How Entrepreneurs Vacation
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How Entrepreneurs Vacation

[Latin Music Playing] Hey Guys Welcome to Meryland I’m Meryl and I am here in Miami if you saw my last video you knew that already but I’m basically working
remotely here aka just working in Miami. Fancy way of saying it But, since I’m an entrepreneur and I have my own business whenever I go away, I really
never get away form my work. It can be hard to relax. [ Music Playing] Especially when you’re constantly
taking phone calls. Yeah I’ll call you back. Yeah I’m a little busy right now. This is the stuff they don’t warn you about. Don’t get me wrong, I love what I do. But you can forget about me time. [Music playing] Especially when you feel like you’re running
a marathon and there’s no finish line. [Music Playing] The thing about being an entrepreneur is it
can be really hard to find a balance between work and play. Which is why I’m so lucky that I get to be
able to do both at the same time. I can bring my work dwn to a tropical paradise
like Miami and still be able to work and still be able to get things done and actually sometimes
get more done that I couldn’t get done in New York, like I took a lot of photos for our
social media and website whatever you don’t care about that. But I love what I do, it’s exciting it’s spontaneous,
it’s fun and it’s never boring. I feel lucky and grateful to be able to do
what I do. So the sun’s going down, I’m leaving Miami
tomorrow I had a wonderful time. I had the best time it was amazing. It was so nice to get
out of the cold of New York. And I’m gonna say goodbye now but don’t forget
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because YouTube hates you if you don’t do things regularly. Alright that’s it I’ll see you later. Thanks for watching! Byeee! Ummm there is an Iguana in the pool. Ding!

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  • Luis Benny Parian Orihuela

    Hi meryland nice video, but you must visit Peru for you next vacation, it has lots of things to see and do.

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