How To Assembly Your Quality Picnic Table
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How To Assembly Your Quality Picnic Table

Quality Picnic Tables thanks you for your
purchase. In this video we will show you step by step
how to assemble your new picnic table. If you find any parts of the picnic table
missing or damaged, contact me directly at the number listed below. Tools you will need to assemble the Quality
Picnic Table include: 1/2 inch socket and socket wrench or a 1/2 inch box end or open end wrench and
a tape measurer. Your pallet will include the following set
of items for every Quality Picnic Table on your order: Two table legs One table top Two table seats Two center bars One center support bracket Twenty- Four mounting brackets Twenty-Eight 5/16 inch by 3/4 inch carriage
bolts Twenty Eight 5/16 inch Nyloc Nuts Start by placing the table top upside down
on the grass or a blanket. Place the center support bracket on the table
top at the specified dimensions. Using the mounting bracket and the nuts and
bolts, secure the center support bracket to the table
top. This is the proper way to use the mounting
bracket. Secure the table leg end to the table top
at the specified dimensions. Bolt the center bar to the table leg end and
center support bracket. Attach the table seats to the table legs at
the specified dimensions. Tighten all nuts and bolts. It is important that you tighten the nuts
until they stop turning. Turn the picnic table over and you are now
ready to enjoy your Quality Picnic Table for years and years and years.

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