How to Make a Picnic Table + Free Picnic Table Plans
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How to Make a Picnic Table + Free Picnic Table Plans

Hey! Welcome to Porter’s Projects. On this episode we are going to do “How to
Make a Picnic Table”. This Picnic Table is going to have a burnt
top on it, um you don’t have to, but that is what the customer requested on this project,
so I hope you enjoy! Hey, So I have free plans for this picnic
table, if you want them just go ahead and click the link in the description and enter
your email and I will send you one over. So, first thing we need to do is go ahead
and mark out all of the pieces that are going to go into it and cut them to length. Also making sure you get all of your angles
cut. Now I got these all prepped. I ran them through the planer a couple of
times and then sand them. uh I got them all cut to length, which is
going to be eight feet even. We are going to have a burnt top, uh then
we are going to pre-drill holes for the screws to go in. After you cut and pre drilled all your holes
then you will want to go ahead and route your exposed edges. The reason for that is that, it does a couple
of things it make the corners safer for people, so it’s not as sharp. The other reason why is it will decrease the
amount of chipping if something does bump into the edge. To put together the legs, um, the legs consist
of four pieces, you have your two uprights and then your two cross pieces. You will want to measure up from your foot
or down from the top to where you want your stringer, the piece your seat is going to
be on to get it in the right spot. after it is there, there is a couple of ways
you could put it together. One is you mark out the holes prior, which
will take a little bit more effort, on all the pieces and drill them. A little quicker way is just clamp the pieces
together and then drill a hole and put the bolt in, um, that way you don’t have to worry
so much about exact measurements. So to attach the table top and the benches
to the rest of the frame, uh, I usually start in the center for the table top, I usually
start in the center and work my way out, uh that way everything comes out even on both
sides and for this table top we are actually butting everything up tight instead of spacing
them out. um, you should have already pre marked and
drilled the pilot holes that will line up with your table support. For the bench part you are actually going
to start on the outside and work in. Hey, so we have a little bit left to do on
the table still. Um, but if you want to see the finished product
you can go find Porter’s Projects either on Facebook or on Instagram and I will have both
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