How to Make a Campsite Washing Machine
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How to Make a Campsite Washing Machine

How to Make a Campsite Washing Machine. Roughing it doesn’t have to mean wearing dirty
clothes. You can make a washing machine for your campsite
with just a few household items. You will need Hole saw 5-gal. bucket with
lid Plunger Water Dirty clothes Laundry detergent Clothesline or tree branch and waterproof
permanent marker (optional). Step 1. Use the saw to cut a hole in the center of
the bucket’s lid, big enough for your toilet plunger handle to fit through. Step 2. Put the plunger inside the bucket and fill
the bucket with water, dirty clothes, and laundry detergent. Use the saw to cut three quarter-sized holes
in the plunger for easier movement through the water. Step 3. Snap the lid on the bucket with the plunger’s
handle going through the hole in the lid. Move the plunger up and down like you would
an old-fashioned butter churn, simulating a washing machine agitator. Step 4. Wash the clothes for three to four minutes,
or longer if they’re really dirty. Did you know It takes approximately 35 gallons
of water to wash a small load of clothes in a washing machine.


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