How To Build a Picnic Table – 084
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How To Build a Picnic Table – 084

right so you get your main cutlass and a
couple diagrams go ahead and take all your pieces are materials and make the
proper cuts are may change some stuff to make it more user friendly so may not
look exactly like this piece of paper here cobble go ahead make off all your
cuts and that way we can start assembly arts game three of the safest as several of heavily edited slightly because the users dot uh… adults of repaired obviously thought it was print were also are uh… using that he’s throughout the and a happening with the animals facing this
lady and centered on the edge unwanted with their marketing palm tree uh… he’s rental just picture or oscars it initiative uh… orientation he stopped him up battle a really good it’s very shrewd and screws uh… measure their rate probably is in our uh… one i saw anyone randa army but that’s the standard you wanted to don’t resist life with his ten i recently as big as this you got four
uh… determines the location of this determines the
length for all the trees down the road so measure is is uh… as left optimizing preachers here and this is
examining reaches maturity saliva and one and all n boroff unenglish mutuality once completed each section of to bottom treatment force occurs it was one of the woodwork it wants to
those of us and what is the problem and go five screws for children well it out fifteen screws in the sport of a day or two but just think he’s going to be
extremely so artists make four my hair has set up problem flex time after time so all that’s left of it although the
but here constantly lets this whole life dont think stallone itself is holding the best i’d i’d boulevard here reservist wall now not all left there tommorrow envelopes fifty six and three
eighths visual uh… unification the citizens frolicking on the corner barnwell s_c_ celebrated all of us just sent us a place and unless references are all or also guys brow uh… and wondering if these unless the outside right here and i bought my bottom rail it’s hard laced with oscar mail da three percent point frau at satire by
relentless and is it harder square alcohol acceleration and will not be slightly right as the is
one of the west point univ now don’t market was regarded out of the
lobbyists or spurlock lost pets you use statement was the issue were using a wall is absolutely costs so
much alaska and it’s the standoff i need to find out how high hat and from the top style apocryphal to the ground ny seventeen inches statement people’s eyes their finest this provocation what i didn’t hear is i roll back those bloody lou actually
this is echoes of the work any kind of individuals obviously so on my shoulders uh… critical analysis that unless she was there i suppose to inch rob reynolds wandering around the first time just hold it in place all finished yet that you want to hear and to hear should we will have now security force together
are using three inch shorter and shorter for instance again i’m sure diet uh… on that that really built these together father next the staff is on the wall
these is contact revolt for my uh… pericles no revelers and get a lot anyone carol’s along with the longer and more stronger insurers
warheads summers star-spangled strongest asks what is it parts of this and place along with these two frenchmen who were
his files again but it was certainly not used by
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little bit when i can’t believe you is that part highest points online molesters lifelong friends which on this particular set up this one
and seven eighths ninety seven fab helen around i saw and i think that’s why i had it
since this was one of this full-bore forward blue lol program unit one right now here in relative just the
hold myself because we think it will want to know replace one-two-three-four spirits one-two-three-four sinners on either
side just a little the up-front was of uh… free market when his picture obviously unit for about matter and shows uh… signature history without articles please yeah recognized and that’s the lesson odds are there was a little bit but my
parents did he said that you know youthfulness noscript worry that exit uh… the latest frivolous don’t and your walls listener
you know everyone to veto really works with laser certainly apparently
before and while he’s there intro of support you know he was uh… s belong housing uneasy prostheses careful universe at
war also buses with these my home computer role lots of harriet that he had a what answer vandewater a lot more belinda or although i certainly health we can you explain units that and are also and actual excel at you have not too tabletop uh… huh i think uh… itself abusing me allegory of red crescent redacted particles uh… station had laid out on a diner use of a revival services each holders right now inspirational messages agrees so i can always lists for headlined bilaterals all of our own words he’s or it yet sunday works for enacted in constant
contact page about for scrap he’s uh… laws of these uh… lead breyer’s uh… there and he said i have seen
support place bob dole’s or despot are used by all-star is that appeared in also you’re this is the sort it all the rest of the
lessons for plants uh… honest not slick use real he elias of so instigated by six as the city for salt that is why i unit uh… honorable out facts satire i don’t see a sports spreading these lesson was absolutely lol made an honest answer and make sure
you can do this the answer to our there is a powerful screws on the inside
of a sit-down so it’s true metrodome are short like me you can see underneath
this thing input isn’t worth it and moderation are used the word without and opportunity elements of up analytical side was worried you
mentioned one of these small inexpensive need to abolish really makes these uh… use you to move around there’s a good shot from the bottom and uh… on like this pre-operative godfrey normal and its normal position and spring in
the seats left from the bottoms you get that done quick rio uh… six-foot picnic table very strong maybe or engineered for
somebody will do the job just fine lasts long tells tsp along time so long
as you so you’re going to kill whether offered
or treated properly this is going be treated with some uh… thompson’s honey gold while water sewer and uh… do the job just fine how
recommend going off another treated lumber but that’s what this person wants to exploit
community very strong murder wilfing table sixty and i will do another one down the road that’s uh… not as bole ki beloved
quicker and easier to make but uh… this one’s very strong new
same thing with feathers eight-foot template i want to get to attend for life i put in a third of labor and meddlesome i’ll put a picture that with this too thanks for watching but you are stop by and be sure to check out some
other other printers mother chairs and one of us the uh… plans in sketchup file for
this will be in the website description there in the website i’ll write up for this so publisher grow their check it out
conflict lucille excerpts program thanks for watching


