How Strong Is Iran’s Military?
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How Strong Is Iran’s Military?

Despite being financially outgunned by it’s nearby rivals, Iran is a major military power in the Middle East. But how strong is Iran’s military? Iran’s population of 82 million means
that it can draw on a deep well of manpower. The Shiite Islamic republic has an estimated
534,000 active personnel and 400,000 in reserve. However, Iran’s defense budget of $8 billion
is minuscule in comparison to those of countries it is most likely
to come into conflict with: Israel’s $18.5 billion or Saudi Arabia’s $76.7 billion. The Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps
is Iran’s elite military force responsible for protecting the nation from
internal and external threats A key player inside the country, the U.S. has accused the IRGC of being a terror organization because of its military support of foreign Shiite groups such as Hamas and Hezbollah A four-decade-long U.S. arms embargo and
UN arms restrictions since 2006 has forced Iran to rely largely on
the domestic production of weaponry Meanwhile, Iran’s regional rivals have been supplied cutting-edge Western military systems They have announced the local development of
800 Karrar advanced battle tanks that will strengthen their ground armoured
forces composed of more than 2,500 tanks Despite its increasing age, Iran’s air force
has been deployed numerous time in the recent conflict against ISIS Its fleet is mainly composed of
F-4 phantom II and F-14 Tomcat fighters supported by MiG-29 multirole fighters
to deter any aerial conflict It has been reported that Iran is one of
the five countries that has a cyber-army capable of conducting cyber-warfare operations and is considered as one of the leading
cyberspace adversaries of the U.S. Iran’s focus on cyberspace is part of
a bigger strategy of asymmetrical warfare which the country sees as the most effective
way of inflicting damage on an enemy with military and technological superiority. Another form of deterrence is it’s threat to bring
the global economy to a standstill by shutting down the flow of oil that passes
through the Strait of Hormuz between the Persian Gulf and the Gulf of Oman In the event of conflict, Tehran’s strategy
would be to block the chokepoint through mines and swarm
enemy warships with small low-cost watercraft and speedboats
armed with torpedoes In addition, Iran has three Russian-built
Kilo-class submarines patrolling the Persian Gulf But Iran’s main deterrence remains its short, medium and intermediate range ballistic missiles capable of hitting Israel, Gulf Arab states, U.S. military bases in the region and parts of Europe In 2015 a nuclear deal was struck between Iran and the permanent members of the United Nations Before the deal, Iran had a uranium stockpile that was big enough to produce 10 nuclear bombs The agreement reached would see
Tehran shrink this stockpile by 98% in return for the lifting of
crippling economic sanctions But in May 2018, President Donald Trump announced that the U.S. was leaving the deal with Washington re-imposing sanctions on Tehran Despite continuing tensions with both the U.S.
and it’s powerful regional rivals the proxy wars waged in nearby Syria and Yemen show that Iran’s military influence
has continued to grow in the Middle East


  • Adam M

    Attacking Iran means opening gates of hell , you can start war with Iran but you will never able to end it , they have 5000 years of experience in battles and they are expert in hybrid warfare , to fight with Iran you have fight at least in 16 battlefields simultaneously.

  • James Fuquay

    Once Iran fires. They will run. Take off their uniforms then run and hide. The usual. Their ships will shoot then run back to port run and hide. Subs will get torpedoed from miles away. Air force…hahaha. Isreali pilots will have aturkey shoot..long awaited. Anything else. Just a day's work. Peace.

  • Arash Sh

    It's funny , Iran's military influence is limited by middle east domain. Iran is a fake enemy US established to perpetuate its evil conflict building causes

  • Nick Zad

    first of all Hamas is not shia second and most of all with all respect who in this world gives a shit what the US thinks except bunch of wahhabi zionists

  • Suraj Ali

    For your kind information! HAMAS is a Sunni resistance group in Palestine supported by Iran. Iran supports them bicoz we all are Muslims.
    Iran is a GREAT Country not bicoz of its military power but bicoz of its ideology. THE IDEOLOGY OF ONE MUSLIM BROTHERHOOD AND UMMAH.

