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oh yeah this video was paid for by Mattel who
helped us create it so you know it’s gonna be epic.
Sharer’s this is just one of the boxes we have a lot more in the basement and
Carter and Liz have already started Building The Epic Hot Wheels box fort tracks so
come on let’s go down to the basement let’s go this is gonna be one crazy
video let’s go. Hey Steve, what’s up Sharers, is this the last box this is the last box
after all those other boxes this one is huge it’s just the biggest box we have
it’s got a lot of Hot Wheels in it so let’s get making this epic track we got
Liz over there taping Liz I can hear you oh let’s go see what liz is up to Liz
what are you up to oh this looks so good we’re gonna turn into a Hot Wheels box
for it oh it’s a big one yeah it’s gonna be big because we’re doing a lot of Hot
Wheels track oh we should combine the Hot Wheels in the together Oh Hot Wheels
box fort it epic hot box forever sweet I’ll just finish I’m making the Box burn
while you guys don’t box all the Hot Wheels tracks alright you ready to see
what it all is yeah let’s unbox this thing in three two one this is so
awesome there’s over 10 feet of track in one box oh and it says you can make
three different stunt variations this is awesome and one of the loops can be over
1 foot tall and we have so many boxes how many think we have yet this is
definitely so many look at all this this is awesome oh sure is how many boxes do
you think we have this is a lot of Hot Wheels track cards yeah I bet there’s at
least like 15 of them right you know we can each put our own move yeah three
loop variations three people let’s get building oh hey Liz how’s that boxfort
coming I finished the box firm it’s completely
done except it just needs windows and doors sweet well let’s make the door you
ready yeah here we go three two one Oh door down what’s next windows let’s do
it windows oh whoa Stephan Liz this box where is so awesome
it’s got awesome doors too but I think we can make it even cooler oh we can
make your way better check this out in three two one
whoa Steve whoa how was boxing yeah hot
wheels box we’re completely covered this thing is awesome
hey you know what would make this even more epic what oh yeah let’s connect the
Hot Wheels track builder to this okay we got started we got some track we got
more track we got some curves for the looky-loo oh yeah we got a starter plate
comes with it oh wow it’s like a Formula Racer it looks so good
whoa this car looks amazing I love it it’s gonna be so fast hmm let’s read the
instructions see what it says okay easy enough this is so cool
you actually incorporate the box with this let’s get building oh yeah that was fast it was easy card
list how’s yours Oh Liz how’s yours coming that looks so good
knock-knock Liz how’s yours come in out the window and then through this window
back inside oh that’s gonna be so awesome
Oh quarter how’s yours coming mine is almost done check to make it look how
bigger that’s bigger than put that’s one that I’m using and I connected it to the
box port so that means it starts all over the top like this and it’s going to
go down and through that loop to loop all the way out to the side at least
that’s the plan let’s see if it works here we go you think it’s gonna work
Steve I have no idea sure is read that you think it’s gonna
work only one way to find out here we go in 3 2 1 go oh car come check mine huh
time for the double loop you ready for this one oh this is awesome for this
double loop configuration if you use the blue piece you turn it around so it
connects in like that it makes the loop even stronger so you get maximum speed
of the hot wheels let’s grab the Hot Wheels car let’s load it on bring it
back to the starting position here we go you ready yeah let’s do it in three two
one go awesome this is your track ready yeah
it’s all ready to go whoa Liz’s track looks awesome but the
question is knock-knock Liz you think it’s gonna work oh yeah
definitely I already tested it well there’s only one way to find out let’s
do this you ready Liz yeah here we go oh my goodness okay you know what
let’s connect all these together make one epic Hot Wheels box works race track
yes let’s do it this is gonna be so cool shoes what we have so far we’ve got the
launcher right here so you can stick the Hot Wheels car in and you can boost it
up still working progress and then as it goes up it’s going to turn around and
your Hot Wheels car can come down this section this is what I’ve been building
whether this will work let’s find out ready and oh okay that is getting there
that is so cool and then come over here we have a live inside your whoa this is
bullying I have this indoor track it does a loop-de-loop out the window back
inside the box port and then out did front door check this out ready in three
two one awesome Carter what do you have I’m
working on something super super epic I’m not done yet I’m not gonna tell you
what it is but if you can guess what it is then you guys are awesome because
this thing is going to be super epic it looks like some type of box fort made of
metal yeah it’s the kind of looks like the metal box word but it’s gonna be
super awesome I can’t wait to try it out well now that my loop to work we can go
back we can add all into it so we’re gonna do another Hot Wheels track coming
out here connect it just like this and then let me think what do I want to do next
there’s so many endless possibilities look let’s grab another kit let’s add
onto this there are so many pieces in this kit this is why I love building
these Hot Wheels tracks I’m gonna build another loop off of this who’s gonna be
a loop here and it’s gonna go down a little bit and then another loop there
and probably another one another one and another one
I’m gonna connect this box back on top bring another loop in just like this
this time we’re gonna build a bigger loop will use the blue piece to build
the loop here just like this connect it together oh yes a big loop will bring it
back in just like that oh and we’ll do another loop double loop to loop right
here and learning from Carter’s method earlier we can connect it like this to
make it strong oh yeah and then we’ll complete it by adding the last piece on
just like this oh yeah double loop to move look how good this looks this is
gonna be so cool okay let’s test this here we go in three two checking out my epic jump 3000 is
complete oh that looks so good box fort a jump yeah it’s like metal this thing is
awesome let’s test it out let’s do it put it down let’s get a Hot Wheels car
on it okay so I’ll show you how it works you
load a car in the launcher like this and then you launch it and it’s gonna go
flying up and over the box let’s see we can make it to the other side okay let’s
do this three two what whoa oh I think it landed somewhere on the other side
whoa that was awesome hey check this out let me give you an inside tour of the
box we’re at the Hot Wheels box birth this is so epic so this boxer is
actually really big I can totally fit inside I could almost stand in it and
then inside is just like entire just Hot Wheels track everywhere out the windows
through the windows through the door all inside it’s all intertwined ooh and
there’s a secret exit wait we’re only tiny little mice can fit check this out
look how small that door is so little an epic jump needs an
awesome soft landing so check this out we got the jump the cars are gonna go
flying up in the over the box port and we’re making a landing for it it’s gonna
come flying through the air to the land right here and go down to through one
loop oh it’s gonna go all the way to the ground like that and that is the landing
so we gotta try it all the way from the jump so Carter finally has a super epic
box fort jump set up and ready to go you ready to test the thing yeah I’m ready
to test it you got the job go show him the landing okay check this out so you
got the jump it launches whoo up here over the top with the Hot Wheels box
port it lands here then the Hot Wheels car goes down it goes through a loop it
jumps down it goes through another loop and then it ends all the way there
well that is the plan anyways will this actually work I have no idea
lazy think it’s actually gonna work I think it’s gonna work yes definitely
Nora okay let’s do this no one’s in the box Burt it’s all clear
you ready Carter okay two one go that was so awesome the hobbits bus
would actually work yeah that was so awesome all favourite
tracks were so cool yeah these track burners are a speaker built so many
different combinations so many emergency loops so much epic track yeah that was
so fun oh yeah me – at the hog was response to
this video it was so much fun yeah we hope you loved this awesome boxfort and
until next time you know. Stay awesome and Share the Love, Peace!


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