  • Jay Bates - Woodworking Videos

    Because I am maintenance at an apartment complex. I use the shop for daily work and also my projects after hours. Longer explanation on my website in "the evolution of my shop" section

  • Chris Jaussi

    Jay, thanks for another great video and project. The only thing I would have done different would be to round over the seats and table top. Sometimes just breaking the edges helps the table be more comfortable. Also, rounding over the corners helps with child proofing. Reminds me of a line out of the move Christmas story, "you'll shoot your eye out." When I'm working on a project, I worry about one of my kids running into them and losing any eye. Chris

  • Jay Bates - Woodworking Videos

    So long as mother nature is taken into consideration this one will last a long time. Thanks for watching!

  • scott m

    Hi, nice looking lawn furniture. Looking at the completed table on your website, I see the carriage bolts excess threads past the nuts. I could see myself having one of those OH SHIT moments when I scrap my leg on the bolt sticking out while entering or exiting the table. 🙂 I would cut the bolts and sand flush with the nut.
    If you're going to make them out of soft pine you may want to put a coat of water sealer on them. You will get negative advertising when it was the customers fault.

  • scott m

    Hello again… I was referring to getting negative advertising because the customer didn't paint it or put on a couple coats of sealer on it and it looked in kinda tough shape after a couple years.

  • Jay Bates - Woodworking Videos

    I mentioned in the video I was putting a Tinted Honey Gold Thompsons Water Sealer on it after. The pics a the end show them with sealer on. Thanks for watching and have a good day!

  • Jay Bates - Woodworking Videos

    Yeah I can see that happening. I was using some that I had on hand. The best length for these tables is a 3-1/4" carriage bolt. I used a 3-1/2". Thanks for watching 🙂

  • Jay Bates - Woodworking Videos

    Thanks James! I noticed on your facebook page that you graduated from Redford…I grew up in Livonia on 5 mile and middlebelt! Small world.

  • James Carey

    When I was about 6 yrs old,(1966) I helped my Dad (watched him) cut down a 6"- 4" pine tree in Kirkland lake. My Grand parents lived there from the 30's until the 70's (I was born in 1959) He built a picnic table out of it. Using the tree for everything except the top and seats My brother still has it (My parents passed away in Sept 2011 in their early 80's)(They were married 63years.

  • James Carey

    By the way, sorry. I think your table is very good, with some great ideas. I will make that some day. Thank you Dude

  • Jay Bates - Woodworking Videos

    Your welcome. It's good to see some of the older projects last through out the years. That's quite a long time for a pine picnic table to last. That proves it was built well! Thanks for watching 🙂

  • Donnie G

    Thanks for the vid. My better half wants some of these pronto. I plan to make them 4 ft. long simply because I can't physically handle the big ones anymore. Great plans.

  • Jason Wright

    I just wanted to let you know that I just finished making this picnic bench for my father. Thanks for the plans and the video.

  • Dave Pelcher

    Nice job as usual. I saw in a video of your, you spayed the finish on. Was the sprayer you used from Harbor Frieght & if so which one, and was it a good gun for spraying water sealer? Sorry, A lot of questions…Dave

  • Jay Bates - Woodworking Videos

    I used a cheapo 2 gallon pump sprayer from walmart. It does a great job for spraying water sealer. Just be sure to clean it out when you are done.

