How People’s Pint increased brewery visits by 12.8% with Campsite
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How People’s Pint increased brewery visits by 12.8% with Campsite

Campsite was a no-brainer for us because we could get to the people that we really wanted, and that’s people in our community. What makes People’s Pint unique, in Toronto and in the whole industry really, is that I have a passion for bringing lesser-known or historical styles to the public. People really want a place to support the community and that’s what a small craft
brewery like this really does. Even after two years of being in business, there are still people who live in this neighbourhood who are still discovering us, so we decided that we needed to show them that we’re here. We’ve been offered a hell of a lot of
different marketing opportunities, you know:
give us X amount of dollars to be in this publication. The question is always: is it the right audience, are we really going to get to the people that we want? With digital out-of-home, and specifically with Campsite, we know exactly who we’re targeting. We could focus in on just the
neighbourhoods that we wanted to, just the buildings even that we wanted to. We can trial things with very low impact to the business. We spent 200 dollars a month on our first campaign. To do it myself, as a small business owner, instead of engaging a salesperson
and creating a big expensive campaign, it was very attractive. I didn’t really have to have any
marketing genius or knowledge. We got feedback from people, people who saw those ads, so we knew that it was working. It’s pretty simple. November and December were about a 12.8 percent increase over last year’s numbers, and over October. This neighbourhood is still building up and we hope to become even more of
a community hub than we are now and I think that digital out-of-home advertising and building the community relationship is really what would bring that home for us.

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