• James Gardner

    Just like every other politician….just backpedaling and saying whatever we want to hear, but yet he's failing his constituents

  • greg poulin

    This is what happens when a Dem runs a City. Mayor is full of crap. Check back in a year or two and nothing will be fixed

  • Topher Ming

    The mayor is wrong. Homelessness is not the result of unaffordable housing. It is the result of drug abuse and mental illness.

  • PatriciaMcAll

    Amazing how these Democrats will not talk about why there are so many homeless Americans. The reason is because the millions of illegal aliens that were smuggled into our cities by the Democrats, those illegals are given American’s affordable housing and jobs! Move out and deport the illegal aliens, and our homeless problems will be solved!

    The reason why the rents are so high, is based on the supply and demand principle. The millions of illegal aliens have made the demand in housing skyrocket. Therefore, when the demand is high, the supply is low, and that means the rents will skyrocket!

  • Live Free or Die

    The left’s solution is to enable instead of providing opportunities to better yourself by working with your hands.

  • Good Citizen

    I have figured out how to solve a portion of homelessness in Lansing MI. It would be in the best interest for residents of Lansing AND possibly Detroit to band together and collect enough funds and purchase these poor people a bus ticket to Austin TX. It gets very cold here in Michigan. What a life these homeless individuals would have in a warm welcoming city!

  • D Allen

    If you vote Demoncrat, this is a snap shot of what all America will be. Stop, think about what you want for the future of your children and grandchildren then get out and Vote. Voter id and paper ballots.

  • Roger Rodgersen

    The locals voted these guys in, made their own bed, now they pay for it. Their bad ! So sorry, next time maybe they will think about that. 🍉🍉🍉🍉🍉

  • kim wiser

    They should put people with mental illness’s in mental hospitals. Drug addicts should get the choice of rehab or jail. I will give him points for talking about the regulations on housing.

  • 1.restnrelax.1

    I imagine if something was done to make common Americans financially secure again, that would at least help the situation. Most people are still living from paycheck to paycheck, and that's unacceptable in this greatest country. Since every family is under duress, we can't exactly give charity ourselves as we're all under the threat of homelessness if some catastrophe happens. If a secure life is unattainable and the past will always be better than the future, anyone who suffers a debilitating loss will just give up. But if it was common again to have stable family members to lean upon, perhaps that could serve as a safety net to prevent a loss from being permanent. There will, of course, still be people with pathological conditions who will still wind up on the street and require professional help. But I think if most Americans were secure, that would help take some pressure off the situation. The Corporate-Libertarians think life is fair and everyone struggling chose to do so or is ignorant of finance. The Socialists will just tax more people already under duress until they also face homelessness and permanent dependency so the Socialists can enact wasteful, unsuccessful programs that serve more as a graft pool than as a means to help suffering people. And the medical industry is still profiteering, and doubtless medical costs are behind part of this crisis, either in bankrupting people or keeping the mentally ill from being able to afford their meds. And the corporations and employers are profiteering as well, and there are not enough good jobs to service the population we have. Not everyone can work construction or retail, and retail doesn't pay well. Don't get me wrong, things are moving in the right direction with the Trump economy, but forty years of the erosion of the Middle Class aren't going to be reversed in three. Until most Americans are financially secure, not forced to live from paycheck to paycheck, and most Americans securely live in houses again, we're all under threat of winding up on the streets, and it would be too easy for the corrupt politicians to pretend we're just part of the traditional demographic of addicts and lunatics nobody cares about. The corrupt know that in our culture, once you've lost your job, you've lost your social credibility and voice, and in this corrupt political climate, wealth is power, hence they are trying to make as many common Americans as possible jobless and poor through their bad policies so we have no voice or power to fight back against their anti-Populist corruption. It is a scary thought, but what if those people are not all the typical addicts and mentally ill (though it seems like many are) but also people who never recovered from the Recessions, people bankrupted by medical costs, people hurt by bad policies, people whose families were dissolved because of the above, the elderly who lost their retirements, etc.? How would we ever know?

  • tina caetano

    Setting up yourselves for disaster, by welcoming others to camp.
    Til you have an overwhelming # of people sleeping in your streets, and don't know what to do.
    How about opening an office where they can walk in & apply for housing, give then a # an come back for an appt. Helping 1 person at a time can't be that difficult.

  • Vainima Vatikani

    And democrats want to give illegal immigrants a free medicare for all. How about give democrats a medication for all to sort out their mental illness.

  • Franklin Archambault

    we in the democant communist city of seattle wa got a bit of a surprise today the county courthouse is being moved out of the city because all the street people have made down town unsafe just like the democants create a problem and then instead of fixing it they run but the ultimate responsibility goes to the stupid people who voted for them

  • Carrie Bishop

    This Austin Mayor Steve is it idiot. You don't give them incentives like we should provide housing now for them. That's only going to make them want to come to your state you should make it uncomfortable for them and always tell them to get up and move because they don't like that. So that's good you make them feel comfortable so they won't camp out because you won't allow them to camp out they will be constantly on the move. What a weak mayor.

