How to build a propane tank rocket stove  2/3
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How to build a propane tank rocket stove 2/3

inside diameter here will be as long as
I can make the food feed tube which may not be bad I’d like to make it a little
longer and if I do what I’m going to do is cut the hole here a little bit bigger
at the top look at this upside down now I’ll cut my hole a little bit bigger at
the top bend it out put my pipe in there bend it back and then weld it and ran to
flush I’m not sure when I’m done I’m going to measure this and get a look how
long the feed tube is going to be and that just might be enough so but first
I’m going to I got to go out and get that other pipe and bring it in and up
and have a look at that okay I got my chimney and the bottom horizontal
loading portion of it cut but before I put it in here I wanted to be sure that
it would fit down inside and it was real tight so what I did was I sort of
rounded I knocked the corners off to go uh to go along with the curvature of the
tank and it just with some wiggling you can get in there alright
I’ve got my leg positions marked out and fixing to get the welding I’m going to
weld this together the well the legs on I’m going to get the chimney mount get
in here and show you that the site I got one more leg weld on and since I
can’t wiggle through paint what I’m having to do is just to get this weld
started I grew up grind a little bit of this paint dog watch your ball all right attack this well done so
here’s a little gratuitous welding footage I love your level sin I don’t
know if I’ll be in the way I’ll try to stay out of the way you see that now you
can’t hold off let’s be late now I’m just going to tack how’s that for a well huh
I’m getting better all right I’m going to turn it over see how far this is okay
if we go just a tad and I took my grinder and just knock a little bit off
it to the leg and it’s square now what I’m going to do is lower that chimney
down in there remember right curve the front edge a little bit to coincide with
the curvature of the tank but I also put this on the grinder and knock the the
corner off of that two-million go in without it struggling oh yeah that’s
extra I love it when a plan comes together
okay I’ve got the top already cut into a circle but what I don’t have is the
square cutting the top so to fit over this and then when I get that top on I’m
going to cut this pipe off level with it Maggie’s going along pretty good when I
get this top cut your it want to get the top cut I’ll fill it up
with some vermiculite like I’ve got enough yes go ahead enough and man with
the cooking here just move on I’m going to hit it with some barbecue black
because they do not make barbecue white so I’ll paint it and tomorrow I’ll cook
on see okay pretty much done except for I go
put the vermiculite in here I’ve got my top and I’m going to show you that a
second and as soon as I put my vermiculite in so let’s do that and I’ll
lay the top on here I’ll show you what it looks like oh my god enough I buy
this oh I’m doing this when we tell you I
just made a mess this pipe both both the bottom pipe and
top pipe is a three and a half square the propane tank is exactly 12 inches I just leave that I don’t we look what I spill and you
that yeah that’s gonna be alright and I’m going to sweep up what I spilled
down there and put it in here and that’ll be enough here’s what the top is
going to look like we zoom be in here okay
I’m going to weld this cut this off the even with the top of the clicker and
then I’m going to go around underneath and well all around the edge of this hit
with some black spray-paint and oh yeah I’m going to make a floor plate for in
here and what that is it holds the sticks up off the bottom of
the combustion chamber because what you want is the air to go in under the
sticks and come up in the front of them which would be the very front of this
burn chamber down here and that is what creates the wood gas and that’s what
gives it the rocket effect and when I start this up I’m going to try to hold
the camera real close so you can hear the difference between when it starts it
just it’s just a crackling fire with smoke and when it finally hits the
combustion chamber up high enough where the gases in the wood are release and
start igniting you can actually hear that rocket sound I don’t know if that’s
why they call it a rocket stove but it’s definitely it’s and it’s all of a sudden
it will be within a couple of seconds it will go from a regular crackling fire to
a whooshing sound when the gases start burning and that happens after the
combustion chamber gets a high enough in temperature to create those gases and
also the there’s no smoke the smoke disappears because it’s a complete and
total burn and when you’ve cooked on this and you remove the sticks that you
don’t need to cook with anymore there’s barely any action
because if it burns so thoroughly okay I’m going to finish this up and did it
with some paint I’ll probably show you one last clip of what this looks all all
finished up and at that time I’m going to tell you who my rocket stove mentor
guru is and give a couple of channel shoutouts and I want to tell you now in
case I forget later that I’m going to have three channels featured on my
channel and you should really check them out one of them is a guy called sub
attack su VTAC and he’s got a lot of useful information on this channel the
other channel is jww m to have he’s got some useful information on his channel
very interesting channel and the third one which is the guy that I basically
learned what I know about rocket stoves from him and his channel and that’s K be
bacon or Mikey K bacon but I’ll have his channel featured on mine so I’m going to
finish this up and see what it looks like
and just want to say there’s one last thing that I forgot to mention and that
is the floor plate for the combustion chamber and what that does is elevate
the wood a little bit so the air comes in underneath this the air comes in underneath this and it
doesn’t go over the top of the wood the air


  • Terry Dosher

    don't put your self down about anything you have a gift. I have a college degree and suck at math and I come from a blue collar back ground and just never picked it up. thanks for your knowledge and idea I been wanting to heat my little shop but I suck at welding but I have a mig gun.

