How To Install an RV Sewer Hose Carrier  |  #camp216
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How To Install an RV Sewer Hose Carrier | #camp216

How to Instal an RVSewer Hose Carrier Okay, this is the Santa Tube by Dw Incorporated it’s got a nice little latching access door and then some mounting plates and It basically can extend so we’re going to mount it underneath the frame of the trailer right next to the holding tank and right next to the Sewer drain access, and I think this will be a perfect spot. I’m going to use self drilling self tapping Metal screws to go into the frame the pleasures of doing work by yourself Although [I] wouldn’t have it any other way quite honestly little shim here perfect excellent you you


  • wyattoneable

    I had to smile when you said doing by yourself and wouldn't have it any other way. I was just thinking here's a man who could afford to have this hired out but chooses to do it himself. Awesome.

  • Jaynie Dameron

    Can you put the whole sewer hose in with the orange ends attached or will they have to be removed for that tube?


    Making another RV modification to Camp #216 by installing an RV sewer hose carrier from DW Incorporated.

    DW Incorporated SaniTube Sewer Hose Carrier Install

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  • yellow driver 602

    Just purchased one and I like the idea of placing under the trailer rather than the bumper. My only concern is that it doesn't stick out far enough and that maybe I would have to really stoop to get it out. Any inconvenience with that on yours?

  • Lenore Leitch

    Would be eminently more useful if one end could be extended to the edge of the rig so that you didn’t have to crawl halfway under the rig to get to or re-store your hose. This design still only meets half my criteria for the perfect sewer hose storage solution.

  • OOO

    Before spending $122.00 (53/80 slider tube $75.00 + shipping $47.01) go to Home Depot, and get 5" x 5" x 8' PVC fence post ($25.00 + matching cap $3.40 + two straps or hanging brackets $3.00). Same install with one added step of adapting a mounting. The PVC is white so another $5.00 gets you some black spray paint. Worked for me. P.S. drill some holes in cap to promote air circulation. You can always add a small zip tie if afraid of losing cap. Put the extra $90.00 in YOUR pocket.

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