How To Cook With A Mess Kit- Emergency Cooking Ideas
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How To Cook With A Mess Kit- Emergency Cooking Ideas

hi it’s AlaskaGranny do you have a mess kit if you do you can use it for cooking and it is something you should practice in case there is an emergency I am going to show you a very simple way you can practice cooking with a mess kit then you will be ready no matter if you are hungry on the trail or there is an emergency power outage find a few rocks that are about the same height then take your mess kit open it up see if you can balance it on the 2 rocks the handle tends to make it off balance so you want to try to get it where it is not going to spill whatever you are going to make then get something like a Fancy Heat Sterno or make your own alcohol stove make sure it will fit under your mess kit fit in the space between the rocks light your Fancy Heat or Sterno pour into your mess kit whatever you are planning to cook try not to spill if it is cold windy or you want it to warm faster you can use the bottom of the mess kit for a lid just know that it is going to be hot so you don’t burn yourself when you remove the lid be careful when you try to serve it so you don’t spill it all over like I did if It was my last bit of emergency water I’d be in trouble it is not very sturdy hold it by the handle see how hot that got in just about 5 or 10 minutes with the Fancy Heat or Sterno I can pour this into my bottle whether I was trying to purify water heat up water to make a dehydrated meal or have some tea my water is hot put the cap back on the Fancy Heat to extinguish the flame then fuel is left for next time try cooking with your mess kit and Fancy Heat or Sterno it is a lot of fun and might help you keep safe in an emergency situation please subscribe AlaskaGranny channel


  • GoTigers330

    1. ur adorable 2. cool pillow 3. I understand the nostalgia but there r many newer/lighter versions of this, all in all very cool piece of history 🙂

  • James Ritchie

    That's not the right way, or the easy way. to cook with a mess kit.  To do it right, you need the complete kit, which means have the canteen cook set to go with it.  The frying pan in this mess kit is designed to sit perfectly on the canteen stove.  You can use tablets with the stove, or you can use a wood fire, or you can use a mini Trangia or other small alcohol stove.  In a pinch, you can just sit a small cat food can, or any container small enough to fit under the stove, fill it with alcohol, and light it.  But whatever the fuel, to use the mess kit right, you also need the canteen cook set.

  • AndreTheGiant2006

    This girl is EVERYWHERE!!!!!!! Mess kits, camping, gun ammo, and Panda Washing Machine (Does the machine still work?) I'm VERY impressed with the knowledge you possess and you are very pretty! Keep the reviews coming!!!

  • t jones

    cut a branch to lay on top of the handle, gently stuck in there. You' ll be able to flip food with out disaster, stops folding up.

  • Edward Hart

    I served 20 years in the Marine Corps infantry and never cooked in a mess kit. that is not what the were issued for. They were issued to be used to put cooked food in from a field mess.

  • Dwane Howard

    Another youtuber says to put a stick on top of the handle to keep it from folding on you. Then store it in the plate divide.

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