How to Book a Cheap Cruise with Vacations to go Save Cash Booking Your Next Cruise Holiday
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How to Book a Cheap Cruise with Vacations to go Save Cash Booking Your Next Cruise Holiday

hey everybody how you doing it’s Bruce
here with traveling with Bruce welcome to the channel today I’m going to talk
to you today about vacations to go calm I’ve been getting a lot of requests from
my folks who are watching me on my live streams for more information on how does
the vacations to go calm website work and I’m gonna run that through with you
guys gonna show you how to do it but quick little intro here I do a live
stream Monday to Friday on my youtube channel
at five o’clock Eastern Saturday at two o’clock Eastern I’ve added a couple of
evening telecasts Tuesdays and Thursdays at 8 o’clock Eastern so I actually do
two live shows on Tuesdays and Thursdays that I can’t get enough punishment and I
just keep it coming my channel is all about cruise ships getting deals
explaining what new cruise ships that are coming talking to you about how you
can take a cruise find the cruise get a good deal on the cruise what can you
take on the cruise if you’re a newbie you’ve never cruised before and you want
to go on a cruise this channel is for you and this videos for you too because
this is gonna help you figure out how to find this great these great cruise deals
I keep talking about I’m gonna show you exactly how to do it so you want to
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gonna show you how to do work the vacations to go website vacations to go
calm website so that you can become a smart shopper for your own cruise and or
at least gather the kind of information you want so when you talk to your travel
agent you can say hey listen I’ve been looking at vacations to go calm I found
this cruise what can we how can we book this or whatever and or you can just
call the 800 number for vacations to go calm and talk to them directly and
they’ll book it for you I am not paid to do this by the way I am NOT a travel
agent just in case you’re wondering I’m an independent guy who loves cruising
and cruise ships and I live to to to to be on a cruise ship for on my own with
my wife and I love to tell you folks how you can get the best deal on a cruise
I’m an independent guy so you can ask me anything you want I’m not affiliated
with anyone and like I said if you catch my live streams you’ll get a whole bunch
of information six days a week and you can ask me anything you want about
cruising you have a question about this video just drop a question in the
comment box below I’ll be happy to answer it okay let’s go to a video here
that I’m putting together right now for how to work the vacations to go dot-com
website alright see you in a minute okay everybody here we go this is the website
that I like to refer to called vacations to go calm they have
fantastic site here you can check this site out in different languages English
of course espanol francais and Portuguese you can look up cruise deals
which is what we’re going to do here but you can also look up river cruises
hotels resorts escorted tours and Africa safaris we have two features here I like
to follow one is the 90-day ticker and the show me the deals section and this
is where I’m going to go to get into the site you have to give them your email
address you become a member for free it’s no cost to join this site and by
doing so the chairman and CEO Alan Fox will send you probably a couple of
emails a month showing you the latest deals on cruises escorted tours all
kinds of stuff you’ll get you’ll get information like you can’t believe well
let’s start here by going to this red tab right here I want to show you show
me the deals and I’ll show you how this site works just move my mouse over there
I’ll click that right now and here we have find a bargain 31,000 290 cruises
are available to be seen but I’ve got to narrow that list down to make it
presentable for a page and today what I thought I would do is show you the
series of cruises being that it’s March the first 2-day 2018 I thought let’s
start right now March 2018 and let’s look for cruises right up until the end
of January 2019 that gives us a wide range and on the second box here I’m
going to pick a region if I click this little arrow here I can see all the
regions of the world that I can take a cruise this list is quite extensive it
even includes world cruising transatlantic cruising repositioning
Panama cruises and so on for the sake of this example I’m gonna go to the
Caribbean I’m going to ask for not the eastern southern or western Caribbean
I’m gonna say show me all Caribbean cruises and under the next tab is a
the cruise line is there one cruise line I want to know if if I don’t care I can
leave it blank where just says choose a cruise line and they’ll show me all of
them but that’ll be too many for this example so what I’ll do is I’ll take
