How to Camp – Camping 102 Call of Duty WW2
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How to Camp – Camping 102 Call of Duty WW2

hello everybody this is lesson two in a
series all about camping so this is camping 102 and then where I’ll break
down different elements of how you can actually effectively camp and what
things you should focus on if you really want to commit to camping this is your
first time my channel this is JGod gaming I’m all about breaking down in
game mechanics and give you tips and tricks for call of duty if you haven’t
had a chance to check out my camping 101 that’s definitely another segment of
things I touch on some of the elements do appear in this video but this video
is gonna be completely different as far as the style play there’s camping where
you can move from one location to another this one is very passive camping
with a huge emphasis on making sure that you keep your life going and you just
continually go on streaks this is definitely useful if you’re gonna get a
v2 rocket if you want to play this specific setup there’s different setups
you can use but for me I’m kind of just playing a little bit more campy and
holding down area and not playing aggressive at all so in this mode I’m
playing gridiron and if you didn’t know gridiron is a great way to just get
kills if you’re just focusing on getting kills because what happens is the ball
carrier will typically not kill you if there’s enough distance between you and
them so you could always just play passive they’re gonna run and follow the
ball and then as long as they’re running by you can get a clear easy shot and
just line up yourself so a black terror there’s different areas you do want to
hang in just to make sure that you are playing smart and safe as you can see
I’m kind of just holding down this area and just making sure that I got that
right side of the map looking at where my teammates are kind of positioning a
little bit just watching kind of where they’re at my teammates are on the right
the balls on the right so I’m just kind of positioning myself so I’m a little
bit less predictable because when you do camp you do want to camp in a general
area and kind of just kind of rotate from spot to spot to spot and then make
sure you’re not so predictable because easily if you’re not wearing a hunker or
if you are wearing hunker and you get double mated with saboteur you’re gonna
die and if you’re in a predictable area they’re gonna know exactly where you’re
at so you don’t want to avoid that at all cost the other advantage to rotating
in this type of fashion is that they’re going to be expecting you in one area
when they come to approach that area and they don’t see you there you can go
ahead and get them from a different angle so right here I’m just kind of
stood up in this corner of the map and you’re gonna see I don’t really move
until halftime and I just kind of play it safe you can see the ball is running
down the middle and if you’re gonna truly commit to camping and just going
on a streak and going getting a v2 and things like that that’s completely
doable but you do have to kind of just patrol the area a smart way so that one
I took a little bit of a risk there but but it paid off I got an easy kill so
now I’m back in my spot and just kind of patrolling I know that I got a teammate
right there in front of me someone got the ball and then I got to kind of
rotate he threw the ball so I know that he’s prepared to kind of try and make a
move so right here I’m just playing off my teammates you can see them right
there to the left of me and behind he approach right here he’s shooting at
something so obviously he’s shooting something I got to kind of watch out and
kind of see what he’s doing looks like he took out whoever was there and you
just play passive and the hard part for people is it’s really hard to be this
patient you can see someone just kind of got over there behind us but it’s okay I
mean when you’re playing this conservatively you’re not expected to go
for the wind 100% there’s definitely different levels of camping and
different types of camping depending on what equipment and loadout you’re using
this is more of a generic camping style where you just choose a good medium
range gun – long range and then you kind of just hold it down LMGs are great for
this – as long as you can really control the sight lines and you can see I’m
still staying in this pocket of the area if you can learn this style of play you
can actually do really well and learning how to actually play free-for-all as
well I’m gonna do a complete guide a little bit on pre-parole as well so stay
tuned for that if you if you really want to subscribe to the channel if you like
that type of content as well I do all kinds of different spawn guides map
guides strategy tips and tricks’ gun loadout – all that different stuff so it
just depends on what you really enjoy so you see right here I’m just kind of
holding a sideline watching my teammates run in and and they are dying but when
you’re really gonna commit to camping you really got to commit so right here
I’m not gonna move I’m in a power position where I know that if they come
around the corner more than likely I’m gonna get the kill they’re gonna have to
just get headshots I kind of push there because my teammate went right so I knew
what couldn’t get flanked really and then I kind of just push around and hold
it down kind of rotate push a little it just kind of focusing on controlling
the map I know where a teammate’s at so I know where the controls at and where
the power is at and where they should be spawning they should be spawning
directly in front of me I’m just kind of playing and playing the ball and playing
my teammates this style is definitely not for everybody so I wouldn’t say if
you’re not currently doing this go ahead and do this but this will play your KD
while dropping your score per minute so it’s always gonna be a trade-off
obviously if you play faster you’re gonna have a faster score per minute but
then your KD might drop until you kind of increase your skills all the way
around so that’s by working on some of the different things in my guide to
improving your overall skill improving your accuracy you’re working on all
those things how it should work is you’re gonna improve your KD then your
