How to Go Camping in Your Backyard
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How to Go Camping in Your Backyard

How to Go Camping in Your Backyard. Backyard camping is a great way to introduce
kids to the outdoors. To fully enjoy this activity, keep the following
tips in mind. You will need Basic camping supplies Tent
or tarp Sleeping bags Picnic table or portable table and fire pit and grill. Step 1. Stock your campsite with essential items like
insect repellent and flashlights. Try to have everything at the campsite that
you will need so you won’t have to make repeated trips back to the house. Step 2. Set up a tent or lay a tarp on the ground
where you can spread out your sleeping bags if you plan to camp under the stars. Step 3. Place a picnic table – or set up a portable
table – in your backyard campsite to simplify meal preparation. Step 4. Equip your campsite with an outdoor fire pit
and a grill. Did you know Campfire temperatures are usually
in the range of 1,112 degrees Fahrenheit.


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