Hot camping trends this summer in Korea 올 여름 피서는 캠핑이 대세
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Hot camping trends this summer in Korea 올 여름 피서는 캠핑이 대세

Hot camping trends this summer in Korea From the beaches to the mountains … waves
of families are heading out of the city to enjoy the great outdoors.
Our Ji Myung-gil shows us some of the hottest camping trends this year that are both affordable
and closer than you may think. The majestic views of Mount Myeongseong are located in
the northwestern region of Gyeonggi Province, or just over an hour’s drive from Seoul.
Within the mountainous valley lies Sanjung Lake, where a new caravan campground has been
developed. Surrounded by dense forests, these recreational
vehicles provide all the conveniences of home for a whole family, including air-conditioning
and an outdoor barbecue grill. “Before going camping, I was very worried
that it might be uncomfortable. But now actually coming here, there’s so much space to rest
and for the kids to play. It’s really great.” For those looking to get even closer to nature,
other camping sites offer rental tents near streams and fantastic scenic views.
It’s the perfect option for those who don’t want to deal with the hassle of expensive
and cumbersome camping equipment. “Camping here in nature has the ability to
heal the bodies and minds of tired residents from the city. From that aspect, I think camping
is great because it’s quite an attractive and healthy option.” Currently, there are at least a hundred camping
sites here in the Pocheon region – more than three times the number in 2011.
The area has undergone a camping tourism boom in recent years as its nature reserves and
tourist destinations gain more popularity. “The Pocheon area offers many attractions
including Sanjung Lake, Hantan River, Herb Island. Ongoing promotions act to bring many
people to the region.” The camping industry in Korea is estimated
to worth more than 448 million dollars, with that figure expected to continue rising as
outdoor leisure activities gain greater mass appeal nationwide. Ji Myung-gil, Arirang News


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