How To Make DIY Camping Tent Craft Photography For Kids Campfire Foam Paper Crafts w/ Ava
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How To Make DIY Camping Tent Craft Photography For Kids Campfire Foam Paper Crafts w/ Ava

– Hey guys, welcome back
to Kids Cooking and Crafts! I’m Ava. – And I’m Axel! – And today, we are going to show you how to make a fun camping craft! You guys wanna go camping with us? – Let’s do this. (fun, upbeat music) – Okay, the first part of this craft is taking pictures of each other. All right Axel, pretend
like you’re sitting inside of your tent. – Okay. (light bluegrass music) – Okay, stay still. Say, “cheese.” – Cheese! – There we go. All right, your turn. Now you gotta take a picture of me. – ‘Kay Ava, say, “I love camping.” – I love camping! Axel, be quiet. I think I can hear some birds. – Yeah, let’s go check it out. (light bluegrass music) – Let’s climb the tree and check it out. All right, I’m gonna go
check out the baby birds. – (gasp) They’re so cute! (birds chirping) (light bell music) Hey, tweet, tweet tweet! There’s one, two, three, four of them! Oh, they’re so cute. All right, that was pretty
fun looking at the baby birds, but now let’s print off our pictures, and go start our craft! – Let’s do this! – All right, let’s put our
pictures into our computer. There we go. All right. Okay, Axel, press print. (energetic light rock music) – All right, it’s printing. Let’s go get it. (energetic light rock music) – All right, now let’s cut our bodies out. All right, we are just very carefully trimming around our arms,
our legs, our heads. Just cutting ourselves out. (energetic light rock music) – Tada! – Oh cool! You did really good. There we go. Tada! (energetic light rock music) The things that you’ll
need for this next part is: some chalk, foam paper, some cute forest stickers — – And some black paper and scissors. – So first, we’re gonna make our tent out of this green foam paper. First, you wanna grab your scissors and cut a big triangle. (energetic light rock music) Tada! It’s a big triangle. Now, we need to add some doors. So, let’s cut a big line
right in the middle. Now, we’re gonna take our
chalk to make the ground. We just want a fat horizon line. (energetic light rock music) Now, we’re gonna glue our
tents onto the ground. (energetic light rock music) All right, now we’re
gonna glue open the doors, so that we can see what’s
inside of the tent. (cheery acoustic music) All right, there we go. – All right, now we’re gonna glue our little people into our tents. (cheery acoustic music) – Gonna stick your person in. Now we’re gonna make a magical campfire using our brown and orange foam paper. I’m just gonna cut out
this shape right here. Axel, how about you cut out some logs. – Sure! – Let’s do three of them. Now we got all of our pieces to the fire, now let’s just put it all together. (cheery acoustic music) A dot right there. We got our tent, we got
us, we got our fireplace. What are we missing? – Forest animals! – Oh yeah, let’s do that! Oh, look at these cute little animals. (gasp) Look, there’s a raccoon on there! Me and Axel saw a raccoon once. It was in Washington. We were camping by the ocean. It was so cool. – I’m gonna do the squirrel with this nut. – Ooh, I think I might do the skunk. (light, cheery music) – I can’t get mine.
– Ooh, I got my skunk off. All right, I’m gonna
put my skunk right here. I have no idea what
that smell is! (laughs) – Right here. – I’m gonna put the deer right here. – Move my bunny right there. (light cheery music) Good. – I’m gonna do some flowers. – I want this, pretty. Hedgehog! (light, cheery music) – Now it’s time for some stars, ’cause we are sleeping
under the starry night. (light, cheery music) For those of you who don’t
know how to draw star, all you need to do is make
a check mark like that, go over, down, and back up. Tada! There we go! Look at that awesome campground. I wanna go sleeping there. (spirited whistling pop music) Thank you guys so much for making this amazing camping craft with us. We just went camping for spring break. It was a lot of fun. You guys can check that out on our family channel, Nature for Kids. – Don’t forget to like,
subscribe, and comment down below on what your
favorite forest animal is! – Bye! (spirited whistling pop music) – Peace. – Hello, everybody and welcome back to Kids Cooking and Crafts. I’m Rapunzel I’m here with
my two favorite dudes, Superman and Batman. So today, we’ll be doing a quick, easy, DIY necklace tutorial. Let’s get started. – So, these are the supplies we need. We need foam paper, hole puncher, a pair of scissors, some
string, glue sticks, and then, these little tiny beads. – They’re so pretty, they
look like the rainbow. – And my favorite part is
what is inside this chest. (tinkling chimes) (everyone cheers) The gems! First, we’re gonna cut foam
into our favorite shape. (jazzy pop music) – Ooh!
– It’s Superman! – Whoa! – I made a heart. – I made an octagon. – I got my hole puncher here, so I’m gonna hole punch a hole, so that we can feed our string through, so it can hang on it. (jazzy pop music) (jazzy pop music) All righty. Now, I’m gonna put my string through it. – I’m gonna punch it right there. – So, I’m just gonna
feed this string through, and I’m gonna put it above, and put these two strings through like this. (upbeat pop music) (upbeat pop music) Voila! ‘Kay, now let’s start
putting the beads on. – So many to choose from. (everybody “hmm”) – Ooh, I’m gonna do a rainbow. (upbeat pop music) (upbeat pop music) (upbeat pop music) (upbeat pop music) You can either use a string or you can use a needle
to put the beads on. There we go. – Finished. – Tada!
– Tada! – Tada! – Still flyin’ through the air. – Now, let’s go to our jewels. (angelic singing) – It’s so pretty. (music drowns out speech) (upbeat pop music) (upbeat pop music) (upbeat pop music) (upbeat pop music) (upbeat pop music) (upbeat pop music) I’m done, are you guys done? – Yeah! – Awesome. – That looks awesome. That looks cool, too. Whoa. You guys like mine? – Yeah.
– Yeah! You guys like mine? – Of course, it’s awesome.
– Yeah! It’s kinda cool, how we
all used the same stuff, but we made things so different. – Yeah, it’s cool. – Hey Rapunzel, I made this
so you could remember me. – Oh, thank you. So pretty. (mischievous guitar music) – Rapunzel’s my girl. I’m gonna give Superman some kryptonite. Hey Superman, I made
this necklace for you. Wanna try it on? – Thank you! (mischievous guitar music) Whoa, this looks so cool. I don’t feel so good. (ding) – Is that kryptonite? – Maybe. – You know, I feel kinda
bad that everyone’s giving each other necklaces, so I’m gonna give this one to you. – Oh thanks, Rapunzel! This is great! This … (crashing glass) (evil laugh) – Thank you guys so much for watching our quick and easy, DIY necklace tutorial. – Make sure to like,
subscribe, comment, below. Make sure to check out
some of our other videos. Bye! – Bye!
– Bye! (spirited whistling pop music) (spirited whistling pop music) (spirited whistling pop music) (spirited whistling pop music) (spirited whistling pop music)

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