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What’s up everybody today, I’m gonna show you how I built my van in just one morning You’re thinking about getting into van life my suggestion to you is just get into it Don’t think too much about building out your van I literally built this thing out in like no time flat with very little planning. I knew approximately the size bed I wanted a double size bed kind of worked it didn’t quite fit How I wanted to put it in there so I had to cut things up a little bit, but let me show you how simple Building the bed was the bed construction was pretty simple and the best part about it is I didn’t touch a single Mechanical tool at all I went to Home Depot in the morning with the dimensions I wanted for the top of the bed And I knew what I needed for height on the bed so the guys at Home Depot did all the cutting themselves and I literally went home in my underground parking at the condo that I used to live in and Quickly put the pieces together the bed build took me 30 minutes So let’s take a look at how I did the frame Super easy was just two straight two by fours on the bottom, and then I decided what I needed for height How I judged the height is there’s certain types of storage cases that I was going to put underneath here so I measured the height with a little bit of an extra space and That is how I chose the height of these Center sections obviously on your own build you could choose your own Heights and build it on your own so all I did was just two simple frames a Three-quarter inch sheet of plywood on the top, and I only secured it with fighting four or six screws on the top I wanted to keep things simple so if I needed to break it apart It’d be super easy and the best part about this bed. Is it’s not stuck where it is. How I built it I built it so the bed frame is Just on the inside of the wheel wells allowing me to push the bed Forward and backwards as needed and because I use the van for business Sometimes I’m gonna need the back section of it to haul gear and stuff in so I built it so if I grab the bed Give it a bit of a shove Now I got some room in the back to store gear What I did with my two mattresses I bought I bought a four inch piece of foam for the bottom and a three-inch memory foam for the top I bought two full-size ones I got them from Costco super cheap I think that both came together like two hundred and fifty bucks or something It was a little bit too big for the bed platform But I stuck the foam mattresses on top I cut the excess off from around it and boom. I got a bed so now that the bed is in place and I got all the space I need back here to haul the average DJ gear let’s Go take a look and see what’s going on in front So this would be my living space, but first before we get the living space moved in let’s make the bed Now let’s take a look at what I did for some storage options check these awesome little things up I picked up these cases from Home Depot They are pretty awesome. I Decided these were the cases I wanted to go with they opened up nice and easy the lids kind of snap together The reason why I chose these cases is because I use them all the time for my DJ business they were great for hauling gear around they were rugged and They were sleek and simple and they looked good. They weren’t obnoxious didn’t have any like yellow lids or crazy colors I Like them a lot, so I chose to build my bed so these fit three nuts so let’s get our storage containers Now that the cases are all nice and neatly underneath the bed I Needed a way to secure them so what I did is I put a small screw on one side another small screw on the other And we just strapped him in one on the front one on the back Now that the comfy place to sleep is already building in there I needed a place to put my clothes, but lucky me when I bought the van They had these little bars strapped to the side There’s one on the bottom over that side and one up top here Cool thing was it was a pretty rad place to hang my clothes Next thing I needed was a dresser Summer to put you know All of life’s things like socks and underwear so I ended up picking up this little plastic storage container from Canadian Tire was like 20 bucks or something and it worked awesome, and it was pretty simple Cuz I just stuck it right there and I needed a way to refrigerate my food keep my beer cold top of the usual things that you’re gonna need I Thought about buying and looked into pricing out and some adapt buying an actual plugged in one but they’re so flippin expensive And I heard the Pelican coolers and other coolers of this kind hold ice for a very long time like a week This thing has definitely lived up to its name it holds ice for a Solid five days if I stay seven there’s still chunks in the bottom, and the beer is semi cold, so I’m happy with that completely Happy with that so anyway I needed a place to put the cooler the cooler has some nice rubber stoppers on the bottom So it doesn’t move around at all so let’s put that cooler in place And of course you’re gonna need a place to put dry storage, you know your pantry so once again I’ve utilized one of these cases And I left it right here by the door there because it’s super easy access in there I cube dog food my food snackable stuff It’s a great spot for it, but we got to strap it I Think a van is not that hard. I think what happens a lot is people spend more time Trying to find an excuse and why not to do it so if you take a look at how fast this was put together My living space is just about done. Well, maybe we should put some carpets in there and make it feel like Then of course you find all the little nooks and crannies like little ones like this and make good use of it Like that little bag right there Trying to make good functional use of the back of my van Has been pretty good I keep a piece of DJ equipment that I use all the time strapped to one side of the wall The other side we’re gonna put my big huge chair I bought from Costco It’s called that the half-ton I don’t know why I don’t weigh a half-ton and I don’t think somebody who weighs a half dozen would actually fit on this thing but needless to say I put this Just over here And a house wouldn’t be the same without a place to cook right well. I’m not much of a cook I’ll probably never use it, but I did get myself a little camp stove and for now I Just stuff it right behind the seat anything going nowhere Take a look looks pretty damn country to me and It has been Quite awesome these last few weeks Don’t overthink things just get in the damn van and go That is portable, and it works. Just as good as the dresser. I had at home That is portable and works. Just as good as my fridge at home that clothes rack Works just as good as the clothes rack. I had at home That bad on the other hand is way more comfortable than the one I used to have in my condo But the place is comfortable. It’s livable and I’m out here on the road, and I honestly built this thing in one morning Clearly no big planning because what was there to plan? I just threw the necessities I need it in it and off we went me and the dog have loved every ounce of these last two weeks But before we cut this video out I’m gonna show you what I do in the van for privacy at night, so needing some privacy in the van is a no-brainer Having a way to hang stuff from here to divide it You know I didn’t want to overthink things again I just wanted to keep things super simple and super easy so what I did is rate up top here There’s a little section there. You can pull it down a little bit I Wanted to tuck a blanket in there Like everything else in my van bill I wanted to keep things just simple and functional so when I get up in the morning I simply just grab this I pulled this out fold this one up put it away And these two pieces just roll up and get tucked away in the top I’m sure there’s plenty of other Curtin options, but they’re tucked up there out of the way And hey it works your van build is your van build build it your way Build it to the way that you feel is gonna be best for you. Oh, I don’t know thing I’ll put some magnetic mirrors on here So I can see how pretty I am in the morning She’s taking a shit Even the deers out here have no problems finding a place to shit So me and discord are gonna say bye for now stay positive be creative and never stop being weird until the next one you guys much love