  • ali tanin

    The war is bad because the innocent and the children and the woman and the man are killed every time someone in the world is killed to look at the closest person in your family, you can endure it. On behalf of an Iranian

  • 33 tehrani

    👍✌️💪 Iran is the only country in the world. Iran is the only country in the world that has no dependence on any part of the world and is totally dependent on its forces. All of its fighting factories are built inside Iran, although their country is about 30 years old, which is a sanction. But they were able to make all of their ultra-modern weapons of their own, from ultra modern air drills to atomic submarines to navy battleships until advanced tanks to high-end missiles and ballistic missiles, and modern laser guns and lasers. All of this was done by the Iranian forces themselves Made a great revolution in the world and did not It does not depend on any country in the world and should congratulate them in this regard. There is no dependence on any part of the world in the United States and all warhead radars will build weapons with their own hands in their own country. With the highest technology of the day, To this country

  • 33 tehrani

    💪👍✌️🇮🇷 Live and survive Iran and Iran live and survive Iran and Persia is a great country with ancient civilization and history with brave and strong people and high-tech military and always ready and against all single enemies standing alone without reliance on force Foreign

  • 33 tehrani

    👍 Iran is a large country with a few thousand years of civilization, with missile powers and weapons made with their own hands, without reliance on foreign power and entirely dependent on the forces of one's own country and with all power and strength in the region and the world. It has the authority and can be known in the developments of the world as it is, and now we see that Russia, Iran, China and Turkey will be introduced as world powers, and America and their henchmen, Israel and Saudi Arabia, will be forgotten.

  • 33 tehrani

    Iran, a great country with a few thousand years of civilization and with advanced military power and advanced technology in the 21st century, fully self-sufficient and self-made and with all power and power against all superpowers of the world, including the largest superpower of the United States, stand alone and stand alone.

  • 33 tehrani

    👍💪 Creating a self-made country without reliance on any foreign country, completely dependent on its own forces from missiles to gunpowder and all weapons of war, and all factories dependent on their forces and forces, and all of these weapons and their factories in Iran would be built without the help of any foreign country to mankind of all weapons from the submarine of the submarines of the All-Terrestrial Naval Airborne Fleet with their own hands, and a country entirely dependent on its own forces, and in this respect and should Congratulations, the only country in the world that has no affiliation anywhere The world has been called, although it is a few years that they are in a boycott and the whole world is in the field to Iran, but they could resist and make all their own weapons, and we see that they could reach 2,000 to 3,000 kilometers today with missiles they could have. Create a revolution in weapons and weapons to Iran

  • VIDEO6702



    china come from the west,russia from the north,usa from the east and india from the south…..iran will run…..squashed like grape……..I 4 INDIA,R 4 RUSSIA, A 4 AMERICA, N 4 CHI-NA…. REESES PIECES

  • Pedro Puelles

    USA are sponsor of terrorist groups in middle east, they are : Al QAEDA, ISIS, AL NURSA and others
    So fact USA Great Britain and Zionist israel are the factory of
    terrorist groups in the world

  • madjid rahnama

    besides all these iran has a lots of friendly people with good hearts full of love …….they dont deserve to die in the war

  • HO waterbrd

    Holy cow! Did these idiots just call Hamas "a foreign Shite group"? Hamas is Sunni, that's like calling the IRA a Protestant organisation! Btw, Hamas' number 1 sponsor? Qatar. No wonder America makes such dreadful decisions, when this is the best Newsweek does.

  • Sam Din

    The strategy of USA, Israel is to reduce power of Islam across the world by means of political propaganda and force,, aim of these kuffar to weaken economy, religion, Muslim, islam IN order to bow to their dirty power all IN all to be in IN the path of kuffar spider web… Wake up islam, wake Up… Now holy war is IN minutes…

  • Bria Ijuioji

    I am military serviceman for almost 20 years and all officers from world they tell you the same ,never think big budget make your army powerfull,its tool but never mistake because you spend more money your army is better and more powerfull

  • shayeed butt

    You dumb idiots, you cry about Iran supporting Hammas. What about USA supporting the real terrorists, that being Israel and Saudi Arabia, aided buy their bitch the UK.


