How to Make Straw Containers Waterproof Resealable- DIY Survival Gear
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How to Make Straw Containers Waterproof Resealable- DIY Survival Gear

make resealable waterproof containers from straws spice packets from straws bug out bag backpacking camping drinking straw uses for bug out bag survival how to pack spices camping spice container hi it’s AlaskaGranny were you wondering
how to make water proof straw containers Spice kit for camping, prepping, emergency survival to hold things like spices in your bug
out bag backpacking or camping gear you just need a few simple items take a straw clamp the end shut and melt
it with a lighter or a match pour your spices into the other open end of the straw now cut off a
tip of the open end fold over the straw waterproof pouch container pinch the open end of the straw in a little
bit and push the ring of straw you cut off right over the open end of the straw that will seal the waterproof straw pouch container
and allow you to open and close it to use the contents when you want to open the straw container take off the
straw ring open the straw and you can pour out what you want seal it back up
with the little straw ring these waterproof straw containers work best if you actually can find clear
straws so you can tell what’s inside each one learn more at please subscribe to
the alaskagranny channel


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