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How to Make a Duct Tape Tent for your Teddy Bear | Sophie’s World

hi I’m Sophie and welcome to my world
well you know teddy has been bugging me because he’s been wanting to go camping
but to go camping you need some camping gear and so I’m gonna teach you how to
make a teddy bear tent teddy bear fire and of course a teddy bear chair I’m
gonna start with the tent right now so for this project we’re gonna need some
scissors gonna need a ruler we’re going to need a cereal box this is super
important and we’re gonna need duct tape I’m gonna be using an x-acto knife for
this again remember always using an x-acto knife safely and it doesn’t hurt
to have a dry erase marker I’m also gonna have my cutting board just in case
and I’ve got some pieces of duct tape fabric that I’ve already made here and
some pieces that I’ve cut over here but I’ll explain those as I go along because
you’ll figure out that as we get further along is how we figure out the
measurements for them so anyway so first thing first what I’m gonna do is open up my cereal box now to open up the cereal box what you’re gonna do is remove
everything from inside open the top and open the bottom and to open the bottom
basically just wanna find where that flap is and open it up so now it should open close pretty easily there it shifts
from side to side what you want to do is find the point where it is glued
together I don’t know if you can see in there but there’s the edge there’s the
flap and what we want to do is pull apart at that flap see where that glue
line was and see where that flap is all right this is our basic tent now what
I’m gonna do is I’m going to cut this whole area away all these flaps I’m
gonna keep this big piece this piece in the center and this big piece this is
all gonna go away so I would just start cutting
like this now you can hang on to those pieces of cardboard because you never
know they might come in handy for other projects but you’re gonna cut along that
line the nice thing is that there’s lines there for you to follow just cut
all the way around make sure you’re getting rid of all of the flaps and last
side now what you’re gonna do is cover this entire box on the outside with duct
tape now the thing about it is this you don’t have to duct tape the inside
because nobody really sees it except your stuffed animal however if you want
to cover both sides you can now this is the most important thing when you cover
it the ends there’s a special little technique so that you can make sure that
you get all of the end covered so you take a piece of tape and you’re gonna lay it
over in this case because I want to get it over the edge I’m going
to just lay it so it’s half on half off I’m gonna flip it over here now what I’m
gonna do is with my scissors I hope you can see this I’m gonna make a little
teeny notch right here at the edge see I made an angular notch
see that a little angular notch there and I make a little angular notch here so that these edges fold over like that
now what I’m gonna do is I’m gonna turn this hopefully you’ll be able to see see
this little extra flap I just want to get rid of it I just want to cut like a
little triangle right here at the edge so I’m just gonna cut a little piece
there and a little tiny piece there so
tiny if you had more of an overlap of tape you would see it a little easier
okay now I just fold this down flip it over and fold this to the front and now
I’ve sealed the end and now I come back with strips of tape I just wanna make
sure it’s slightly bigger than my box make sure you overlap just like when
you’re making fabric lay it on fold it under and you want to keep doing that
for the entire length of your box I’m gonna skip ahead here I’ve already done
that now the big thing and the most important thing here is this seam
because this seam is where it’s going to naturally want to bend so this is the
only piece on the back that you actually need so I measure so that it’s just
inside there and now here’s where I’m going to need my exacto knife and my
ruler see this seam from seam to seam here I want to measure this in this case
it’s two inches from seam to seam what I’m gonna do is take my little marker
and mark an inch do the same thing down here mark an inch I’m gonna take my
ruler I’m gonna lay it along those two marks and now what I’m gonna do is not
using the sharp point I’m going to use the dull side and I’m going to draw a
line from end to end what I’m basically doing
here is called scoring I’m not cutting I’m scoring I’ve made a mark and this
mark now will fold exactly in half like that now if you remember I said we’ve
been eating a piece of duct tape fabric but I said we’d wait to figure out what
the size is well this is why because we want a piece of duct tape fabric that’s
going to go right in here this is a triangle you see this it’s a
right-angled triangle and so what I’m gonna do is I’m going to measure from
here to here and I get eight and a half so I want a square of duct tape fabric
that is eight and a half inches I’ve already made that for myself but if I
hold this up here you should see how that could fit right in there perfectly
now the reason I made a square is because my tent has two sides for its
flaps so what I’m gonna do is take my perfect square eight and a half by eight
and a half and I’m going to fold it like a triangle and I’m gonna crease this I’m
gonna take my scissors and I’m gonna cut right along that crease now I’m gonna
want my flap to open this is very important and so what I’m gonna do is
fold this again in half and cut down the center now I want to make sure that I
keep these the way they go do the same thing with this one this one goes there that one goes there
