How to grow fast in Last Shelter New Base Leveling Guide

alright alright guys this is Acer of Spades
team BLA state 268 we are number one this video is called last shelter
survival new base leveling guide over the past several months guys we have
talked about this in many different ways it occurred to myself and a subscriber
that I have not specifically told new users what to build and what to do at
what levels by the end of this video you will know the fastest way to build to
level 15 which is the perfect passive farm base level this and the follow up
should get you to the best start and last shell to survival possible but
before we get started guys please note by the combined efforts of
XXX gaming staff and subscribers the first comprehensive clash of zones guide
is now being released it can be downloaded on the lash of the survival
XXX gaming website to maximize your game and a link to that will be in the
description below I highly suggest it it will save you tons of money in the long
run especially if you ever plan on spending even a dime in this game so
let’s get started as mentioned in previous videos the fastest way to grow
your base is to meet the minimum requirements needed to grow you do this
by clicking on your base right here in the middle you can hit the upgrade
button at any time and what it will do is tell you literally the requirements
to grow to the next level clearly if I want to get to level 16 a minimum
requirement is embassy level 15 now here is exactly what you need to do to grow
fast let’s start with the class it is my opinion that the class that will grow
the fastest at the start is the trader class by level 19 you may want to be a
raider but not at the start so you want to make sure to follow the best class
series I’ll put a link to that in description below technology was what
you’re going to want to do is have a main focus on the class a PC and city
development tech city development first you want to get it to 50% as shown on
screen and that literally means you’ve finished flexible regulation to its max
right here you don’t want to worry about the bottom
right away at least not before level 15 immediately alternate between basic
combat over here as well as Class A PC after you finish city development 50%
make sure you do that ASAP now once zone commemoration stars in
your state only do zone commemoration never zone conflict which is right next
to it as you can see on the screen until you completely finish zone commemoration
so while gathering your courage medals make sure to start vehicle technology
here at the bottom but do not go pass vehicle enhancement as you can see this
just requires you to have the things above including Institute level 11 and
it requires the RSS necessary but underneath that vehicle recruitment and
vehicle boot camp will require courage medals which goes into the next thing
you do not want to spend not even one courage medal on any other tech other
than zone commemoration until zone commemoration is a hundred percent done
vids about the class zones classes owns technology and all of that will be in
description so now let’s get into the exact buildings that you should be
growing so here’s what you specifically need to do while you’re on your way out
keep all your bank’s resources except water meaning resource buildings that
help you grow and houses at the maximum level possible meaning you’re on level
13 your houses resource buildings and your banks should be level 13 you want
to do that as much as humanly possible except for water you can kind of get
away with getting up to about level 9 or 10 with each one of those and then you
can kind of leave them there until you get yourself to around 19 keep your wind
turbine up-to-date with your base if you can because you want to keep your
electricity going as much as possible you want to bring your ration along with
your base level because it is required at every single base level bring one
hospital to level 19 I said 19 level 9 and make sure you bring your shooting
to level 13 so that you can continue growing past level 13 for that you can
leave it at that point the Institute has to be at least a level 8 for zone
commemoration but you might want to increase it so that you can do more
vehicle tech so level 11 is also recommended hero Hall as long as well as
the hero building you want to bring to about level 10 as you’re growing as well
you’re also going to want to finish at least the first row of all your
warehouse buildings to level 10 and that includes this power storage facility so
I have to do that and also bring up my RSS buildings in this particular account
but the idea is to grow them at least level 10 so that they can hold the
maximum amount of RSS that you need now here is exactly what you don’t do you do
not grow your fighter camp your radar your other bunks or hospitals as they
will cost unnecessary resources that you will need for more important things the
follow-up to this video will take you to level 19 so that you can get there as
fast as possible and that is the first base level where you really want to just
hang out and continue to grow other things and lash up to survival
understand that at level 15 you can get there between 7 and 10 days even without
trying believe it or not possibly quicker if you play really really hard
side note follow the how to save electricity guide in the description so
you know what buildings to take off the road as you saw my buildings here are
not on road and you have that little off-road symbol finally you may want to
bring your embassy and vehicle camp to at least level 15 so that you can get a
head start on level 60 embassies right over here level 10 and vehicle camp is
right here at the bottom career support if you can get it to level 15 as well
over time you don’t have to do that right away but it does contain some of
the best items in the game that are offered and if you don’t get it that
high you won’t be able to purchase electricity which would be exceptionally
helpful in growing your base you do need that this guide is really designed guys
for new players to get a quick head start wastes a lot less
resources along the way if I miss anything guys please put that in the
description below again unlike what’s seen on this video alright this second
make sure you get those RS s like your oil here and stuff like that as high as
possible and keep on growing each and every day I
highly suggest that you get all of these started with iron as you see me tell
about 15 and that includes these oil depots before you do anything else and
only bring up one power plant past level 10 alright guys I think that about
covers everything again please like and subscribe also check out the last
shelter survival XXX gaming website and download that clash of zones guide so
that you can go ahead and crush classes ohms which will never end
once it starts and really do well in this game alright guys thank you again

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