  • jcfoster21

    Jay what a fantastic job, instructions and explanations were great. I will try this and make one for my friend. Will definitely watch more of you videos. Thank you for the inspiration 🙂

  • MrImlostinspace

    Hello, i could need some help…You see i want to build a table an easy one for working on with my wood carving. And i dont really know how to build one..was thinking one with 4 legs and 1/5m long and 1 m wide. idk if u know any nice ideas that u can send to me via: [email protected] Its my hotmail if u got any nice ideas please help me out. If not, np 😀 ok thanks!

  • PntCre Txn

    Thanks for the tutorial. This will be my weekend project. Before I do another project, I will watch your video first. Kudos to you. A+++++

  • Jay Bates - Woodworking Videos

    You're very welcome. If you decide to build one feel free to stop by my website and submit some pictures to the viewer section and I'll feature them for you 🙂

  • chris mcguire

    It would been really good if you showed how to cut the angles on the legs that sit on the ground, So I was lost from step one.  other wise good video.

  • Ted Kreeger

    Jay, do you have a cut list for the 10foot pic nic table. I have your sketchup, but didnt see a cut list like you had for the 6 foot table, would really help, Thanks

  • Tim Coulter

    Although your table is strong….the boards at the ends just do not add to the looks…..i have been makeing them for over 10 years and are other ways to make them stronger

  • Ted Kreeger

    I agree Jay, Customer wants a 12', I just built the 6' with pressure treated, and that was a monster to move, I am going to try to get her to do 2 6' tables. Thanks Jay, you do some great stuff.

  • Luther Woodworks

    I really love this design. I think I may have found something that I can make and hopefully sell. I will, however wait until next year in early spring or make a couple over the winter. If i can find room in my garage to store them. And then when it warms up, see if there is any interest in them. I will post them on my facebook buy sell trade site and craigslist. I have a small child size picnic table and all of the corners are chamfered and mitered at 45 degrees. I may end up doing that to the ones I make.

  • Zandroval Yadao

    Jay, your genius has reached us here in Wellington New Zealand! Picnic table on Radiata Pine and finished in Redwood Oil. You're the man!

  • Arkansas Homestead

    I get a kick out of the Close Captions because it is to screwed up on the videos. He says also keep in mind, and the CC says Optimizing preachers here…rofl

  • Marvin Alford

    I like the plans and the video of course. I feel comfortable around power tools but don't have much experience past the basics. I hope to build a picnic table using your plans in the near future. I'll be staining my table using a spray gun. Do you recommend completely assembling the table first and then spray or spray the parts before assembly? The later seems easier but I was concerned about the gluing steps. Will the glue stick to the stained pieces? And I haven't used the TiteBond products before.

  • Steven Vieth

    Hey jay how much do you charge for these and about how long does it take ? Price for materials? I'm trying to get into stuff like this while in between seasonal job. I am watching all your videos too! Great stuff man!! Thanks

  • dolinick

    A friend of mine just tore down an old deck made of treated lumber. I have some aged 2×6 and a few 2×8 treated lumber . I think i have enough material to make 2 12 foot picnic tables! Yeah, he gave me about 16 twelve foot 2×6 boards and a couple of twelve foot 2×8 boards.

  • LuckyB

    that is a damn good build  I have been thinking about building a picnic table  just a little less than  work bench high ,, I enjoyed watching  and thanks for the Idea's

  • Edward Lancaster

    Hi Jay, I am from a small part of the uk (south wales) I would just like to say you are a ambassador to the average DIY,er, like me, the advanced DIY,er, and also to your established woodworker, all your work is explained to the finest detail with easy readable and detailed drawings, I spend hours watching your tutorials and have learned a lot from you,  THANK YOU, John

  • Francisco Gastardelli

    Olá amigo ,vc tem alguma coisa para sala ,conjunto com almofada de 2 e 3 lugares ,feito em madeira ,grato amigo feliz ano novo.

  • David Green

    Very well built, just one polite suggestion, to pre radius and sand all the components in the flat before assembly, save heaps of time, good job!

  • Jim Fleming

    Jay, is there any real difference between building a 6 foot table, or an 8 foot table? I too have a habit of over building things, and I like your style of table… I'll be building this one soon.

  • BoredAtWork2000

    Watching this video know is hilarious having seen your newer videos, shop, instruction, etc. it’s cool to see how you got started!

  • Bill Byrnes

    Thank you for the video, had to try this myself. Made it harder on me than need be though. Table top, six two by sixes, seats, two, two by sixes each side, eight foot long. Nice and stout, too heavy for one, maybe three guys. Thanks for inspiring me to go out and do something. Retired for two years now. Took most of the winter to complete, bad knees and all. You don't need me to tell you, keep up the good work. And thanks again.

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