Hot Tent Camping: Rock Beach Overnight with Girlfriend
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Hot Tent Camping: Rock Beach Overnight with Girlfriend

What’s up everybody, we just woke up and
we’re about to do a little hike down the beach. We just stayed the night in the
camper right over there and it was a beautiful place to stay. We woke up nice and early and we’re gonna go all the way down the beach down there. Apparently there’s
some tidal pools that we’re gonna go try to check out and see if we can’t find any
cool animals. Crossing into the shade now I’m not very
happy about that. It’s kind of cool how this whole beach
is made of pebbles. And they got this crazy seaweed that washes up everywhere too. We woke up a little bit late this
morning. Low tide is supposed to be at 7:00 a.m. and that’s when we really
should be down there, it’s now 9:00 a.m. and we’re not even close yet. We’ve still
got another like mile and a half to go but there’s a little creek that we have
to cross and that’s really my only concern is that we have to get back
across that Creek before high tide. So we should have about an hour maybe two to
hang out and check out the tide pools but I don’t want to get stranded on that
side that’s for sure. The area that im from in Florida we get little pieces of
driftwood, But when you come up to the Pacific Northwest you get drift trees. All right, we’re approaching the little
Creek we have to cross and I brought my little water filter so I can fill up All right,
I guess I’m gonna make the leap here Why you doubting me! Confidence is key
babe go ahead. oh let’s see you do it You got this I’ve got faith in you. We’re patiently waiting on Andrea to
cross the creek. there she goes All right!
while we’re here by the creek we go ahead and fill my water up Were getting a little patch of sunlight here
soak it in like a…. What soaks in sunlight? I dont know, like a lizzard or somthing? yeah we’re gonna be like the lizards in
the Sun really quick. Ohh, Full Soakage right there. We’re getting closer and closer to the
tide pools and the sea stacks over here. But as we get closer we’re noticing
we’re losing a lot of Beach pretty quickly so we got to do this kind of
quick. That mists behind us looks pretty cool. Some sea stacks out there, it’s really a gorgeous area. It’s crazy that the forest
comes right up to it. Andrea’s stopping to take a shot over
there and she looks pretty majestic with that mist behind her. Such a gorgeous spot, were losing Beach
pretty quick though. So that little hole over there in the
rock right about there is where we’re supposed to cross. Clearly it’s too high
tide right now, so we’re just going to check out this area around us. It seems
to fill up with the tide so we’ll see if we can’t find anything cool in here Some more little anenomes over here,
these guys seem to be everywhere. Check out the color on the one Andrea
just found. We didn’t really get to see as much of
the tide pool as we wanted to, but the tides closing in on us pretty quick.
Every wave brings it a little bit closer. So we’re gonna get back up the beach by
the camper and we’re decided we needed a little break from the camper
tonight so we’re gonna pop out the tent and the wood stove and have a little
dinner date in our tent tonight and camp on the beach Andrea just dropped her phone in the water, she’s not too happy about that. There’s a lot less beach on the way back
right now. So we’re kind of booking it back to the
camper for two reasons, one to get Andrea’s phone in some rice and two
because we might end up wet ourselves. So beautiful, I don’t know if you can see
those rays coming down I think her phone’s alright because
she’s stopping to take pictures. Hey buddy we’re back! Those mean people wouldn’t let us take you on the beach no. Andrea is making herself some soup for
lunch I’m going with the old faithful, Chef Boyardee. Zeus is gonna have lunch with
us too. you hungry buddy? Huh, that was a yes. We just finished up lunch, probably just gonna go check out this area behind us
here Zeus you want to come? Come on Bub. Let’s go! It’s like the Little River
leading out to the ocean over here well now he won’t leave me alone because
I made him think we were gonna play so now I got to play with this poor puppy It’s really easy to play with him. All I
have to do is kind of lunge at him and he just kind of runs on his own.
Alright now we’re getting back to the camper, I’m probably gonna go ahead and
get the tent set up so I don’t have to worry about it later and we can kind of
enjoy our afternoon. We’ll probably pick a spot nice and
close to the camper that way we can run back and forth while we’re cooking food
and probably bring a bottle of wine out after dinner. We’re getting pretty close
to the peak of high tide now, so I don’t think the water will be coming up too
much further. But I don’t have much beach to work with so I’m gonna go try to find
a spot somewhere close by. ooh that might be a good option right
there a little two slanted for me but it’s a decent one. This looks like a
pretty flat clearing over here I think the tent will fit in there.
Looks about right. Nice and far away from where the tides gonna reach. there’s
a pretty cool little driftwood fort right in front of us. I think it’ll make
a nice spot to put the tent for the night. Alright, that was actually my first time
setting up a tent on the beach and I think it came out all right
it didn’t turn out too bad. We got a pretty strong onshore wind though so I’m
probably gonna use the extra tie outs just to keep it a little extra stable tonight.
All right now she’s nice and sturdy, we got our little entrance way over here I
think it’ll be a nice night out. So I’m heading up to the tentwith the last tray of
stuff, bringing all the food up now got everything else set up in there for the
night and I actually realized I had to raise the pole a little bit on the tent
cuz I had it too low earlier. But now it’s looking real good. nice and tight
all the way around got the wood stove going in there, sunsets not bad, it’s a
beautiful night Alright got everything to go cooking, got all my wood ready for
the wood burner. Andrea’s here, key component to the date
night. We brought a lot of water in here because we want to do some tea in the G stove water tank here got a little spigot on the back I went and collected
a bunch of driftwood for some extra wood if we need. And Andreas got the tea in
there and I think we brought a bottle of wine too right? We have super fancy plastic wine glasses just for optimal fanciness. So now that we’ve got everything in
place I’m gonna go ahead and start the woodstove up. I brought the propane tank, always makes it nice and easy. All right, now that’s a
proper looking tent right there. Water’s boiling. It’s boiling in the tank too so Andrea’s getting her tea over here. Go ahead and pour the shells. Oh no! I was
wondering what that smell was. Pasta is done, now we got the chicken
cooking Alright, there’s a final product.
Our little torn apart cheddar cheese bits on top really add character. I think
it’s time to get this bottle of wine open. That things in there! all right we got to
stand up for this one. There it goes! The foods enjoyable, we’re gonna enjoy our
wine and the rest of our date night and we’ll check back in with you guys soon!
Thank you for watching!


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