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Honolulu Vacation Travel Guide | Expedia

Honolulu is located on the Polynesian island
O’ahu, in the middle of the North Pacific ocean. It is the capital of Hawaii: The 50th, and
youngest, American state. In tropical Honolulu, the surf is always up
and the weather always warm. Hawaii’s biggest city offers the perfect mix of nature, culture, sports and shopping all
in the one place. With America’s only royal palace at its core and Pearl Harbor just around the corner, there is also a lot of history to discover. Visit the Bishop Museum to learn about the
Polynesian voyagers who came here hundreds of years before captain
Cook dropped anchor in 1778. The native Hawaiians and first Europeans were
drawn to the majestic profile of the Diamond Head
volcano, which is still an attraction today. Wherever you are in the city, the backdrop
of Lēʻahi, as the locals call the crater, is a constant reminder of Hawaii’s explosive
beginnings. Climb the short trail to its circular rim for commanding views over the island and its
picture-perfect coastline. Go to the top of the Aloha Tower to see how Honolulu has become a modern urban
center. The capital is the gathering place where residents
of Hawaii do business, but tourists mainly come here for its beaches
and watersports. Honolulu means “sheltered bay” and any day of they year you can go swimming,
stand up paddle boarding and sailing in the harbor. Ala Moana Beach Park is the quieter alternative
to popular Waikiki. Laze on the beach, or, if you start feeling
active, get surfing lessons or rent a canoe to explore
the bay. Stroll over the boulevard to buy everything
from up-scale fashion to flowery local garments to brighten up your
wardrobe. Downtown, you can’t miss the statue of the fearless warrior King Kamehameha, who unified the Hawaiian islands in the late
18th century. Admire the American Florentine architecture
of Iolani Palace and visit the Halekoa barracks. For lunch, try a Japanese fusion dish. The largely Asian American population of Honolulu has left its mark on the cuisine and culture
of the island. Visit Kapi’olani Park with its ancient Banyan
trees and attractive beachfront. The park is home to the historic Honolulu
Zoo, so take the kids to see friendly giants, and
exotic birds. Set aside a day for Pearl Harbor to see the remnants of the U.S. Pacific Fleet that was crippled by an air raid on December
7, 1941. Pay your respects on the USS Arizona Memorial, visit the aviation museum and see the spot
that marks the surrender of Japan aboard the USS Missouri. To the east of Pearl Harbor, the warm turquoise waters of Kailua Beach are waiting to take your mind off worldly
affairs. Cool off with shave ice, the local version
of a snow cone. Head back to downtown Honolulu for sunset and watch a Hula dancing show in the romantic
capital of Hawaii. Honolulu is a convenient stop over on your
way to other Hawaiian islands, but also a great destination in itself. Come and experience the true meaning of Aloha, which is much more than just Hawaiian for
“Hello!”. It means a warm welcome; love; best wishes;
and even goodbye. But it never means farewell…


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