buy what you need. Don’t do meth coke crack or heroine. Let’s try to expose this evil on America while open borders support crimes and free healthcare. Help our own. Tiny home communities. Beans rice free healthcare esp for autism ashberger ADHD anxiety etc. stop blaming special needs and old people. We need special camps way better than that, tiny houses provisions healthy lives

  • Clay Guinard

    LOL LOL you need to get you a $10 membership into the planet fitness get on the treadmill stay on the treadmill do some core exercises all this can be done in small increments I can tell you a huffing and puffing and all you got to do mark don't eat 3 hours before you go to bed so 3 hours before you go to bed you stop eating and then fruits and vegetables and two pieces of chicken line for dinner and supper and have what you want for breakfast if you do that and you walk on the treadmill one mile in the morning and one mile in the afternoon or evening preferably after you eat the weight of fall off you but you've got to be able to raise your heart rate… How many people reading this agree or disagree with me… We can't lose you … you doing good work we can't lose you….
    I know it's like giving up as a drug I understand that but once you start doing it it will be rewarding to you

  • Gioia Pharo

    ….. thats the problem …… I have asked and the only answer I get ……, for who helps the homeless ….. Churches ….. thats not enough

  • Brenda Raus

    Hey guys, Hi, I just watched a video that was taken in England/Wales, where a man was given a travel trailer and has now started making homes for the homeless from shipping containers.

  • jessie here

    you know mark if they could gather snow and melt it ,there are filters in walmart theyd pour it after boiling water in a bottle then use the filter to clean the water to drink ,waters hard to carry 4 pounds a gallon just a thought then carry instant soups get more bang for your buck ,backpackers use small tanks and filter 10k gallon with a filter ,frozen veggies and meat to cook , you got the refrigeration in the winter ,vut gotta find a water source to begin with

  • Vorpal Bite

    The Homeless steal, destroy and contaminate everything around them. Giving a bum a sandwich never got anybody off the street, it only enables their defective behaviors. Round these ppl up and dump them in a desert tent city jail. Make them work, sober up and dry out. Innocent citizens deserve protection. Clearly out compassion has failed, its time for TOUGH LOVE and ZERO TOLERANCE.

  • Leann Ross

    Wow, that's just what morally sound mind is, this man and his family going out and going after what really matters in this cruel demonic world, instead of teaching our children in school about gender equality and trans, this is God's ppl at work and they are teaching their children what humanity is supposed to look like, if More ppl would stop buying the next glittery hot trending items and put your phone's down and help them, something so simple as some dry socks and gloves and water well I don't think that will break down anyone's collection of meaningless material bs to take a day a week and go to the homeless check in on them, it's human lives and your soul is going to be the price we pay for being willingly ignorant and willingly selfish, that's what the devil's whole plan is, keep us distracted with stuff while human beings suffer for no good reason 🌻 God bless you and your family, prayers and be safe 💕🌻

  • Crazy Skippy

    Us as Youtubers should come together to stop homelessness, like MrBeast did the trees. LA would be all in housing with that kind of stance.

  • Brandon m

    Mark I saw you and Carmen on my Google News feed this morning here in Hamilton Ontario. I know that you were here a bit ago. Love you, your channel, and the small miracles you perform. You have a good heart sir, and I just wish there were more like you out there. You have inspired me to give back also. Keep on keeping on brother!

  • Jo T

    This past summer many prophecies passed straight out of the bible. Now the time is extremely short for the return of Jesus Christ. Just type in to the youtube search bar " bible prophecies "

  • Angela Roberts

    I love that you guys do this ❤ this is something I want to do for the homeless and hungry in Greenville SC. God Bless you both

