House To Vote On War Powers Resolution To Limit Trump’s Military Actions | Hallie Jackson | MSNBC
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House To Vote On War Powers Resolution To Limit Trump’s Military Actions | Hallie Jackson | MSNBC


  • Roger M

    America needs to wake up what's impeach what does it do nothing it's worthless he can still get voted again if you wanted to that's how impeachment works it doesn't work for nothing

  • Judith Knights -Rayson

    So now, pelosi is wearing black again! Just another step towards the total demise of the democratic party. Have these “talking heads" even bothered to listen to Trump`s OFFICIAL REPORT-BACK to the nation? Bet they didn't! Stop judging before you have done your homework! You might just be proved to be fools! The ring-leaders of the democratic party have never accepted Trump as their President. They have "self-promoted" themselves as an alternative government for Americans. This is treason or mutiny, and a criminal offence punishable under the law. In the past, the punishment was death! The democrats` DELIBERATE ATTEMPTS at subversion are aimed at destabilizing and weakening America. Trump does not want war. Hr is a peacemaker. But he had Soleimani removed because S was a mass- murderer. He was called a General, but through his contacts with many terrorist organizations, he killed indiscriminately his perceived enemies, as well as his own people. You do yourselves an injustice if you believe otherwise. Listen to the President's speech for yourselves! Get the truth from the horse's mouth, rather than from donkeys who don't want to work for a living; who refuse dig for the truth, but prefer to regurgitate garbage for people who want to believe lies, rather than seek the truth for themselves! No-one was hurt in Iran's "retaliatory" attack. It was just carried out "for show*, so that iran would not lose face before its muslim cronies. .

  • Mt man 1949

    It amazes me how stupid Pelosi and her followers are! I say go for it! Then get it through the senate! THEN, get President Trump sign it! Her stupidity never ceases to amaze me? Finally a President with some balls!

  • Donna Martins

    Seargent of arms March in lock him up till trial.Did anyone notice how come up he was with his nose breathing and his eyes.We the people demand immediate removal.Unfit too crazy for drug deal.Putin called him to do this.Please for the love of all that is right Remove him at once.

  • gwen roberts

    They were not told what Soleimani was planning. What did his death prevent?
    They were told, "Do not discuss, do not debate…."
    How many congressmen will obey that? Probably most! 
    Thank you senators, Paul, Menendez and Lee, thank you rep. Crow, Khanna and Connolly! We need a real leader.
    We need Tulsi in the White House!

  • Jeremy Chubb

    ok, democrats fear trump. that is first and foremost. When obama sent drones in, democrats said nothing. in benghazi no help was sent and 4 americans were killed. trump stands up for americans and the dempocrats have a major conniption fit. The potus has the authority for military strikes, congress must approve to declare war, not military strikes. this is just another way for the democrats to try to have their way. now the democrats say "it is against the constitution" while they themselves are violating that same constitution. why the double standard. and also, if someone wants to reply, go ahead. i know there are no capitol letters in this remark (done intentionally), go ahead. just an added way to make people mad. the democrats want a police state and them to have all the power to control everything and everybody. and as far as the impeachment goes, what distraction. the house is not transferring it over to the senate as if yet to g=hold on to it (constitution violation). trump wants it to go to the senate, so why would he try to keep it from happening. that is on of the most idiotic things i have heard. people that say they want to live in a socialist country, then leave. i will help you pack and may even drive you to the airport. just let me know. serious request only

  • Roman

    Why limit if you can give him a total power and control over military power? The same thing that dictators have…. bless trump!

  • fstbr4

    Congratulations on the story that is a forgone conclusion before they even convene the House of Representatives.  They humiliated themselves and insulted the voters by passing a partisan vote to Impeach the President of the United States.  Does anyone really believe that they are somehow going to vote 'No' to further limiting the already limited Powers of POTUS?

  • Kitty Perez

    Everytime Trump does something good without congress knowledge there was no leaks. He does not trust congress and has reasons. The congress is full of leakers and traitors

  • Leah Beale

    Pelosi and her crew needs to understand that They are NOT in control of the President. Get over it. Hes going to win because he has done more then the last 5 presidents have done.

  • Average Joe

    Watch "Nancy Pelosi Says Obama Does Not Need Congress' Authority on Libya" youtube. Nervous Nancy is corrupt a hypocrite and is insane. I support our President . Trump 2020

  • Frank Lane

    These Democrats are "traitors" That's why they're defending Iran right now!!! I can't believe what I'm seeing! These Democrats are a bigger threat to our national security than any other country on the face of this planet!!! This is why they were so interested in legalizing drugs is because they don't want people paying attention to what's really going on!!! It's easier to manipulate a bunch of drug addicts!!! When are you people going to wake up and take the shackles off your next!!!


