How to easily fix your RV air conditioner.

well here I am with my Coleman Mach air
conditioner on top of my RV I went to fire it up today and all I got was a
buzzing a kind of a humming buzz and so I came and took the four bolts here
that you see right here took the cover off they go in these four holes took the
the outside shroud off and trying to determine why it doesn’t want to work I
suspect it’s a capacitor that’s not allowing something to start so let’s see
if we can figure that out so my wife’s inside now she’s going to try to turn
the unit on and we’re going to see what happens okay so all you hear is a buzz
right well I started the fan by hand and away it goes when the compressor the
compressor is running too I can hear that so I think we have a fan capacitor
that’s out because this unit is running now yep it’s running I can feel it okay well
behind this cover are the capacitors and it tells you right here the run
capacitor the start capacitor and the fan capacitor so let’s take this off I already got the other screw out and you need
to discharge the capacitors you need to short across the you unplugged the whole
rig right so the whole rig is unplugged from the main power source so we just
short across these to make sure they’re discharged
and they’re all discharged so it tells me here that the fan capacitor has a brown
and a brown a white wire on it okay and it also tells me no it doesn’t tell me
the values of it so I’ve already taken off my my plumber’s tape the
adjustable band that mounts this that holds these capacitors in
here so that is not the fan capacitor because that’s not brown and white this is the fan
capacitor it’s the brown wire and the brown and white wire so this is what I
need right here okay so I ordered a new capacitor I got
it from a place online for about 18 bucks it’s right here I’ve taken the
wires off the old capacitor and switched them to the new capacitor the old one
has no markings for positive and negative nor does the new one so I can
only assume that it’s a non polarized capacitor so now let’s try and start
this up again and we’ll see if she’ll fire off without me having the hand crank the
fan look at that away she goes the compressor and everything perfect I’m glad that worked now the only other
minor minor issue I have is that this old capacitor is not quite the same as
my new one I’ve cut the power off again and discharged the capacitors by shorting
across the terminals but I think if I can just expand that strap a little bit
the mounting strap is right in here I can expand that strap just a little bit
I might have to go one more hole or just let the screw a little looser
and I should be able to slip it in there so I had to take my my band off my
plumber’s tape I like to call it and I’m going to go one more hold on the band
there to make it big enough for my bigger capacitor so just for your
information the part number on this is 1 4 9 9 – 5 4 6 1 7.5 micro farad
370 volts ac 50 60 Hertz and I believe it’s non polarized because there are no
markings on this whatsoever nothing on the top no stripe on the sides
nothing on the bottom okay so like I said I’m going to expand my band a
little bit by one hole and that should get me enough space to slip this in there
well I have my new capacitor back in the tie down system I had to expand my
thing here just by one hole to fit the new kind of an oblong shaped capacitor
and everything runs is great so that’s how you fix the fan capacitor I will put
some part numbers on the description the video description for the other
capacitors as well since I do have that information I got it from Coleman and so
you have that in case the other the run and the start capacitors go out but
that fixed my problem fan capacitor piece of cake 18 bucks and no labor fee
well this motor doesn’t seem to have any oil ports for the bearing so I’m going
to give it just a drop or two of oil on the shaft I’ve just got some machine oil here
some light oil hopefully that will seep in a little
bit and I could take apart the other side and do that too but it seems like
it’s spinning pretty freely that should help a little bit while I had my shroud off
I brought it down and hit it with the power washer since it was pretty dirty
and all those little slots they’re pretty hard to scrub out by hand so I
figured the power washer would be the way to go and then I had to reattach my
foam blocks on each side I believe it’s in the air stop of some sort because they
were coming loose I re- glued those so I got my capacitor back in there I
had to expand the band clamp by one hole is all to fit the new oblong capacitor
and now the unit runs fine I hope that helps you out if you need to fix your
fan capacitor all I have to do now is replace the shroud which I’m going to
clean up a little bit before I put it on there so thanks for watching the video I
appreciate it and good luck on your RV air-conditioner capacitor fix

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