  • BCtruck, rebuild, repair,repurpose

    mig is gtreat! give it a try! i have a freind that is a rocket stove mass heater GURU! he is featured on my list of channels. he is kbbacon. tell him brad sent you if you stop in.

  • jimmy rigger

    Hi Brad, my name is Keith, love your videos! very informative. I have so many ideas for propane tanks but, i'm so very terrified of blowing myself up. You made a comment bout purging the tank with water. Ive heard many stories of tank metal having pores like skin and that gas remains here after purging and that explosion is still possible. So honestly, i'm scared, still. I would greatly appreciate a step by step detail or video. you obviously survived, lol. thanks

  • BCtruck, rebuild, repair,repurpose

    elton,in all seriousness,if you think for one second that metal would absorb gas and hold it there after flushing with water,im begging you not to attempt this,EVER!

  • BCtruck, rebuild, repair,repurpose are wrong. from 1927-1990,there was a plant that mined vermiculite that conatained asbestos. that vermiculite was not food grade and the plant was shut down 23 years ago. there is no more vermiculite with asbestos being mined in this country.if you are working on an older building and come across vermiculite insulation,it could contain asbestos but the stuff i buy does not.

  • Timothy Johnson

    Would it be ok to put fittings on the tank with lines going to a holding tank? The system could be filled with water and make hot water every time you cook.

  • jimmy rigger

    nope. ratchet strapped it to a fireplace wood rack with rubber between them to keep it from slipping. bent th top metal outa the way. then used pipe wrench and cheater pipe. was still tough to do. had to have a friend help hold it still.

  • jimmy rigger

    u r welcome. tighten a crescent wrench near the weld, rock it back and forth. metal breaks fairly easily and leaves the wed on the tank. got a few nicked knuckels outa this tho. lol

  • Border Collie

    Your welds are slick bubba …. lol I'm a journeyman welder by trade and welded everything under the sun at the shipyard. One of the men in my crew would say "slick bubba" everytime he finished a weld. Got sick of hearing it.

  • split121

    im just about done mine an exact replica thanx to u i cant thank u enough for all the info i only have one ? u didnt say how much perlight or vermiculite to fill the tank with

  • BCtruck, rebuild, repair,repurpose

    no, you havent "heard many tanks blow up at the shop". i thought your first comment was a good tip,but this comment removes all credibility. where do you people come up with these fantasies?

  • J Gybl

    Hey bctruck; 1 Q: could guy weld a channel iron on the side just above the burn hole so transport could be safer? that could hold wood and keep fire inside since the stove burns hot.

  • FrankenFraud

    Why not just leave the existing "legs" on the propane tank rather than mess around with grinding them off & making new legs? Wouldn't that be quicker & easier? Sure it's closer to the ground but so what.
    Just a thought..

  • Carlos Rodeira Rodeira

    Hi, I did like that rocket stove, is fantastic how it cooks so quickly, man, if you don´t mind send me the name of the stones are known by to my email, if you don´t mind, because I
    do want to make one equal but the stone I don´t think I can get in Portugal, thanks man.

  • Fran Gagne

    H hunter . I've heard wood ash will work as a high temp insulation. bctruuck, thanks for the info, question: would you say this system cooks with the heat from exhaust gases or conduction thru the stove metal. Also, I would think you'd be chocking on the smoke.

  • BCtruck, rebuild, repair,repurpose

    it most definately cooks with heat from the exhaust gases. ive also heard wood ash does well as an insulator though ive never tried it myself.

  • BCtruck, rebuild, repair,repurpose

    well for someone who says they have done a lot of studying, you cant tell the difference between a rocket stovefor cooking and a rocket mass heater. this is a stove not a heater. you are describing a rocket heater. do a little more studying.

  • Nym Rod

    This is the closest design I've seen that's like the design I have in mind.
    Before welding the burn tubes together I was going to weld some 1/4 inch square stock about an inch above the bottom of the floor to hold the burn plate off of the floor.
    Also make the burn plate long enough that it could go almost all the way to the back so the air flow could be regulated if need be.

