Homes For Sale in Fort Mill SC – Masons Bend is Super Hot !
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Homes For Sale in Fort Mill SC – Masons Bend is Super Hot !

Eli Magids: Homes for sale in Fort Mill, South
Carolina, right on the Charlotte, North Carolina border. New homes in Fort Mill, South Carolina,
that’s what I’m talking about today and I’m getting started right now.
Eli Magids: My name is Eli Magids and I am a real estate advisor, here, in Charlotte,
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My gift is people. My profession is finding you a home. Together, we can create the next
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It has links to the schools. It gives you school ratings. It talks about things to do
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to the very end and I’ll let you know how you can get that.
Eli Magids: So the neighborhood I am taking you into right now is called Masons Bend and
it’s located in Fort Mill, South Carolina. Now Fort Mill, South Carolina is right on
the border of the south part of Charlotte, so much so that most people who love in Fort
Mill consider Charlotte the capital of South Carolina. So the benefit of being in Fort
Mill, South Carolina is highly rated schools, lower taxes and close enough to Charlotte,
that you can enjoy everything that Charlotte has to offer.
Eli Magids: This neighborhood in particular, in Fort Mill, Masons Bend, is right off of
the main highway, I-77. Literally two minutes to get to the I-77 highway, which gives you
a straight shot to uptown Charlotte. It’ll take you about 30 or 35 minutes, straight
into Charlotte. It will also take you about 30 to 35 minutes straight to the airport or
from I-77. So it’s a phenomenal location. It’s 15 minutes to get to Ballentyne and all
the shopping there and plus, Fort Mill has got a ton of shopping all its own. This is
a booming area. Eli Magids: Fort Mill schools are highly rated.
This neighborhood actually has a school, an elementary school, that’s being built right
in front of it. A brand new school, which is going to be open in August. They also have
a new middle school going up nearby that’s going to be open in August. And they also
have a new high school that just opened up this past August. The schools are phenomenal.
They’re going to be new and they’re going to be very close to this particular neighborhood,
so it’s a major plus. Eli Magids: What a super cool neighborhood
this is. It’s located right on the Catawba River, so you could literally walk over to
the river. There is a boat launch where you can take out a kayak or a canoe. It is absolutely
beautiful. They have an amenity center right on the river as well with a pool. They have
a splash park. They have a playground. I mean, this neighborhood has it all.
Eli Magids: So let’s talk about the homes here. Masons Bend is a luxury neighborhood
and the major builder here at this point in time is Fielding Homes. Their product is beautiful,
upscale and luxurious. This neighborhood started about three years ago. Last year, they sold
74 homes in this neighborhood. Eli Magids: Home prices and square footage.
So the home prices start at about $320,000.00 at the 1,800 square foot area and go all the
way up to about $856,000.00 for 5,600 square feet. On average, the new homes are ranging
from $650,000.00 to $700,000.00 ranging from 4,000 to 4,500 square feet plus or minus.
Obviously, that’s the average, but that’s what you’re looking at. If you go to the Dan
Ryan Homes, you’re looking at about $500,000.00. They’re very similar, but the quality is just
a tad lower. But it is the same neighborhood, same amenities, same location.
Eli Magids: So there you have it. Homes in Fort Mill, South Carolina, very close to Charlotte,
luxury homes, great schools, unbelievable location. This neighborhood is a gem. Are
you moving to Charlotte? Are you relocating to Charlotte? If you want to sell your home
in Charlotte and move to Fort Mill for the good schools and the lower taxes, remember
my gift is people, my profession is finding you a home and together we can create the
next best part of your life. If you think that we are a good fit, I’d love to hear from
you. Give me a call, my information is down below. Don’t forget, I put out videos every
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Eli Magids: And for that free gift I promised you, that web based guide that tells you everything
about schools in North Carolina, South Carolina, things to do here, neighborhoods. It is free
for you. Just go down to the description below. There’s a link there. Click on that link and
you’ll be able to get that guide. If you want to look at homes in Charlotte, go over to
my website. The link is down there as well and you can also find the guide on my website.
Eli Magids: Now if you’re saying, “Eli, this video was so good. I want to see more,” well
hop over to my YouTube channel. I’ve got lots of other video about Fort Mill, Charlotte,
things to do, anything you could think of is on that YouTube channel. Hop over there
and take a look there as well. How cool would it be to live right on a river, right on the
Catawba River and be able to go there any time you wanted. Let me know if that’s something
good for you in the comments below. I thank you, yes you, so much for watching. Welcome
to the neighborhood and until we see each other again, next time.


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