    IRAN IS LION. IRAN HAS 83 / 000/ 000 SOLDIERS, IRAN= SOLTAN ,SEMBOL= LION.IRAAAAAAAAAN👑👑👑💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪👊👊👊👊👊👊👊👊👊👊

  • Orlando Jr Bangayan

    How could IRAN, is powerful.??? What is the history of iran.?! Is like IRAQ is a powerful country scadmissile etc, lots of warfare they have. When american came IRAQ, in middle east to invade IRAQ is disappeared military soldiers in desert surrendered even iraq fighter jet no one well confront F-16, F-15, by american. Don't be arrogant to show the world that you are powerful country.! Just cool what you have in your country abvance technology warfare's we are living in one planet, no need to post what you have be silence.!

  • HQos nemesis

    Hamas is sunny group, america and israel they do support ISIS and saudia against Yemen and look at Saudis and how the are killing the kids and infants, u damn Hypocrites, i never hear iran attacking people before they just do defend themselves and u guys are just lying to the world i do love inside the circle and i can see everything soooo clear but u guys keep lying to people and show them the bad side of iran which is not exist!

  • Les Elhbr

    Iran just talk They are getting hammered in Syria they are dighead they are dreaming like the Chinese they got this and that is🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🤜

  • Asima Aglawane

    all Sunni kings leaders are fail to defend their own country from western country USA . Iran is different from them

  • Sam Din

    Iran is a calm and good nation, he is willing to support Islamic country from the aggression of western country ,,,,

  • michael Ryan

    All about them is nothing but bluff
    they would not last 48 hours .
    They fear from people inside more than out side enemies

  • Aubrey Bazilio

    Superior cyber capabilities indicates that they have some level of technological superiority. Your brain needs a tune up before you can comprehend such things.

  • بنده خدا

    56 Muslim countries are IRAN❤

    And Iran is 56 Muslim countries.



  • Russian Bot

    LMAO Newsweek talking about technological superiority in cyberspace.
    Newsweek that is an anti Israel and anti Trump and a commie outlet.

  • Russian Bot

    Iran has no nukes and on the end, that is all that matters. That is why they are racing for it.
    The rest is just – Blah blah blah.

  • M. Manel

    USA are willing to sacrifise young 20 s American soldierns just for do the Israeli dirty job, wow
    Israel have bought the congress
    Now i start see , who is the Bible prostitute

  • Andrew Mielke

    Iran supports terrorism, wants to do away with isreal , america could beat them in a heartbeat, they are also nothing but a bunch of meanies

  • david pajak

    Iran would be wiped out in weeks by the USA just like every country we have faced throughout history the president of Iran
    would be hiding in a hole just like Sundam Hussien

  • thabetian N

    As a regular muslim if i side with iran i approve on the killings of millions of innocent syrian civilians and the destruction of iraq and lebanon and if i side with saudi arabia im promoting for israel and america and siding with countries that uses islamic and arabic lands and sources for their benefits and are the main reason of the corruption in the entire middle east including killing of thousands of innocent yemenis ….

  • Arsalan Oshnavi

    iran is strong geopolitically in the middle east….it is an old civilisation, an empire for centuries, fought 8 years war, singlehandedly and did not lose at the end, it has been leading international anti-imperialist forces in the world..having the support of loyal Shi'a groups in several countries in the region..

  • Mohammad M

    there is no need to testing iranian military power, they showed them self long ago, and they keep going far stronger than your imagination, i can see that.

  • Job Carpenter

    If any country dares to touch Iran they will get showered by muslim Iran supporters from the whole region Iran won't need to left a finger to defend it self. The Iran loyalist will crush Iran's enemies

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