  • Nym Rod

    I would also weld some expanded metal in the bottom of the upper tube at the same level as the top of the lower tube to make a grate for charcoal. You could use the stove to start charcoal or cook with them.
    You are correct about the efficient burn as you made the vertical tube long enough to create enough draft to burn well without smoke. The shorter ones seen on YT do make smoke because they aren't tall enough. They need to be at least 3-4x taller than the height or diameter of the lower tube.

  • Larry Durfee

    As an old millwright of 40+ years, shoot me an email and I'll send you a few pointers to help make that stove really take off. Made those in the Utah oil patch in the 70's. Don't want nothing for the info, just wanting to help out the younger generation a little. [email protected]

  • hermand Vogel

    This is one of the best ones I have seen yet, can you make one for BioMass Briquettes, both round and square? that was even sawdust and news paper can be used…. Great Video.

  • vishee2906

    should of just welded the top you cut off to the bottom for your the valve guard welded to bottom of stove and top of tank as the base.

  • BCtruck, rebuild, repair,repurpose

    ill try to make this order for the stove to attain the temps needed to turn the wood,into a gas, the inner chamber must be insultaed from the outer chamber.without the insulation,it is just another wood burning stove,with the insulation,it is a stove that operates by burning the gasses that are released when the inner chamber reachs a high enough isnt instantaneous,it takes a few minutes for it to burn enough wood to heat the inner chamber up enough to create the gasses.

  • BCtruck, rebuild, repair,repurpose

    because most home/hobby welders like myself,buy welders that have shielded wire and dont require gas to weld. I leave the gas shield off because its easier to clip the end of the wire or change tips. My welder does have the option of adding gas if i want to go that route later on. I dont think its and "American" thing, i kjust think its folks like me that use self shielding wire.

  • John D

    What is the best welder on the market to do a job like this? I'm looking for something to tie into the oven 220 V Line in my mobile home. But, I still want to make outside stairs or rocket stoves.

  • Jason Arseneau

    What are those square pipes called? Where could I get those? 🙂  I kinda suck at these things but your rocket stove video is by far the best I have seen, would love to make one with help of a friend.

  • JohnnyRocket

    Thanks, great videos! After completing all of the welds on the propane tank rocket stove is the insulated portion of the tank completely sealed? Is there any concerns about pressure relief of the tank when it gets hot? Thanks.

  • NateTheSurveyor

    I need one that Self Feeds. That is, it has an angled feed tube, so it can be left alone, cooking for a bit. And, it needs to be BIGGER, so that it can cook maybe 5+ gallons of stew, or hot water. Or whatever is wanted. Self feed, and Big. 

  • Robert Abbott


  • Melvyn Knipe

    I had to pause this video half way through, just to complement you on your extremely personable and easy going way of filming what you are doing.  I have much enthusiasm in making one of these now (after viewing many other videos) because of they way you went about explaining and showing what you did.  BRAVO!!!

  • Jackal

    Mate Id love to see one of these made with a copper coil wrapped around the inside of the chimney.. then used to heat hot water for your house.  This was my plan when I make one.

  • Edward Marchesi

    Nice job BC, but I don't understand why you didn't make it taller. It looked like you were bending over way too far while cooking. I know I'd want to be standing while I cook

  • Windex451

    Great videos. Love the commentary and thanks for the warning at 2 mins to "watch the volume" Is that the same vermiculite that they used to put in attics?

  • Paul Middleton

    be good to wrap some copper pipe around the inner flue so you could also use it to heat up hot water also. also be better to use a round pipe instead of square. id like to see this idea included with these rocket stoves. you dont need it to be attached to water pipes all the time you could connect your water pipes when ever you needed to use it for hot water. as long as you build it with the copper pipe wrapped around the inside of your flue. you good to go. a multi purpose rocket stove that also heats water

  • David Dixon

    @ phillip harden Was just going to suggest the three legged stool when I saw your post LOL
    That's why all the old milking stools have three legs, uneven barn floors made them necessary.

  • Thomas Sims

    i have used 2 tire rims one with holes that face inward towards the pot that is used as the top while the bottom is lifted off the ground to allow for airflow it produced a swooshing sound and left very little ash no insulation on this unit the first time I fired it up even with water in my post being aluminum it started to melt how does this compare to a rocket stove it seems like its not producing as much heat for the fuel used but still a step above an open pit

  • Ken Rinck

    Its cool, but thaught the whole idea of a rocket stove was to be small and compact. Seems like better use of that tank would be a stove without the square tube. Like a regular wood stove. Just seems obsolete like that.

  • Ronald Deblois

    Good sir. I applaud your statements regarding learning math. Much respect for your way of working though what you feel is your weakness. Ps. I would not have come close to the quality you produced!

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