Royal Caribbean cruises in this example right here
I’ll leave the ship name blank because I’m quite happy to see every cruise
Royal Caribbean offers in the Caribbean the length of the cruise I’m going to
select in this case a 7-night cruise because that’s kind of what I’d be
interested in most likely and as far as where I’m departing from I’m gonna
suggest here if I look at this list I could see different locations around the
world I know that Florida is the big area you would depart from to do a
Caribbean cruise mostly and I could pick Fort Lauderdale right here but if I go
one higher right there Florida any port in Florida I like the variety there this
gives me Miami Port Canaveral Fort Lauderdale Tampa Key West everywhere so
any port in Florida and I don’t care where we’re going to visit I know we’re
gonna return to the same part because weekly cruises generally always return
to the same port so I’m gonna leave these parameters in place March of this
year until January next year Caribbean cruising Royal Caribbean any
ship seven nights leaving Florida any port I’m gonna hit this red button right
now show me the deals this page pops up and it tells me different cruises
available but starting at the top right up here I’m right now defaulting to the
cheapest overall rate but I can specify Ocean View balcony and order the
cheapest suite for pricing I can look at double occupancy which is the default
that this page has or I can ask for single occupancy pricing only this is
showing me all prices in US dollars right now but I can request either
Canadian Australian great British pounds or euros for my pricing if I wish so
those of you who are overseas you can pick one of these for if they’re more
convenient for you here is the price per column this is a status bar I can either
click the status bar and they’ll tell me the ship is sold out what the this case
it’s an oceanview price or if I go to price per night which I kind of prefer
this will show me how much per night the room is or if it’s sold out or not
now over here we have the deal number the night how many nights the date of
departure where the departing from where it’s coming back the Royal Caribbean
harming the Seas in this case a five star line brochure price is 4,600 the
deal on this Cruise is 21 98 and you can save 52 percent but this one is a
sold-out cruise what I want to know is right over here I want to see pricing
for the balconies so I want the cheapest balcony price and to see the lowest
cheapest price is right now these cruises are listed by the date starting
the March 3rd 4th and so on I want to know what’s the cheapest available deal
so if I click this our starting price tab right here I now will see the lowest
priced cruise for a balcony that Royal Caribbean has between January and sorry
March in January 2018 to 2019 in this case for $636 the cruise in question
departs August the 26th for 7 nights from Port Canaveral returning to Port
Canaveral it’s on the oasis of the seas five stars regularly priced 2436 on sale
for 636 which is 74 percent off that is $90 a night the lower we go here on this
bar the higher the prices will be for each cruise and you’ll note that if I
start the scroll down on this page even if I leave it right at the top there
here’s the cheapest price and you’ll see how quickly you will not quickly but
they agreed they inch up a couple of bucks here a couple of bucks there and
here are 710 700 to 750 harmony of the Seas is showing here I go
a bit further down here you’ll note that we could go and
serve a room on the Rhapsody of the Seas or we keep going depending on how much
money we want to spend we could start getting on to the brand new ship that’s
about to be released called the Symphony of the Seas 892 bucks regularly 3 grand
127 tonight for a balcony room Miami to Miami January 19th 2019 that’s the new
ship if you want to see that one I can just go over here with my mouse to this
cruise deal number right there click on that
watch what happens we will now see this cruise appear here we go
there it is seven Knights departing January 19th on the symphony of the Seas
the inside is 686 ocean view 822 balcony 892 the suite 2070 $1 there are many
cabins classifications of balcony cabins and Suites so this will be the lowest
priced balcony available and up you’re gonna have to call the 800 number two
vacations to go calm to get further information but this is a great way to
start figuring out where we’re at if you’ll note just below these pricing is
single rates if I click on the single rate now it’s telling me that the inside
is 1401 for a single the ocean view is 1681 and a balcony is available for 1802
not the greatest deal it’s probably double what the regular rate is right
off the get-go so let’s go back to double occupancy if I can go back here
bingo I’m back to double occupancy 892 there are offers for the balcony it’s
$125 per cabin onboard credit that is being offered by Royal Caribbean and
remember if you’ve watched my videos before and you’re a shareholder of Royal