  • Dorth Surreal

    What the f*** bulshit is this this is crap this guy's obviously on some kind of drugs he strung out and he's acting like Shiny Happy People Chipotle REM there's nothing nice about being homeless it's a pretty it's not glamorous it's not sad it's agonizingly pathetic people f*** with you from sunup to sundown and then sometimes it don't even let you sleep if you can find a place to sleep I spent two years sleeping outside a church because they refused to help me why does I'm not a drug addict I'm not an alcoholic I don't have 40 kids so no one gave you should about me I spent two years sleeping in the doorway of Palm Heights Church in San Antonio Texas I will never forget how nice they were to me when they told me to get the f*** off the property I thought churches were supposed to help people or I guess not you don't have any money for the donation plate I had money I had money that I sold my ass to gate I was feeding me and any little stray animal that would come to me I cared more about them than myself but I will never forget how the Christian f**** treated me they can all go to hell they love it so much they can go and stay there this guy in the video was on some kind of drugs nobody who is homeless is that happy

  • GOTTshua

    You could easily build 20 tiny homes there if Cornell, Ithaca College, and all their alumni and Ithaca residents pulled-together. Cornell First Year Architecture students could design the build. You have enough free, volunteer student labour. Alas, Jesus said, "The poor ye shall have with you always." It is our personal sin of being selfish & greedy which makes us turn a blind-eye of those in need. There are enough resources upon this earth so that no one goes without.

  • Brigita Taranova

    how do you approach these people? do you introduce yourself or just start asking questions? I would love to hear people's stories in my own area 🙂

  • Rat Man

    I would rather hang out with white Christian bums damn those freak liberals in a bar just go out to the woods and hang out with him bring a propane tank a bottle of vodka and a case of beer

  • michael larocca

    I love how you're helping other humans and you still manage to joke and laugh and be like grown little boys! U2 are gentleman and human scholars! I hope your parents are proud of you because they should be!

  • Jane S

    Amazon made $11,200,000,000 in profits last year.

    Its federal income tax bill: ZERO.

    It is simply not true that we cannot afford to invest in housing or health care or education.

    We will make massive corporations finally pay their fair share.

  • S.j. sparber

    Mark, as you know this is always the most successful video! The Love comes pouring out. I am very grateful and appreciative as a homeless.

  • Ellen Ingalls

    Yeah there was a group of folks near me
    Was near me
    I kept going out
    I spent half a paycheck on tents food and water
    Went daily
    I was the only one who was helping them
    Finally after many phone calls
    And news got wind
    And they actually got help
    Thankfully owner of the property left them stay there
    Until media got ahold of it
    And they got help

    One guy was able to get him an apartment and a job
    Now he makes boocoo
    And I'm so proud of him!

  • Melody Pearson

    Y’all are beautiful people! That’s true feed and clothed the people and help the lonely an don’t forget about the homeless!

  • Cassidy Stanley

    Applause to Carmen and Deb for doing what they do! Let's also give credit where credit is due: Tammy Baker and her colleague from Family and Children Services, Billie Jo & Kate and many others from SJCS, Peter Veintimilla from Tompkins County DSS, you all play a huge role in providing services and supports, but more importantly compassion and empathy to our folks!

  • eddie munster

    I have seen videos all over you tube abandoned resorts abandoned shopping malls etc why can't the homeless live in those place i mean there is abandoned motels

  • Believe on Jesus Christ For Eternal Life

    What you have done to the least of these, you have done to Me -God By the way, good advice to Christians to check ourselves. Action and not only words. I am convicted too (exactly stuck in comfortability).

  • Small Is Beautiful

    Well, at least boston is finally going to make a good dent in the problem https://www.universalhub.com/2019/pine-street-inn-wins-board-approval-jamaica-plain

  • Maize jo Luther

    The homeless should be suing the mayor of the city they are from. Don't sue government buy the person in government especially if they are helping non citizens or illegals.

  • Wessel Zapffe

    My 3 wishes: 1. That people stop procreating ie trapping a human in conception 2. Lap dance by Gianna Michaels 3. A complete collection of antinatalist material

  • vickie simpkins

    Not everyone chooses this some people are just delt a bad hand.carma you are a some body.i pray these people get the help they really need.🙏🙏

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