How to Choose a Good Camp Spot

How to Choose a Good Camp Spot. Having the right equipment is the key to a
successful camping trip, but don’t overlook the choice of a good camp site. You will need Attractive location Water Fuel
Previously used location Privacy and high ground (optional). Step 1. Choose a location that offers attractive scenery
where you will enjoy spending time. Step 2. Locate your site close to a source of clean
water if you are not bringing water with you. Avoid setting up a camp site on low ground
if there is a chance that it might rain. Step 3. Choose a site where the collection of dry
firewood is permitted if you plan to use wood as your source of fuel. Step 4. Choose a camp site that has already been used
by other campers. This minimizes your impact on the land. Step 5. Select a camp site that affords privacy and
that is away from outside disturbances. Did you know Did you know? Some consider the yurt used by Mongolian nomads
to be a parallel to the Native American teepee.

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