    This vote is proof that too much hatred of one man will cook one's brain! This type of hatred kills the soul! 😏

  • Jeff Nay

    Have the Do Nothing Democrats, ever heard of separation of powers??? 🇮🇷💰🇮🇷 Instead of Sending Billions of Dollars to our enemies in Iran, maybe the Democrats can sell them Uranium instead. 🇮🇷💰🇮🇷 Do not walk away form the Socialist Democrat Party… Run for your lives !!!

  • simc c

    Very irresponsible  for Nancy Pelosi  and the Dems to even consider limiting President Trump's military actions. He is right to call Nancy Pelosi crazy.  Her actions could put the whole world in jeopardy .

  • Gabrielle Budd

    whose side are the Democrats on Americans or the terrorist it's time we all take a stand for the safety of our country and get rid of these barbaric Hitler's trying to take over the world. we are the greatest nation in the world let's start respecting it and respecting the leader who has been trying to take care of many of the problems in the world and being held back by far-left Socialist Communist radicals period. It's unbelievable that they would actually stand up for the enemy that tells us enough wake up America they were not during Benghazi they won't be for us in the future

  • Drackkor

    It's been three years that the Democrats have played into the hands of China and Russia, now we add Iran. Some people can't believe it when I say I will never vote for a democrat ever again. They leave me no choice.

  • jpcyphers

    Trump is going to do what he wants anyway, doesn't matter what Congress votes on. Trump knows Republicans in the Senate are going to stay silent, giving Trump a free pass. King Trump will get his way no matter what…

  • John Culley

    The Democrat party that presided over the 444 day Iran hostage crisis is now going to tell Republicans like Donald Trump how to handle an embassy hostage crisis? That dog don't hunt!

  • phuong nguyen

    Pelosi should resign! She has been in that position for too long! She has been trying her best to impeach one of the BEST presidents we've seen!
    What a shame for her and her party members who have been ruining the US constitution!

  • Bob Cmbwsu

    FLASHBACK: In 2011, Pelosi Says Obama “Did Not Need Authorization” To Use Force In Libya

  • Juan Carlos

    The murdered Iranian Commander was not a terrorist, as the US congressmen and Trump himself affirm. He was a very valuable Iranian soldier, who fought against ISIS, who defended his homeland, admired and loved by all. This commander, measured, intelligent, wanted to avoid the war with the United States. Thus, the irresponsibility of Trump, who lives immersed in ideas disconnected from reality, has suppressed the only man who impedes war. Now, in Iran, there are only people left who want to destroy the United States. Military contractors wanted the war with Iran a long time ago, to fill their pockets with the country's money. Pompeo, sent by the contractors, by the oligarchy, pressured Trump until he got that this idiotic and personalityless President to pay attention to him. The Iranian commander is a hero of freedom. Americans must read more and better so that they do not remain a manipulated people, who are scammed with fake news. Here is a valuable link to the truth of things:

  • phil mortlock

    Break any law you want sir make up your own rules and never ever relinquish the presidency. If the liberals dont like it a civil war would be a one sided affair the left would get slaughtered just throw the bodies in a heap and Chuck a match on them and forget they existed problem solved.

  • Gade

    Funny thing people ,are up roaring about nothing. This resolution they pass is literally non binding. Liberals are so happy for what ?Nancy Pelosi is taking her base as fools. The leftist didn't even notice 9 Democrats voted against the bill. The right should have just laugh and move on. Everyone here is supposed to be for the constitution. Don’t Trust Politicians: Advice from the Founding Fathers 1788.

  • marie bowling

    The Swamp RAT'S and their QUEEN Pelosi ,is world famous for their crimes against the free world. They have threatened our allies, lied to our allies, they have even bribed our allies to get their way. Pelosie ,the swamp Queen, is the blind leading the blind into self destruction and we the free people of the world will never believe anything they say because they have no honor and the truth is not in them.They are guilty of War Crimes, Treason perjury, obstruction of justice, with holding criminal evadense and worse! Please, Brave American Heroes, servant's of we the people BRING THESE CRIMINALS TO JUSTICE>

  • Don mcfadden

    so sick that democrats care more for the lives of terrorists over American citizens the democrats are the sickest and most nazi like criminals ever

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