these are going to become the flaps of my tent see flap and flap whoops
flap oh goodness it’s hard to see okay here let me do it this one flap and flap there you go so what I’m gonna
do is open this up and lay one triangle this way and one triangle this way push
it forward here so you can see now I’m going to be using some accent tape here
I’m gonna line these two points up right at that fold where that fold is and I’m
going to be using some accent tape that I’ve already pre-cut and I cut these
into strips that are an inch wide I’m gonna lay this right at that edge there
where that that point is half on half off okay when I get to the bottom here
I’m just going to cut this and on the other side half on half off do the same
thing just line it up with my box lay it down just a tiny bit short I’m
also a tiny bit off there there we go she’s got a little bit more that extra
bit off there we go I’m gonna flip this over and these little edges I can just
fold down fold down one edge there ah see there was a little teeny tiny I can
see here’s a little teeny tiny bit of a misfire here you can easily change it
easily fix it from this side there you go
fold that edge over and that edge over over here we do the same thing fold this
edge over this little edge over now I’m gonna seal the back here lay that flat
in I would repeat this on the other side as well show you in just a sec lay this
down rip it there lay that piece down lay
that piece down so see when you fold this up and you fold these pieces down you have the entranceway to your tent
now just so you know where it is I’m gonna add a little piece of tape here
and a little piece of tape here for accent this I’m gonna do 1/2 1/2 off as
I always do half on half off right here and fold it over fold it over you can do
the same thing on this and this side again this is just really for
embellishment to show you where the flap openings are fold that end over this
one’s gonna need another little extra piece here and fold that over and you
can see now you can see where your entrance is for your tent now the one
thing I’m not gonna put the other side on just because I want to get to the
next piece here that is that we don’t want it to slide open like that we want
our tent to stay nice and secure and in its tently position so what I’m gonna do
is make some straps for these straps what I basically have done is
taken 16 inches of tape and laid one piece down sticky side up and then laid
another piece down on top of it to make a nice strap just gonna take this strap
lay it right here and secure it in place but before I do
that I’m going to show you an easy way to do this strap if you haven’t done
straps before because that’s one thing that can be a little tricky
and sticky nope okay my piece of tape I messed up there
Scott will cut it so you have your piece of tape and you put it sticky side up
now this is where it can get hard for people but what I normally like to do is
just take my second piece of tape hold it in my fingers really tight and just
lay it down I line it up and I hold it in my fingers really tight and I
balance it over there until I’ve got it pretty solidly lined up and then I
gently lay it down and smooth it down now you’re gonna see there’s a tiny
little bit of extra there and all I’m gonna do is just take my scissors and
trim can you just trim now you’re gonna need to trim on both sides because if
there’s sticky on one side it means there’s a little sticky on the other
side so you got one side here and one side here this one has a little sticky
so I’m just gonna flip it over and use that little sticky edge to hold it in
place right there this one doesn’t have a sticky edge so I’m just gonna hold it
in place with my fingers here and I’m gonna take a piece of my accent tape measure it out lay it right down on top
like that and secure it just lay it right down on
top like that now I’m gonna fold this okay here’s my straps they’re gonna come
around to this side here and so what I’m gonna do is I’m gonna lay down my first
piece which is my accent tape here I’m gonna lay that accent piece down and
now what I’m gonna do is create the place where the straps go through for
this what I’m gonna do is take some duct tape and do a fold-over strip I’ve done
this so many times and I’m hoping that you’ve seen this but you just fold it up
once fold it over again twice like that cut it in half and then I’m gonna cut
this in half straight down the middle cut this one in half straight down the
middle all right pull these might as well pull these all the way through so
lace flat okay I’m gonna take strap number one strap number two and just lay
them on top of each other just like that take a little piece of tape secure them
in place take a piece of tape secure them in place I use this closure all the time I call
it a double tongue closure because it’s going through two straps okay take a
little piece of tape on this side and another piece of tape on this side okay
now when you pull this down pull this down like a belt strap you can adjust
how high how wide you want your tent so there you go make that wide and there’s a
little extra over here just snip that but the other great thing about these
straps is that if you want to when you’re all done and you want
to put this away so that you can clean up your room just pull your straps up like that and this can go in your
bookcase and now all we need is teddy I think he’s ready for bed what about
you I think we’ll take off Teddy’s hat teddy you want to go check out your new
tent oh how is it in there oh very nice for more fun ideas for your bears come
and check us out at


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