score per minute and Katy your squall come in it’ll continue rise as you get
better at the game because the goal isn’t for you to just be stagnant camp
and then just never get good there are some times when you do want to camp
though when there’s other teams that will rush you when there’s other teams
that will let me way more aggressive you could just play smart right there I
didn’t get enough hits to kill the guy I’m just kind of look and see where he’s
at and they’re just kind of playing it where it’s at so right here he’s coming
around the other side I’m kind of posted up right here get the easy kill and then
my teammates are all there to back me up arounds about to end so I go and play it
safe obviously so at this point I’ve done nothing drastic I’ve kind of just
held down an area and just played really safe there was only one engagement so
far where actually took couple bullets and that was when the guy was coming up
the stairs right where this play the game little halftime area is so other
than that I took almost no damage I was always in the good position and I always
played smart and sometimes I just missed my shots but it didn’t matter because I
had a better position so right here now we’re looking at from the other angle
and pretty much every map this is doable it’s just you have to position yourself
the right way play smart and have the patience that’s
a really key that a lot of people don’t have eventually if you and the enemy are
standing across from each other eventually one of you is gonna make a
move just depends on who has the more patience will stand still and take take
the guy down when they rush you so right there a guy came around the corner on
position playing off my teammates playing smart
just plain plain where the ball is so I know this guy can Mele me that’s why I’m
strafing backwards in a diagonal fashion because I know that the guy can melee me
so I got two teammates here I know there’s one right there and one right in
the mid so I’m kind of just looking my teammates shooting at somebody but I’m
not gonna jump out there I know that’s not a good move this guy get him from
the back I don’t want him to flank me so I’m just kind of looking now it looks
like my teammates are a little bit on the left side so I’m a rotate I’ll just
kind of get in position that’s kind of what it’s all about
and now you can see it’s kind of mirrored on the opposite side so on the
opposite side on the when you go down the stairs up where the other gun is
that’s kind of where I’m at on the opposite side just kind of positioning
myself controlling the map obviously for the way that I needed to be played not
necessarily any for benefit of my teammates or anything this is definitely
a selfish way to play and I don’t really play this way often but I knew I could
go on a streak I had plenty of people playing aggressive in the lobby if we
all play aggressive what ends up happening is the spawns get a little
wonky because the teammates push too deep and then I end up stealing their
kills and they’re killing stealing my kills and everyone’s just stealing each
other kill it just doesn’t end up in a scenario so I’m just playing passive and
passive in a smart way where I haven’t died once and it’s already been seven
minutes almost and I haven’t received a death so there’s really only been one in
you know altercation that was even close like I said so now right here I know the
ball is going that way gotta cover the backside because people
could rush through mid I can’t tell how far my teammate is so I kind of just got
a rotate looks like they’re coming up this way I got to play it smart let me
get to a little bit of a head blitz there take that guy out and then the guy
with the ball is kind of just got killed there so now I know there’s two right
here I just got to play it smart you didn’t see me so now I can position
you know I’m both I didn’t get the second one because my teammate did but
I’m right here it’s already a twenty streak and I haven’t really done
anything special and I’ve only been shot with three bullets by one person so
passive is definitely good if you really want to go for that v2 rocket you can
play an objective game-mode don’t touch the ball at all other than to throw it
out of Bounce and just play off your teammates you will get streaks going
because it’s inevitable if you’re not playing the objective other people are
if you position yourself in a campy way where
you have a good position and the other enemy team doesn’t odds are you gonna
win these gunfights so right here I’m Priya me because I know someone will be
right here paratroopers already in the air paratroopers are down I’m just kind
of watching the scene what’s going on I know my teammate died from this area so
they’re either rushing mid or rushing right worst-case scenario I got to get
in a safe spot screw that I got teammates in the back I’ll just
wait for the area to clear one of my teammates dropped the v-2 so I know now
all the enemy team is in the spawns they’re all in their own spawns so now I
can push up a little bit closer because I know they’re gonna be running out of
spawns try and get back to us I’ve got an easy kill they’re got a little bit of
puncture through the damage on the on the wood there but right now I can’t
actually see people cuz I got teammates in front of me back up safe again
so that’s really what a camping style will give you is really this super
passive play style I know it’s not for everybody but if you really want to
actually go on longer streaks what you can do is slowly develop this process so
that you get closer and closer to their side and then that’ll increase the rate
of engagement so right there I just got my 25 streak drop Abbey – now I know
cool game is pretty much over we’re losing but that’s not the point
you don’t that the point is to accomplish your objective and have
necessarily the team objective is to actually get your v2 rocket or get your
high streak there’s different modes you can do this in the objective game modes
that won’t flip are obviously gridiron and then also capture the flag those are
the two main ones a lot of people that flip respond to the domination I’m gonna
do a guy on a domination as well and that’s just really how you play there’s
not really much to this match pretty much the end of it I hope you enjoyed it
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