How To Eat Cheaply In Paris + Top 7 Picnic Spots
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How To Eat Cheaply In Paris + Top 7 Picnic Spots

Paris is one of the food capitals of the world, but you don’t have to spend a lot of money
to create delicious memories. In this video, I’m first going to share ideas of where and how to grab quick
and budget-friendly food in Paris. Which one looks good to you, babe? Crème Caramel… or this… Nestle. Nestle? Food that you can either eat on the go or take back with you wherever you’re staying. In the second part of this video, I’ll share a list of seven of my top spots
to enjoy a picnic in Paris. Even if you’re not on a budget, shopping at
a grocery store and then cooking food myself is something I personally always try to do, if possible. It’s a fun way to imagine you’re a local and, for Marc and I who travel a lot,
it’s a nice normal ritual to engage in. Plus, I really love cooking and
going to food stores in general. We also work while we’re travelling which means we don’t always have time
to go and find food out and having food we can eat in
becomes essential on a deadline. I’m sure some of you are thinking like, ‘You’re in Paris! Why don’t you go for a fresh croissant at a bakery!?’ and I totally hear you, but there literally
isn’t time for that sometimes and too much eating out can be hard on the budget
and your health after a lot of travel. Plus it’s really nice to roll out of bed
and get straight to work without having to go out and search for something. The grocery store is great, of course,
to find things you can actually cook with or just to stock up on little items
you don’t need a kitchen for like bread, cheese, meat, and yogurt. You can just enjoy a little picnic at home
with these kinds of items. Should I grab another regular or are we good? Sure. We’ll use it. If you do have access to a stove or oven, then Paris is home to a chain store called Picard that is stocked with amazing frozen food. The writer David Sedaris, who I love,
swears that every French person goes to Picard. You can get pretty much anything here: meat, fish, vegetables, gluten free stuff,
snacks, desserts, pastry – basically if you can imagine it and freeze it,
it’s probably at Picard. And the prices are very reasonable too. We tried a lot of things here from fish and vegetables to
croissants and pain au chocolat to quiche and lots more. They also have some non-frozen snacks and foods. It smells amazing. Another quick and easy food to
grab in Paris is, of course, a crepe. It’s hard to go wrong with a crepe in Paris but we found this tiny little place
near our Airbnb in Montmartre that was amongst the best I’ve ever had
with a budget-friendly price tag. Classic crepes to try are butter and sugar,
sugar and lemon, plain nutella or nutella and banana, and ham and cheese. Standing in Paris on a beautiful day
and taking the first bite of a crepe has got to be one of the best feelings you can have. So happy! Isn’t that good? That is a good crepe. That’s better than most I’ve had. Me too. Seriously. Another French place to get fast food
is, appropriately named, Quick. This is another spot I wanted to try
thanks to David Sedaris. There are over 300 Quick locations in France so no need to feel guilty for your burger
and fries craving while you’re in Paris. I think it’s interesting to visit places
where people actually eat and you can see how it might differ
from your fast food back home. And it fits the bill of being quick, cheap,
and portable so it’s picnic friendly. If you’re nervous to order in French you can use
the touch screens to order in English instead. You order and pay ahead and then just wait
for your number to be called to pick up. I got the Supreme Classic burger
and Marc got the Supreme Bacon. Overall the ingredients tasted fresher and of higher quality than the average fast food burger, from the meat to the bun to the toppings. Mmm. Wow, that’s a lot. Dog Appreciation Intermission Ok so now that you’re hopefully salivating and thinking of all the wonderful budget-friendly
fun foods you can get to take away in Paris, I want to share some ideas for where
to have a beautiful scenic picnic. Here are my top seven spots. First is along the banks of the River Seine. There are many, many places where you can take stairs down to the river level and sit right beside the water. You can watch the river traffic going by and possibly be greeted by some swans or ducks. One of my favourite spots to sit
is across from the Musee d’Orsay where you’ve got a great view of the stunning
former railway station turned gallery. Next is to grab one of the many seats
in the Luxembourg Garden. We’ve made a whole video
about the Luxembourg Garden so I’ll link that below as well as a video about shopping where I talk about getting food
at the famous Bon Marche to take over to eat in the park. This is a super popular place to bring food and enjoy the greenery and excellent people watching. We brought pain au chocolat to enjoy. What you got there? Pain au chocolat. Do I look happy about it? Yes. A day cannot be bad when you’re
having a pain au chocolat. It just can’t. I’ve been testing this theory every single day in Paris. It’s solid. It’s bulletproof. Caught getting crumbs all over yourself. All over me. I hoped you hadn’t seen that. It’s flaky though. You know it’s good pastry when you have to
brush yourself off afterwards. Yeah. Another wonderful place to bring a picnic
is Sacré-Cœur, the white-domed basilica located
at the summit of Montmartre. It’s the highest point in Paris, which means you get an unbeatable view
from the steps and lawn of the church. Join lots of others gathered with food and drinks taking in the view of the city. We’ve also made a video about Montmartre and all the things to do there so I’ll link that as well. Back down by the Louvre is the Tuileries Garden. This is a large public park occupying the space
between the Louvre and Place de la Concorde where you’ll find a giant Egyptian obelisk. The Tuileries Garden was created
by Catherine de Medici in 1564. It became a public garden
after the French Revolution. Now it’s a lovely spot to sit within view
of some of the best known landmarks in Paris, including a view of the Eiffel Tower. If you want to get closer to the Eiffel Tower,
that’s another great spot to picnic. There’s a large lawn where you can sit
right at the base of the tower. I’ll link our video with more on this below too. Nice! Cheers! One of my favourite lesser-known spots to stroll
or bring a picnic is the Promenade Plantée, an old railway track that’s been
converted into an elevated park where you can walk for miles. There are benches and little places
to stop and sit all along the way and it’s a wonderful place to bring your food
and watch people going by. I’ll link our video on this site
if you want more information on it. Last but definitely not least I recommend
taking your picnic to Canal Saint-Martin and finding a spot where you can sit
right on the canal. If you don’t feel like bringing your own food, by the way, there’s a pizza place here where you can
order a pizza and drinks ahead of time, then they give you a pink balloon to carry with you… This is so cool. So…this is not an advertisement for the movie It. …find any place you want along the canal… It’s like you’re waiting to hail a bus. They’re delighted they’re on a boat and I’m delighted that I’m holding a pink balloon
that’s getting me a pizza. Everyone’s delighted. Everyone’s delighted. It’s Saturday night. We’re all delighted. …and they deliver your food by bicycle
and find you with your pink balloon. We made a video all about our experience
with this which I’ll link. We thought it was a really fun and unique way
to have a pizza picnic in Paris. Is it good? It’s so good! Oh! I know! Oh that’s good. I hope you’ve enjoyed this video and it’s given you some ideas of where and how
you can eat cheaply in Paris, plus some of the best places to enjoy a picnic. I’ll link all our Paris videos in the description box below
if you’re interested in seeing more, including food-related videos like restaurants
and specific foods to try in Paris, plus ideas on lots of activities you can do. I’d love to hear your ideas on eating cheaply and where you’ve had a really great
picnic on your travels so leave me a comment and let me know. If you enjoyed the video give it a thumbs up and remember to subscribe for lots more
travel adventures with Marc and I. Thanks for watching!


