How To Make Waterproof Matches- DIY Survival Gear Fire Starters
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How To Make Waterproof Matches- DIY Survival Gear Fire Starters

Make Waterproof Matches
DIY Waterproof Matches Here is a simple method to make waterproof matches, or waterproof your strike anywhere matches. Brush or dip matches in nail polish. I used clear, nailpolish to waterproof my matches. Use any color of leftover nail polish, colors you no longer enjoy, or buy a cheap bottle of nail polish at the Dollar Store. Try making your own water proof matches. Waterproof matches you make yourself really work! Yes, you can light wet matches, if you waterproof them ahead of time. Keep your home made waterproof matches in your camping gear, fishing gear, and your Bug Out Gear or Emergency Stockpile. hi it’s AlaskaGranny have you ever noticed
how expensive waterproof matches are why are they so much more than strike anywhere matches here is a simple way to take strike anywhere matches and make them into waterproof matches you need three items to make strike anywhere matches into waterproof matches to make your matches water proof
waxed paper to protect your work surface strike anywhere matches and a
bottle of nail polish to make your own waterproof matches when you get your strike anywhere
matches they can be red or green the thing that makes a match a strike
anywhere match is the white tip make sure they have a little white tip the matches
that don’t have the white tip are strike on the box matches strike anywhere matches need the strip on the box to light cover your surface with the
waxed paper and then lay out your matches pretty
close together but be sure the matches are not touching don’t want them to get stuck together
then you want to take your nail polish and simply paint over here match coat the match tip with nail polish to cover the tip cover it up as well as you can then you want to let this side dry and then you’ll flip them over and paint
the other side of your matches with nail polish to make your own waterproof matches now I’m going to give my matches a second coat second to make them waterproof I’m going back and putting an extra
layer over the tips of the matches to make sure that the
most important part of the match is waterproof the tip of the match is completely coated if you are
concerned about covering the entire match you could take the brush out of the nail polish
and just dip it in and let your DIY waterproof matches dry put it on the wax paper to dry okay let’s do the match strike test to see how they work here is a match right out of the box cool here’s one that I coated both sides with nail polish here’s a match that I dipped in nail polish making waterproof matches you can see that all three of them where now I’m going to dip in
water and then striking at this one was brushed with nail polish flame at the beginning because the nail
polish would be like a flammable accelerant so maybe
what I’m gonna do now is go back and make your own waterproof strike anywhere matches please subscribe to the AlaskaGranny channel


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