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How to Make a Duct Tape Teddy Bear Chair | Sophie’s World

Hi I’m Sophie and welcome to my world
today I’m going to finish my series on teddy bear camp gear and I’m gonna focus
on the teddy bear chair because you know you can’t sit around and tell ghost
stories unless you got yourself a comfy chair so for this project you’re gonna
need a wire hanger you’re gonna need some wire cutters you’re gonna need one
piece of duct tape fabric that is eight inches by three and a half inches
basically that’s two pieces of tape that are eight inches long so a little piece
of fabric that is eight inches by three and a half inches and then another piece
that is nine inches by three and a half inches so this is your eight by three
and a half this is your nine by three and a half as you can see you’re gonna
need your duct tape you’re gonna need some scissors and it’s always good to
have a dry erase marker you may not need it you might it’s up to you okay now
this is one of those projects where you are going to want to have a strong pair
of hands depending on how strong you are you might need an adult to help you with
this first thing first I’m gonna take this hanger and we’re gonna kind of
stretch it out so you kind of push it in on this side push it in on this side and
what I like to do is actually use my duct tape roll and put that up here to
kind of get the shape of this so put the duct tape roll in there and I
just kind of pull it around it like that and then what I’m gonna do is put my
hand about here so here’s my duct tape roll this is a few like about two inches
excuse me two fingers so about an inch in front and I’m just gonna pull this up
this is where you need that strength pull this up okay so that you now are
bending your hanger back on itself this is making the chair part right here okay
and we’re gonna make this about a thumb length up so we’re bending this and
bending this to make there we go the chair body now this part needs to be
sticking out a little bit behind the chair body because that’s what keeps it
from tipping over okay then we’re just gonna measure about a finger length and
kind of fold it up like that this is the tricky part once you get the shape and
you can play with this shape as much as you want but once you get the shape it’s
not too bad okay so there you go you can kind of see it’s sort of kind of like
sort of like a the letter C here C the letter C with a big nose connecting it
okay what I’m gonna do now is just snip as close up here as I can with my wire
cutters I don’t need this part anymore and just pull this off to the side be
careful because the end of a wire hanger can be a little sharp so just be very
careful there now for safety sake what I want to do is cover this entire
structure with tape and now I’ve found the easiest way to do this is to
take your tape take about four inches and take your time with this because
people try to rush here and it always ends up getting like kind of gunky
and messed up so what I like to do is take about four inches at a time and I’m
gonna split this into three strips one two three
I like to start at the top what I’m gonna do is lay this on an angle and see
this part I’m gonna put that edge right over top it’s gonna it’s gonna overlap a
little bit about a quarter of an inch there quarter to an eighth of an inch
just over top so that it is sealed off and then I’m just gonna wrap that bit
down onto itself and now what’s gonna happen naturally because I’m on an angle
here is it is naturally going to go at an angle as I wrap and the big thing
here what you want to really do is keep the pressure on this so that
this stays nice and tight and see how I’m wrapping at an angle that’s kind of
important because I want to make sure that I’m covering the whole thing and
duct tape is very forgiving here so if you start to go straight you can just
kind of angle it down and it will fix itself okay and the reason that I do
these in four inch strips is because it makes it a little bit more manageable so
again I’m coming back here got the angle see the angle there I’ve got that at an
angle I fold this triangle over can you see that the triangle has secured itself
okay now I’m gonna go up and over and I’m going at an angle up and over going
at an angle and I’m just gonna keep wrapping and I just want to keep
wrapping this entire chair wire I’m just gonna keep going and going and going now
when you get to these those bends this is where it’s so nice to have the duct
tape because it’s so malleable again remember just always keep that pressure
on here if you keep that if you keep pulling and stretching you’ll get it nice and tight like that
see that now I’ve already done one ahead of time just so that I could move on
pretty quickly here because this can take some time so now we’re gonna take
our fabric now you’ve got two pieces of fabric and then remember I said that one
piece was eight inches long and the other one was nine inches long you’re
gonna want the bigger piece and that’s because this is gonna be the chair
bottom and we want this to pooch because that’s where the bottom goes you know
where the person’s bottom goes so we’re gonna want that to pooch so what I’m
gonna do is I’m just gonna take the fabric and fold it over one of these
edges here like that I’m just gonna take a little bit of tape actually I’m going to use this tape so I
get it a little bit of variation so I’m just gonna fold this over and I’m
folding it over that’s about an inch and I’m just laying my tape on here to seal
it and I’m bringing it up and over like I said I just wanted to get a little bit
of variance here okay and now this is where you get to make it
poochy so you know you can pooch it down for your dolls bottom okay fold it over
take another piece of tape make sure you got that pooch where you want it the great thing about this is because
this is wire it’s very flexible so I’m gonna lay that there so I’ve got a nice
good seal there up and over got a little extra tape here that I can
just rip off here there we go a little bit of extra tape here that can
get cut off there we go okay so I’ve got my pooch where he can
sit and again because of the wire I can just bring these edges in to wherever I
need it to be and this looks like it’s drooped a little bit so I’m gonna pick
it up a little bit there we go and now we’re just gonna do the same thing for
the top part of the chair and you know what I’m gonna do ahead of time I’m
gonna measure my pieces ahead of time because I made a little bit of a sloppy
mess on the other one it’s always good to have the pieces measured ahead of
time okay so take this and measure it now this one I can pull off because the
thing about this one which is kind of nice is that this this is going to be the top piece and it
slides on like it slides on I’m just gonna do that slides on like a beach
chair so that goes on top there and then this one and now I’m gonna tape the end here I’m
going to use a little bit of this blue tape so that it matches okay I’m gonna
trim this bottom just a tiny bit cuz I missed on there and it can be a little
shorter that’s fine okay now I got the top and now I just slide this piece
over here and this piece over here and what’s great about this is I can have
two looks here cuz I can have it this way or if I want I can have it this way but I think I’m gonna put it the other
way there we go and again just stretch it out
so it’s all ready to go and there’s Teddy’s chair all ready for him to sit
back and relax or maybe tell a ghost story or two what do you think Teddy Oh
too scary for more fun ideas to make for your bear come and check us out at so once there was this monster


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