How Much Did the RV Slide Out Repair Cost? 😅Full Time RV Family

– [Josh] Kali, do you want to
tell them how much this cost us because it was really expensive. It’s the most expensive
mistake and I can’t believe that Kali ever did anything like this. – This was what I was so
nervous about, was the price and it being so.
– It was pretty bad. (Kali laughs in disbelief) – Freedom seekers, welcome
to the Freedom Theory. My name is Kali.
– I’m Josh. – And today, hopefully we’re getting our bedroom slide fixed. Stay tuned. (acoustic guitar music) What is up, you guys? So they have made a new part, a new piece. They just took the new one
and they’re going to go put a gear on it. It’s bright and early in the morning. That.
– To make one of these. – Was the original, yeah. – And when they put it all
back together, I’ll show you guys how it happened
with the bedroom slide. When it jammed up, it went bop. – And? Whew.
– Whew. – I’m just glad we’re
here and the turnaround has been relatively quick,
so here’s a little tour of the bedroom. – [Josh] Very quick for
what they had to do. – [Kali] Yeah. Little tour of the bedroom. Oh, you can see my pregnant belly. We’re not 21 weeks pregnant! How crazy is that? My little boy. That’s so nuts. Whenever I do a profile
picture, it just blows my mind. Little baby, 21 weeks. I feel him moving like crazy. Even though the placenta is
on the front, which makes a little like, basically pillow for him, I can still feel him on the sides, especially when I’m laying on my sides, I feel him here and here. So yeah, this is the bedroom. This is where the mattress goes. That was done before. I can’t lift that. But anyway, bedroom all cleared out. Took off the mattress and everything and there’s our living room. It’s getting very clean, putting things everywhere oud of place. And there is anxious because
he hasn’t eaten his breakfast. Eat, little buddy. – [Josh] We’re moving everything around. That’s why he’s anxious. – [Kali] Can you eat, little man? You got to eat. But you look so good and
you’re 10 times less stinky, which is so good. So we’ll keep you updated on how this goes and show you the end result. Hopefully we’ll be able to leave today. – Kali, do you want to show them? – Well, it works, which is amazing. So I’m so, so grateful and
I know we’re going to watch it come in real quick. I was like no. Look at, it’s going! It’s alive! Oh! That’s just, there’s a board under there. Keep going all the way out. – [Josh] A board under there? – [Kali] I don’t know if it’s, is that all the way out? – Uh-huh.
– Okay. All right, guys. Oh!
– What were you talking about? – Oh, this thing.
– Were you talking about the broken board?
– This thing, this thing clicks. This was installed, I
think, by the previous owner and it clicks.
– Yeah. – So anyhoo.
– So let’s show them what happened and what they did. – [Kali] These guys are
miracle workers, man. – They are. So this piece here goes from here to here. This is the gear that
actually controls the slide and this is the motor. So the motor spins and
this bar goes through it and the bar spins the gear in and out. But when it jammed up
against the drawer, it lifted the slide off the track and
the gear was not spinning anymore, but this was trying
to spin and it twisted and popped out. So I thought they were
going to have to replace this whole assembly and
at first they thought they would too, but they
managed to get this piece out. They took it to a machinist
in town who made a new piece and Kali, do you want
to tell them how much this cost us? Because it was really expensive. It’s the most expensive
mistake and I can’t believe Kali ever did anything like this. – This is what I was so
nervous about, was the price and it being like, so.
– It was pretty bad. – (laughs) I am so blessed. – [Josh] It was $107. – [Kali] Yeah, 107 (laughs). – $15 for the RV spot for the night, 40 for the part, and 45
for the labor, plus tax. They charged us a half hour of labor. – That was probably the (laughs). I’m just so glad because I’m
like, it’s going to be like, $5,000, they’re going to have
to rebuild a complete slide. We’re going to be here.
– In my head, I had it at 1,000 at a minimum. By the way, the place we
are is Break Away Camper in Laurel, Mississippi.
– They’re amazing. – They are, we’re going
to talk more about them when we’re not on our knees under the bed. (Kali laughs) But we’re going to talk more about them, but their RV spots are $15 a night. They also do truck
maintenance, RV maintenance. Great reviews on Google. They’re about to have another
great review, so stop here. They do just phenomenal work. So if you need any
maintenance done on your rig or your truck or anything like that or just need a place to stop for the night when you’re passing through. – [Kali] Friendly service, efficient, they worked us in.
– Yeah. It’s unbelievable what they did. – [Kali] Unbelievable. Golly.
– So I pull this drawer out before we leave?
– No, no, no (laughs). I need to vacuum in here at
some point, but we’re going to go get our bed all
set up and we’re going to hit the road. We’re hitting the road!
