How to Pack a Rucksack
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How to Pack a Rucksack

The key points to remember when packing your rucksack are, weight, space and organisation It doesn’t matter whether you are going on a four day trek, or backpacking across the globe The principles are the same The first step when packing your rucksack is deciding what to take Remembering that the total weight of the pack should not be more than a quarter of your own body weight As a rule of thumb you shouldn’t exceed 15 kilograms The lighter the better Try and limit what you carry to the essentials Laying out everything you want to pack will give you an idea of how much kit you actually have Not only will this ensure you don’t leave out anything important It will also help you whittle down your kit to what you really need Once you’ve laid your kit out, you can separate your items into groups Ideally in the way you want to pack Compression bags, and dry bags, will help you separate similar items out They will also help remove air and keep your kit dry How you organise your clothing is up to you You might want to use one compression bag for your underwear And one for tops and trousers Or you might want to arrange it by outfit Remember, you don’t want to be digging around in your bag for something specific So, try to be logical Oh and here’s a tip If you roll your clothing items tightly … You can maximise space It’s important that the weight in your bag is distributed evenly Heavier items such as tents and stoves should be placed towards the bottom of the bag Against your back This is the closest point to your centre of gravity Heavy items placed towards the outside or top of the pack can pull it backwards Making you feel very unbalanced Also, make sure that you’ve got nothing sticking out As this can dig in and make the bag very uncomfortable Medium weight items such as sleeping bags and bulkier clothing should be stored at the bottom of the bag Bigger bags will often have a separate compartment or space to store your sleeping bag or shoes Lighter items such as gloves, hats and torches should be stored towards the front of the pack or at the top Items that you need quick access to such as snacks, medical kits or lightweight waterproofs should also be stored at the top or inner side pocket When packing items in the pockets, you need to consider the weight distribution You don’t want too much on one side or this will throw you off balance If you are taking a sleeping matt and it won’t fit inside your rucksack, You can attach this to the outside of the bag Ideally, it’s best to strap the matt on vertically As this will minimise any damage It’s best to avoid attaching anything you can’t afford to get wet, damaged or lost on the outside of your rucksack Hanging anything at the bottom of the rucksack may also alter the weight balance So that’s it That’s how you pack a rucksack to ensure that it’s balanced, comfortable and organised Thanks for watching


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