hi guys
you’re welcome to my channel so today my friends and I are out on a picnic. yes we
decided to go to a lake in Pécs it’s called Lake örfu. It’s really beautiful out here. I’m gonna do a quick introduction of everyone. Meet my noisy ass friends Maryanne where are you from?? Kenya Charity where are you from? Naija Cobby where are you from? Ghanana! Ghana You know Guys sorry to interrupt, sorry to interrupt. Where are you from? I’m from beautiful Turkey, coming from Constantinople but some say it’s Instabul Heeyy and where are you from? Russia Awesome! I’m Sanjeev from India, and I’m here with this girl, she’s crazy I know That was not needed I’m Akwa Ibom babe, from Naija, always representing . You know Hey Fatima baby, where are you from? Pakistan awww cutie Guy hawfa, hawfa How you Dey? I dey Good, how you dey? I dey fine Hawfa na? abeg I drink ehh Abeg, you wan drink? eeehh! You had to do that Ghana “thing” Hawfa you don chop? I no chop, I no chop You no chop? why? I see I see You dey hungry? I no I no You say I no dey hungry I no dey Hungry I no dey “H” No problem yea? No wahala? No wahala Thank you Say hello to the Queen Elizabeth Yes, say Hello to the Queen Elizabeth for us Yes she’s the best Is she ?? She’s ruling all over us.Why… Why?? So guys how you doing people ? My name is Pepper and this is Jackson and we are here to teach you how to speak British English 101 ookay Okay. first lesson, you got to listen that
beautiful lady you gotta listen to Pepper! Bollocks! You got my 5 kilo bollocks mate? Eihh Eihhn No… She talks Pidgin She’s a Youtuber pepper pepper, pepper Pepper, Paprika, pepper, Paprika Red pepper You put it on your meal You make your meal tasty eeihh? what does pepper mean to you? to me? pepper means sauce I like Pepper, I like pepper everyday but the music inna stop playing I like pepper, I like chilli okay bye What does pepper mean to you? Pepper means love, friendship, life, world, universe I duuno, something… World biggest Lie! No ,no, I believe everything she says What should i say about you? What does pepper mean to you Ozmen? My life is incomplete without you. Not without you, without pepper Yea i know, that’s my name spicy pepper I know I know I know be fast, you have to go with the beat girl! It’s so heavy I’m gonna kill you, it’s not heavy Can you not touch my hair anymore please? okay sorry sorry please thank you Don’t touch this Hair anymore okay so we are going to learn how to speak Hindi and Urdu This is fatma, Shut Up! This is Ozmen Hello Sanjeev is missing As Salamu Alaikum Namaste My name is Sanjeev My name is Pepper Leave my hair alone! So how do you say “Good morning? Subah Bakherrr Subah bakherrr Do you hear that? Subah Bakherr Sanjeev Let me think Dear God! How do you say Hello? As Salaam alaikum Subah Bakherrr it’s good morning. Good morning, Subah Bakherrr This is in Urdu Hindi! Where are you?? Hindi what? for Hindi? Good morning? I forgot what? what? what? Go back to India no no no no, let me think, let me think Shubh Subah yea Shubh Subah How do i say “my name is pepper”?? mera naam pepper hai Spicy pepper what! okay i am lost! Now you are my wife No No marriage now you are my wife why? Because you said “I accept” what! was that what i said?? what am i doing? what am i doing? then you can sing “C” That’s the End

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