– We’re getting to Tennessee! – Oh.
– As long as we go, we’ll get there today. – [Kali] Oh, I am so relieved. I could just burst into tears. I am so relieved. – And the lesson here learned here Kali is nothing is ever as bad as it could be. – Yeah.
– Always tell our mindset to jump to the worst case
scenario, but the worst case scenario very, very rarely
happens with anything in life and we just have to remember that. – But it does happen
occasionally, but we have just, I don’t know.
– She was crying and like, totaled the RV. They’re not going to
be able to rebuild it. (Kali and Josh laugh) – [Kali] I’m going to have to
renovate a whole nother RV. – I’m like Kali, no,
you’re not the first person to do it. You didn’t total the RV,
but I did think it could be pretty expensive and it wasn’t. – [Kali] Yeah, yeah, okay. Let’s do this. Let’s throw all the
junk back under the bed and get going. (mechanical whirring) – [Josh] Look at that beautiful slide! – [Kali] Look at the
beautiful slide footage. (Kali and Josh laugh) Saying goodbye to this spot. It was needed. God knew what I needed,
a day of just resting and watching movies, and cleaning the RV, and cleaning the dog. So overall, very nice $15 stay. And hey, Josh mentioned
too, a lot of our RV parks would have cost us $107 to stay at a night, so (laughs). – And tell them that you don’t
have to get any work done to stay here, anybody can. – [Kali] Oh, tell them that? – Yeah, you don’t have
to get any work done to stay here. Anybody can, so it’s a great
place if you’re passing through for $15 a night.
– Full hooks. – It’s just so easy to
get in and out and yeah, there’s full hookups.
– Not bad! – [Kali] It’s a munchkin Fifth Wheel! – [Josh] That’s funny. They got a little one over there, too. – It’s a baby!
– Oh no, that’s a truck camper over there.
– Such a little baby Fifth Wheel. (upbeat music) ♫ Ooh ♫ Ooh So we have made it to Alabama. We are at a rest stop and
we’re just grabbing lunch. I’m going for a walk because
it’s super important to do. So every time we stop,
my goal is to get out and take a little walk, a little stretch. ♫ Wait for the wind ♫ Wait for the night ♫ Stand here while take a little time ♫ Since you went away I came to a home ♫ Signs is everywhere and you are not ♫ And now I’m running
like there’s no tomorrow ♫ My life was on a one way track How many more miles we got, babe? – 163. And we’re about to go through Chattanooga, which is really pretty. I think you’ll like it. I’m glad we’re getting through that before the sun goes down.
– Yeah, it would be ideal if we could make it to the Smokies before the sun went down, but that’s okay. We’re making it with even a delayed, a day delay. We’re doing it! Pit stops, walks, getting out, stretching. – Just glad
– Feels really good. – You’re feeling better. – Yes.
– Because the last times we traveled,
– No. – She was so miserable
with all day sickness. – That was terrible.
– The little baby was not treating her
right, so we had to talk about the hormones and
he’s been doing better. – [Kali] A lot better, he’s been doing a lot better (laughs). We made it!
– We’re winners. (Josh and Kali laugh) – We’re tuckered out. I am super tuckered out, but
Josh drove all the way here. – It was a long day. I was laughing with Kali. I said every time we do
long days, we say we’re not doing long days anymore, but in this case, it was extenuating
circumstances and it did make more sense to just
come in rather than boondock somewhere and then just
have two more hours the next morning. – But we have plenty
– So we’re here. – Of stops and plenty of water. So that made it a lot easier
because sometimes we just push through really hard and this time I was like nope, pull over,
I need to walk (laughs). – And the baby. 429 miles though. Only a little bit of traffic. So we did it. It’s one of the few 400-plus
mile days we’ve done. We’ve only done a couple
of those together. Done them on my own, but anyway. We’re here. So Kali is going to go to bed. I’m going to wind down, maybe watch a show or play a game, or do both. And then we’re going
to get to it tomorrow. – Yeah.
– And Kali is going to have a whole day to wind down. – Uh-huh, and relax and do
everything I love to do. – And get over that $107
mistake she made, jeez. – I am still so grateful. I can’t believe that all worked out. So God is good. I am grateful. We’ve made it here safely
and now it’s bedtime. – Now it’s bedtime.
– So we will see you guys in the next one. Give this video a big thumbs up. Subscribe if you haven’t already. Be sure to hit that little bell if you’d like to get notifications. – [Josh] Follow us on
Facebook and Instagram and don’t forget to share
this with your friends. – [Kali] (laughs) Don’t
forget to live simply. – [Josh] Dream differently and find your freedom.
– And find your freedom. And we will see you guys next time. – Bye.
– Bye!

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