How to Get Your Husband or Wife to Enjoy Camping More
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How to Get Your Husband or Wife to Enjoy Camping More

How to Get Your Husband or Wife to Enjoy Camping
More. If you love camping but your spouse likes
the great indoors, there are steps you can take to make sure you both have a good time. You will need Furniture Bathrooms Camp stove
Utensils Things to do Romantic plans Compliments Sticks (optional) and toilet paper (optional). Step 1. Choose a park or campground with bathroom
facilities. A lot of people shudder at the thought of
using an outhouse, or worse — a hole. Many state parks and campgrounds offer bathrooms
complete with showers that are cleaned and maintained regularly. Step 2. Bring furniture, such as an air mattress and
folding chairs. Many people don’t like camping because they’re
uncomfortable sleeping in a sleeping bag on the ground or sitting in the dirt. Push sticks into the ground and hang your
shoes or boots on them to keep bugs out. Step 3. Use a camp stove. Many people don’t know how to cook over a
campfire, but, with a propane-powered camp stove, you can cook almost as if you were
at home. Prepare simple recipes and don’t forget utensils. Step 4. Avoid your spouse’s potential boredom by bringing
along activities. Pack a classic board game and a deck of cards,
bring a book, or bring an iPod loaded with their favorite songs. Step 5. Plan something romantic. Drink wine out of paper cups under the stars,
pack a picnic basket and hold hands on a hike, or have dinner by moon and candlelight. Step 6. Relax together and remind your spouse that
they don’t have to worry about workaday stress. Comment on how the sounds of birds and crickets
are preferable to the sounds of cellphones and traffic. Step 7. Don’t comment on the way your spouse looks
when you’re in the wilderness. Tell your wife how good she looks without
makeup, or tell your husband how rugged and sexy he looks with a 3-day beard. Take the time to tell your spouse how much
you appreciate their company and you’ll both be sure to enjoy your excursion. Did you know The National Park System covers
80.7 million acres of land across the United States.


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