  • MrJoeyBoombotz

    The homeless today are the equivalent of the lepers of old. Disabled by their hatred/fear of life they are useless, filthy, addicted, psychotic and need to be separate from functioning family and military oriented civilization. I say mix them in with reservation dwelling Native Americans or make homeless jails. They and the America Native reservation dwellers have a lot in common.

  • Max Soon

    Living in US but the lifestyle and the condition totally contrast. 3rd world country within in US States. Very odds. Under the democRats, nothing much change. More homeless people and certain states, the tax increased like mad man.

  • Jake Franchise

    Austin, Texas is a liberal cesspool as bad as San Fransisco. This is what happens when you vote democrat folks. More cities to come like Chicago, New York, Seattle, Portland etc.

  • Henry Niemi

    Whenever movies are made in a major city, the homeless people are shooed away cruelly by the movie crew security teams. I mean you cannot have homeless people on screen! Unless they're paid extras, of course!

  • Reg Cox

    This is one of the Dem orchestration for the next election to nullify the President's progress on the economy and joblessness. Dont put anything past these low lives.

  • Серж Шуляченко

    Норвегия купит в России десятки самолетов взамен на транссибирский маршрут
    У Росії прокурор просить сім років колонії для 53-річного «свідка Єгови»

  • Dona Herndon

    If we continue to let the lefties have control, we will be a third world country. They have to put as many of us on the streets, and have total control.
    But first they have to take our guns, and then go after the rest of our Constitution.

  • wvitalec

    Vote out all democunts. They are destroying this country. Anyone who votes democunt should have to live in the cities with the homeless. This is what happens when democunts run cities and you have idiots voting for them.

  • Bamboozled Great Crowd!

    Thats a telling sign of hatred towards the president. mayor of New York did something that worked but because he supports Trump no way will I use his ideas.

  • william collinsworth

    "Homelessness! You fellow Americans make me Sick! Our family's are on the streets because of criminal racketeering of our tax dollars. Oh and THEY do not put consumables in any biodegradable packages. Really. United We stand devided We fall."

  • David Gray

    Democrat controlled cities and their failed policies have turned those beautiful cities into third world countries! Liberal Utopia on full display

  • Celeste Grey

    👌👌👌👌 this mayor is a fuckin IDIOT!!! He models Austin after California. 🤯🤯🤯🤯 Your challenge needs to stop enabling drug users. What sucks is Austin is looking more and more like LA and San Fran. You say Austin is not there yet- but it will be if you keep up with your Democrat policies- and morons keep voting DemocRAT

  • RJM Law

    Why? Low wages plus higher housing costs every year. The reason u see more now is because the homeless aren’t hidden. The police move em off private property & the only public place they can be is on the streets/sidewalks. These ppl don’t have the funds to move to a lower cost state to find a cheap place they can sustain w minimal income.

  • Blade Solano

    How stupid! Like you couldn’t find them before? He said now they’re out in the open and we can see them and help them. First you could have went to the bridges they were living under if you really wanted to help them and second all you did now was encourage many others to come and live on the streets because you sent the message that it’s open season here to live on the streets anywhere they like regardless of the fact that it will eventually force businesses to close because customers don’t want to walk over homeless people to enter a restaurant , store or any type of business and it will also make many people move out of the area because who wants to live in a neighborhood where people are living all over your walkways and going to the bathroom and doing drugs right in front of you after all you sent the word out that’s ok to do all of that right here and they now know there will be no repercussions for their actions! Good Job, Well Done!Democrats!!!

  • D Gunny

    You would think that with the contractors using illegal's for cheap labor. Housing costs would go down. Oh that's right my bad. It means profits go up.

  • Lester N

    There are going to be more homeless as time go by thanks to the Democrats for the increase. There should be a Tec Homeless tax, they are the major course of homeless, by coming in to a city and coursing the property to go up.

  • Eliana Boer

    He’s actually bragging that the homeless percentage is six times less than San Francisco. Wow. The toilet seat of America is nothing to measure yourself against.

  • Melvin Carvalho

    Hey nasty Pelosi your state having the highest homeless rate of all you crazy drunk pill-popping hag enjoy your warm supper tonight in your comfortable bed with walls around your neighborhood and armed guards protecting you hopefully you will OD on sleeping pills tonight with your last drink

  • drdecker1

    We had the problem years ago. What the Mayor did was put them in institutions that help them professionally. They need help ! When they improved they let them back into society. It worked !

  • teebone 21

    huge issue starting in Houston Texas around Telephone road. We have homeless people everywhere. Around the NRG Texans stadium and Toyota center its crazy now. WTF is going on. have people just given up on life !! Also they are gentrifying the wards quickly. .All the brownstones are being renovated and prices are up 20%. San Antonio is full of people leaving Austin.

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