How Safe Is This Cave For Shelter? | DUAL SURVIVAL5
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How Safe Is This Cave For Shelter? | DUAL SURVIVAL5

You can smell that moisture. Yeah, the humidity in the air is completely
different. We’re standing in a cloud now.
We had weather rolling down off the top, and now the weather just came up from the
bottom, and the two have just met, and we can’t
see anything. This has gotten really dangerous.
The curtain’s closing, Grady. Yeah, dude.
I don’t think we’re gonna have light for much longer.
It’s a horrible spot to be in. We need to go find shelter,
and get out of this wind, and get out of the cold.
This might be our last option to get something before sun goes down.
I think we gotta keep pushing. We gotta get down to the trees.
It looks like we got like a rock shelter under here.
Hold on dude, check this out. Dude, this is… hell yeah! Jackpot.
We got acave. I found my hotel for the night.
It’s massive, bro, and about 40 degrees. I don’t think we’re gonna find a better
structure to live in. What do you think?
I still have my reservations. Like what?
Well, you’re right, we’re out of the wind and we’re out of the weather.
Yeah. But mother earth burps one time in the middle
of the night and all this stuff that we’re seeing all
around here, boom, the entrance is closed.
No-one even knows there was a hole here. Probably not.
Second order of business, what makes you think this cave isn’t spittin’
poison gas? Commonly referred to as CO2,
carbon dioxide gas is produced by the burning of organic material.
In volcanic regions, CO2 from the earth’s mantle
escapes to the surface where it can become highly concentrate,
and suffocate humans and animals within a matter of minutes.
All I know is if we’re out there and we don’t have a shelter we are dead.
We are in here, it’s 40 degrees, I’m gonna choose this any day of the week.
We’ve been getting our asses blown off the entire day.
It does not make any sense to me why Bill wouldn’t be
ecstatic about what we just found. Fire cannot burn without oxygen.
If the air in the cave is full of CO2 the match will only light for an instant,
but the cave is full of oxygen and safe to sleep in,
the match will burn brilliantly. Alright man, well let’s give it a test.
Right on. Looks like it’s working to me.
That’s a good sign. Toss it down. It’s goin’, bro. Still goin’.


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