  • Rob Williams

    Lovely video. Totally agree with mixing eating out with cooking in while traveling.

    We walked right by your favorite Crêperie yesterday evening. We had our dinner just a few doors down from it, right on the next corner. That was our compromise location when I couldn’t get my colleague motivated for Deux Moulins.

    Greetings from Strasbourg, a lovely city I’ve never been to before and so close to Germany.

  • Paul Schneider

    So happy you are in Paris! Don’t forget Place des Vosges, in the 4th, one of the most beautiful urban settings in the world .

  • gyqz

    My all time favorite thing to do ( before I went vegetarian) was buying a fresh baguette, go to a supermarket to get some pâté de foie, go visit Parc Monceau, sitting down and preparing the baguette (yes: always have a cutting knife on hand LOL) only to enjoy eating and watching the scenery of that beautiful park!
    Thank you so much for this wonderful video!!

  • Elizabeth Reaney

    I love the idea of feeling like a local, and going for a meal on the grass Number six would be my choice for a picnic! I love the idea of exploring the old train tracks. What a great video.

  • Cynthia Castanon

    You two guys are incredibly cute together…hope to see you all go other places in France…as in the South of, perhaps? That would be so great. 😍

  • Ross and Bek

    We've just arrived in Paris and love this video. Totally agree so far Picard. Yummy frozen food!
    Also, plenty of cheap foody spots if you are willing to try a few bad ones along the way. That crepe place is awesome!!! Great tips Eileen! 😍😍😍✔

  • Evelyne at CulturEatz

    It's totally nice to cook for yourself when traveling for a long time. Love David Sedaris too! Even on short trips, I love to check out local grocery stores. Crepes are so good! Luxembourg garden is a great place to watch the locals. Yes, pain au chocolat I want one. I have been to canal St-Martin, it is really cool too.

  • Gina Friend

    Hi Eileen! 🙂 Lovely tour out and about, shopping, pizza and parks! I love crepes. Chicken Divan being my fav! Happy Cheers to delightful bites, you two! 🤗❤

  • Svenywhere

    Is Quick French? I saw it in Morocco as well so they definitely have more locations around the world. Some good tips there also about supermarket shopping.

  • Go Travel On The Cheap

    Was that frozen sushi I saw? Have you tried that? I am having a hard time imagining that would be tasty… I rode a sightseeing boat on the Seine; honestly, I think I would've enjoyed a picnic on the bank more. Your expressions about the Pink Flamingo pizza are so great! 😂 I am all for inexpensive…we do what I call "hoodwiches" regularly while traveling

  • Holly Dayz

    This is great because when I went there, food was pricey. That was my first European trip. Since then I usually hit the local stores and supermarkerts. I owe Paris another visit.

  • Marianne L

    it's funny because quick is way less popular than BK or mcdonalds here in France. There have been a few hygiene scandals, but it's also just considered less cool??

  • Drifter Planet

    Wow, I do the same! I also love visiting supermarkets and shop for food like a local and cook in our van. Eiffel tower picnic is such a good idea.

  • Hangry By Nature

    I needed this guide when I was in Paris in my backpacking days! That crepe near your Airbnb looks amazing! River Sein and Sacre Couer are definitely 2 of my faves for picnic and drink spots 😉

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  • Alejandro Jesús

    Eileen Aldis, Excellent video, sorry if my text is poorly written, since I do not speak or write English, but as always I am very interested in the content in your videos, very good options to explore Paris, the delicious crepes, the exceptional views and parks of Paris, I send a warm greeting from Villahermosa Tabasco, Mexico

  • Nyonyo Reservoir

    Picnic spot near tour eiffel is definitely a guilty pleasure 😁
    But the bench that once jesse and celine sat at is the best one. Plantee is a great one.

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