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How I Packed For My Costa Rica Vacation | Lucie Fink Vlogs | Refinery29

Michael’s already packed. We are going to Costa Rica tomorrow, so aren’t we just the luckiest humans. We are spending– how many days in Costa
Rica? Six. Six days in Costa Rica. Okay so I have my pink away suitcase. Which is my new favorite suitcase ever. Cool thing about this bag, is that it charges
your phone. So all you have to do, is the night before,
charge the bag and then you can plug your phone in. Just like you’re plugging it into the wall. Here is a view at what I would pack for six
days. I have this cute bikini set from 6 Shore Road. And I’m actually going to bring two options
of tops, so this, as well as this. A new two-piece bikini from Molly J Swimwear. And this, is a thong. A new black and white bikini from Ellejay
Swimwear. So cute. This one is from a company called, TiniBikini. It is entirely, 100% reversible. Dun dun! Cute. And last but not least, this bright neon orange, one-piece bathing suit. Another one from Molly J Swimwear. So when I fold up bikinis and bathing suits,
I just fold them and make them really tiny so that they take up the least possible amount of space. Very efficient, and I can pile stuff right
on top. I signed my family up for a Ketanga fitness
retreat. Which means we are not just going on a family trip to Costa Rica, but we are doing a fitness retreat where we have a workout experience every morning and every night. Normally when I go on vacation, I would probably bring, maybe one or two pairs of leggings and one sports bra and I would just rewear
it however many of times I worked out. Which probably wouldn’t happen. But because it’s a retreat and I have to
work out, and that’s part of the program, I think I need to bring a lot more workout
gear than I normally would for a vacation. So I’ve brought a stack pile of my favorite
stuff, and I’m going to show you what I’m packing. A few sports bras in a few different colors,
just that I have options based on my mood of the day. And now for my leggings, I brought these to pair with the yellow. These to pair with the grey, and they say,
“But first pizza.” And these to pair with the pink, a nice little
matching set. And speaking of matching sets, this is one
of my favorite sports bra and leggings sets. And it was created out of a collaboration
with one of my favorite instagrammers, Noelle Downing and Beyond Yoga. One pair of shorts because who knows just
how hot it’s going to be there. Is it really bright behind me? I feel like I’m in heaven. So shorts, and then of course, a few tank
tops. And I’m also going to bring this one. Which says, “I like weekends a latte.” I got this from a company called, Crave The
Day. And last but not least, this pair of comfy
shorts, just in case I want to chill in shorts. I don’t think I need to explain myself. I’m a big fan of the roll. So you see, you fold it, and then you roll it. And this saves so much space when you’re
packing, you can just kind of line the bag with little roll ups of clothing. It’s really efficient. We’re halfway done, and I still have an
entire empty section of the bag. My family only does carry ons, we don’t
like to check baggage. So this is a carry on size bag and I’m about
to fit all of my clothing for the trip in here. And this is not hard for me, I actually once
went to Italy for two weeks with just a carry on size bag. Alright, we’ve got the workout clothing,
we’ve got the bathing suits, now it’s time to pick out my night time and daytime
outfits. Got them all back here. This Zara jumpsuit, it’s brand new. Hi. Another piece from Zara, this one is an oversized button-up t-shirt dress, that I’m going to wear as a beach cover up. And it has books on it. Look at how cute! This adorable two-piece set. Cannot wait, it’s so Costa Rica. I’m bringing a couple of pairs of tropical
pants. The first is this. And I’m thinking of wearing this just with a
tight white t-shirt. And here is the second pair. And this I will wear with a cropped black
tank. And here is a cute little romper beach cover
up from Tobi. Besides this cover up that I’m bringing,
I don’t really I don’t really know which of these outfits are going to be for day and
night. I’m kind of just the type of person who
figures it out there on the go. But I’m mainly banking on the fact that
because I have Ally who has a whole second wardrobe, I do not have to bring six daytime outfits and six night time outfits. We share clothes. Look at how neat and organized this is. Such a pro way to pack. Okay, so on this entire trip, I’m only bringing
four pairs of shoes. These Adidas flip-flops, that are going to
be my beach and daytime shoes. These black sandals, which I’m going to
wear pretty much every night. They’re the most neutral, so they’ll hopefully go with every outfit I’ve brought. These Soludos sandals which are slide-ons
and they’re red, and have palm-palms in all different colors. And I’ll probably wind end up wearing these
if I ever have an outfit that doesn’t have a lot of color and I can add a pop. And last but not least, It’s a fitness retreat,
so I’ve got sneaks. There’s really going to be no room in your
carry on bag for the sneaks. So always wear the sneaks on the plane. I touched my lip with my sneaks. And then as for the rest of the shoes, so
that you don’t dirty your clothes, always flip them upside down. And I’m just going to kind of lay them in the baggage. Quite easy. Very Flat. We’re pretty much ready. What else do I need? I packed my clothes, I packed my shoes, I
packed– Underwear and socks! One of my favorite things about this bag is
this extension piece. And I’ve used it to zip all of my underwear,
right in here. I’m bringing six pair of socks and I’m
also going to wear a pair on the plane, so that I have one extra pair than the number
of days that I’m there. It’s really easy to pack socks, you basically
just got to look for any open spaces, and bury the socks in them. Perhaps the most important item of them all, the passport. I have mine here in this silver case and I’m
going to put it right there, so I do not forget it. On this journey. And just like that, I’m packed. I’m done! I’m going to leave this suitcase open overnight, just in case I need to throw in any extra things in the morning. And a note to you guys, I pack all of my
toiletries, and my computer, and my chargers, and all of the stuff in a backpack. So this is really just the clothing. And I’m done. And now I’m ready to go to Costa Rica! Woooooo! Woah. Fully packed and ready to go. We’re going to meet Ally and Robbie to take
an Uber to the airport. Got my bags, ready for the sun! I got my tropical hat on. It’s more of a headband than a hat but it’s
5 A.M. so I forgot. Alright, bye apartment. It’s morning but it’s dark out. I’ve never seen the streets like this but
Michael insist this is what it looks like when people go to work. At 6 A.M. At 6 A.M. But this is not what it looks like when I
go to work. Hey Rob. That’s not my name. Put a little of this in your nose? It’s cocaine. It’s Vicks. Alright let’s have it. This is suppose to prevent me from getting
the flu. Guys I just have to say, my nose is burning. How’s it feel dad? It feels like it’s on fire! You Al? I think it feels nice. Yeah, it’s really a tingling sensation. I can see why germs can’t get through. Yeah, the germs can’t get through the barriers. Just boarded the plane and Ally said, “Don’t
touch anything, I’m going to wipe it down.” Hang on guys. Here she goes. I’m going to wipe yours down too, Mike. Wow Ally you’re going to be such a good
mom. Thanks! Wave! Hey YouTube thanks for watching part one
of my Costa Rica vlog. Click here for another video of Refinery. Here to subscribe to us on YouTube. And right here for my personal YouTube channel. And don’t forget to come back next Friday
for part two of this vlog.


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