  • Larry Southern

    This is the best video on how to build a van to live!! Keep it simple stupid!! I warch it over and over!! God bless you brother!!!! Have a safe and happy summer!! Never stop being weird!!!! Right on!!!l 💘 🇺🇸

  • Pat Arbuthnot

    Wowza! You filmed this back in 2017 … getting grey dude! Hugs and kisses to da Cruz! Miss you Disco boy!

  • BoxVan Go

    Hello! I've just subscribed to your channel, as I saw you on Chrome's tour of your Tradesman. Looks like I'm the first one 🙂 Although I'm not yet in my box van, my plan is to be rolling in August, and moved in for September. Perhaps I will see you on the road? Best of luck! 🙂

  • Socks With Sandals

    I would rope the bed to a flashing point so it doesn't slide into the cabin on a sudden stop. Great fast build.

  • Tammie Parrish Miller

    Awww! Disco's little tongue is sticking out! So cute! Bulldogs are so adorable, you can't help but fall in love with them! They tend to want to be the only dog in the family from my experience. I worked at a rescue shelter and had brought one home to nurse back to health from pnuemonia. I was able to isolate her and care for her and I was so in love, but once she got healthy and I tried to bring her into the family, she had my pitbull so scared that he wouldn't even get within 3 or 4 feet of her and he was there first so as much as it broke my heart, I had to take her back to the shelter, but I wasn't letting her go to just anyone. I made sure she got the best home for her needs. They make great dogs for small spaces! I bet she loves living in the van! Btw, I love me some Disco music too! I used to go dancing till the bars shut down. It was easy to stay in shape! I just can't do the club scene with what they play these days. I'm more of a hippie really. I love music from the '70s. I'm a total Led Zeppelin freak! That doesn't mean I don't love disco just as much though! I saw your van vid from 2019 and you've totally made it home! Love it! It's so cool how you just wound up living in your van when you had no plans to do so! Life is funny that way. I've lived tiny 3 times and can't wait to do it again!

  • DarthHeretic

    Very nice and simple, and leaves you the option to insulate it, and add a vent fan on the top. I'd do at least those two things, mainly because I live in Florida and it's just very wise to do that, if I ever did make a stealth home van

  • John Silveira

    Chrome, loving your channel. Wifey and I have been thinking of making a van build so we can stealth camp when we attend conventions and also for going camping when time permits.

    What year/model van do you have?

  • Wonda Faith

    Love how simple that was but what about insulation from the cold and the heat? I like your easy set up but weather does change. Just asking. Thanks for sharing.

  • Suren Ter-Avakian

    The most important thing in the car is thermal insulation and heating. Without thermal insulation it is not a human refuge, but a tin can.

  • Tyko

    I'd suggest putting the rest of your DJ gear right there by the back window, then park it over in East Hastings area while you go run errands on foot. I hear that's the stealthiest spot for camping. Werd.