Caribbean for a one-week cruise if you own at least a hundred shares of Royal
Caribbean you’ll get a $100 additional credit room credit which makes this a
$225 room credit or about 110 dollars a passenger under $12 a
passenger you take $112 off of that you’re looking at this cruise base fare
around 770 for the week start to get quite affordable anyway this is a quick
recap this the cruise is priced in u.s. dollars per person based on double
occupancy prices of subject change without notice prices do include port
charges but do not include airfare airport or government taxes and fees you
can have to add probably 10 or 15% for that prices and promotions are for new
bookings only this also does not include tipping that’s additionally is
additional as well and of course any onboard spending here’s your itinerary
Saturday January the 19th you leave Miami you’re going to Nassau for Sunday
again Monday you’re at sea Tuesday you’re in st. Thomas Wednesday you’re in
st. Kitts Thursday Friday you’re back on at sea and then Sunday Saturday you’re
back to Miami that’s your one week cruise you want to know all about this
ship you can hit these tabs right here giving you details of the entire ship as
you go across quickly here’s the ship description a picture of what its gonna
look like that’s an artistic computerized version the ship is still
under construction should be ready in a few months
quick description of everything that’s on the ship here is this these stats of
the ship built this year 2018 how long it is how wide it is how many passengers
how many crew members how many inside cabins outside cabins dinner seatings
age requirements dining hours tipping expected yes 1350 to 1650 per passenger
per day depending on your suite services and amenities over here and as fitness
and sport facilities cabin features and amenities kids facilities and special
needs everything listed here you can read this for hours then we have photos
of what the ship is going to look like then we have the cabin layouts and
designs these are the high-end owners suites double deckers and everything
else the lofts you don’t have enough money folks well then again maybe you do
here are some of the balcony units and then coming down here a little
further we’ll start coming into these are standard balcony units and then
we’re coming into ocean view or inside balconies the balconies that look across
to the other side of the ship and then we have inside rooms at the very bottom
right down there that gives an idea of all the various cabins just a ton of
those and further on deck plans are here you can then see the ship cut out here
and you can then pick any deck you want let’s look at deck eight for the heck of
it deck eight and if you’ve forgotten what that is
just click on this one they’ll show you what that cabin is all about click it it
goes away here are the cabins so these purple ones
right here are ocean view staterooms likely they might be those they might be
a little different if we go back to see this one here in the red we’ll find that
one in just a second here are all the cabins here’s the inside of the ship
here’s the walkway down the middle here Central Park here’s the Jamie’s Italian
all the various features the chops grill different restaurants and so on the
elevators you come all the way down you see that red pink colored those two
suites that those are the Suites right up here at the top the Aqua Theatre
suite large balcony two bedroom suites pull out the Platinum credit card
because that’s what you’re gonna need to hold this room unbelievable anyway
that’s thick plants whether the date you’re expected to be in Nassau the
average high is 77 degrees the date you’re expected to be in st. Thomas the
average high is 84 how about that ports this is describing the port’s that
you’re going to visit there’s Nassau there’s st. Thomas there and then here’s
dining all the restaurants on board the ship and whether you pay extra for them
or not Jamie’s Italian yes twenty dollars additional cost that I see that
surcharge yes ask on board to see the Silurian Bistro yes twenty dollars a
person extra shops grill is extra the cafe
promenade is let’s see cuisine and sandwiches
cupcakes surcharge some items are free some items have to pay for Sorrento’s
pizza no extra charge there the dog house yes extra charge there the
vitality cafe no surcharge there the park cafe yes there’s a charge coastal
kitchen no surcharge included in your fare mini bites no surcharge saber yes
30 bucks Johnny Rockets 695 so those gives you it gives a quick ride iya of
what what’s going on what’s available what’s not what’s extra what isn’t and
more information here’s the Wi-Fi information for you one device two
devices for devices single day passes various pricing depending on how many
devices you have and which plan you go for special needs for passengers with
limited mobility part of hearing passengers with limited vision or who