  • Carmen Fernandez

    Omg thank you soooo much for sharing this video, always checking on how to build a home van inside but always thought is ridicule expensive. But you are sooo right simple and is looks great, Good job. 👏🙏🏻

  • Kara Jones

    Only think is it's going to be blazing hot in the summer and ice cold in the winter. No solar to power even a fan.

  • Darlene Southard

    Thank you soooo much for the inspiration!! I’m dreaming of the vanlife but get so bogged down watching all the “gotta win the lottery” van builds that it was sucking the joy out of even planning. Now I am inspired to just do it!!


    Your sliding bed idea is brilliant. I have a 95 Ford that is nice inside so I'm taking the back cabin chairs out and the bed and I'm going to use your bed idea and pimp it out. Thanks for the great advice. Peace & Good Trips.

  • Robin Jones

    , too funny I love seeing what your van looks like now and then what it looks like then you are very simple No Frills now you got your band all decked out I think I'd go with the simpler version

  • Eric Vice

    This video just came up in my suggested (after I wrote that other comment on the much newer one earlier today). I never realized until now you're driving an Econoline. I also know (from the benefit of watching the current video) that you're doing body work. *I WISH YOU WELL AND GOOD LUCK*. We had one of those beasts at the zoo I used to work at and it was a CORROSION FACTORY. If the little bits of rust you showed us in the current video are "as bad as it gets" you are doing VERY WELL. Is your van diesel or gas?

  • 4TheMostHighJesus

    I have watched this three times, it's the bomb as far as quick and easy van creations go. I have made it a point to watch as many conversions as possible and keep the best ideas. Your bed in this video is the easiest one I have seen to date, with the exception of one guy I saw who just used an army cot. Thanks for sharing this information. Many people are waking up to the less is more concept. I ain't hating it either. :0)

  • The Dawn of Vanlife

    It's so weird coming back to watch this video and it was a good reminder of where you started. It's also a great reminder of where I am now with my van. I actually came to look at how you constructed your bed legs. And it's so crazy seeing what the van was….you have truly done an incredible job showing you can build the dream van as you go.

  • johnathan smith

    You are a very practical guy. Excellent… for Vancouver in summer time; try that in Saskatoon on February, with -38C.

  • Dr.Deplete YourSoul

    Finally a SMART build that doesn’t have a damn Toilet that never gets used and Sink that just takes up space…

  • Patrick McCaffrey

    Those other fancy campers vans are a bunchy of rich people being "thrifty" – Is this just a homeless guy being really fancy?

  • Maretha Foster

    Chrome this is my favorite video. I don’t know why. I show this video to everybody 😎🚐 get in the dawn van and go🚐🚐🚐 clean neat and comfy and simple!!!! 🥰😎🚐

  • Maretha Foster

    Then I show the updated van tour. Everybody is just amazed. It’s just a regular van everybody drives these things. 🚐😎🐾🐾🐾

  • Jacob Pierson

    Chrome you inspired me to build out and live in this van for a season. If anyone is interested in a well insulated stealth van. Check it out.

  • Levi Hawk

    Ha ! I was about to see what all was going on in the youtube community and I see this vid posted in my opening square…. I gotta watch it again.. just for kicks ! Apparently you thought at the time you would do your build out in one day.. it's been over a year now and well.. it's still not done… they never are ! I started with an older Class C Sunrader spent the past two years working on it and it'sd almost done and ready to roll so what do I do I go out and buy a Van.. yep I figured a backup wouldn't hurt… So I picked up a E150 Econoline Conversion Explorer Limited… two weeks ago.. keeping it simple and to the point..I am about half way done with it…Drive them both daily… so they are both road ready but not travel ready yet… but close.. You've come a long way… keep up the good work. Enjoy the warm weather while it last!

  • dana groves

    What soze r the boards u have holding ur bed the big onea and small ones so i can have the exact measurements of each boards

  • Susie Hernandez

    I would like to know if you bought your van with the flooring already in or if you put it in ? I like it. I need something like that once I get my van because I have a dog too. Dogs and beach sand don't work with carpet. I'd love to know where you got that from. Thanks


    im doing this after i graduate highschool, so i can travel and smoke in beautiful spots around the US, This was a dope build and helped me see i can do it without having to spend $3,000+ thanks man.

  • Smoke the mirroR

    hey chrome, im bout to do a similiar bed build to this, wondering if there was anything you would do differently?

  • Krystle

    Thank you! This is so simple. I'm not trying to spend 50k on a friggin van. I can put a bed skirt on the bed to cover the boxes.

    "Just get in the damn van and go"
    "Never stop being weird"

    Best advice ever!

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