are blind passengers who with have diabetes you want a refrigerator in the
cabin yes they will provide you 130 days notice required so they can set it up
quite amazing the detail available here so there’s a quick recap of just this
one cruise for this one ship if you click here where it says symphony of the
Seas you’ll get everything recapped in a quick format right here here’s a quick
description of the ship the picture all the deck plans special needs wireless
internet dining options all the stats on the ship
tipping charges everything included you can spend hours looking at this website
and you still won’t see it all so there you have it that is vacations to go calm
a quick way of looking at all over you can always change it and so you can show
me another deal I’m not happy with those I want to see something from March right
now until maybe July I want to see repositioning cruises only thinking of
going over to Europe on the cheap so give me repositioning cruises I don’t
care the cruise line I don’t care the name of ship I don’t care how long the
cruises I don’t care where I’m departing from just show me everything here it is
starting price bingo there’s the best and what we have are as a four day
repositioning cruise alena Vancouver here’s a 13 day repositioning cruise
Miami to London on the Norwegian Jade 493 dollars thirty-seven dollars a night
for probably the inside room let’s look at the balcony if you want a balcony
starting price or cheaper to hire here we go and here are the reposition he
cruises if we can find it I don’t even know if we have a g8 price anymore
because they may not have any of those rooms left
here’s Miami to London on the Royal Caribbean navigator of the Seas $780
4:14 night cruise 55 bucks a night for a balcony are you kidding me that is a
bargain Norwegian Breakaway New York to
Southampton 12 nights 65 a night 785 here we go Norwegian Jade here it is
Norwegian Jade going across 800 three dollars for balcony 61 a night can you
beat that what a great bargain that is here’s the cruise right here the insides
are 493 balconies 803 ocean view 590 suite you get the suite for 881 take the
suite oh my live like a king here you go you
come across the Atlantic from Miami to ponta delgada
to breasts in France and you’re into Portland back to the Paris support and
in back to Southampton fantastic what a bargain
Miami to London from April 21st to Maine a fourth
thank you very much here’s all the details about the ship you want to know
or not want to know and the pricing absolutely marvelous there you go that
is vacations to go calm that’s how I use it I love looking up these deals they’re
just never-ending here’s one on the oyster dam they just go on and on you
want to spend a little more money how about down here go to the very bottom 27
nights Tokyo to Vancouver 5,000 199 guess what
folks sold out that’s how good that deal was
down here at the bottom here’s a 27 night cruise to Los Angeles to New York
through the Panama Canal in the region seven seas navigator 14700 $49 only 546
per night per person oh my might be out of my price range
here’s one for 360 a night Miami to Rome it’s 37 nights on the ocean Oceania
Cruises see Rena that’s a five point five star cruiser beautiful ship
thirteen thousand three hundred dollars or 360 a night sixty four percent saving
what a cruise that could be all the details are available here for you
anytime you want to see them there you go
that’s the occasions to go calm for you and you’ll have a ton of fun playing
with this website let me tell you okay let’s head back well how was that did
that help you at all was that interesting or what that website is
unbelievable you can spend hours a day on it I mean hours a day seven days a
week it just never ends the possibilities are endless if you
subscribe to that channel the best thing about it is that they’ll send you email
updates on deals all the time you’ll get an email at least two or three times a
month with updates on cruises it’s just fantastic way to get your hands on more
information and information is key I mean it’s absolutely key between
vacations ago calm and watching my channel man you will learn stuff about
the cruise business business you never thought you’d ever
and you’ll be as educated as most travel agents if not more than someone’s travel
agents because they don’t have the time that that it takes to learn all this
stuff it’s just so deep anyway I hope you enjoyed it I think it’s a great site
to use or just keeping an eye on cruises and keeping an you know an eye on what’s
going on out there learning about the different cruise ships I hope you like
this video if you really liked it give me a thumbs up today I could really use
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on the air and love to have you come by okay thanks for joining me today we’ll
get you next time this is Bruce with dropping with Bruce saying we’ll see you
later happy cruising everybody the lie


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