How to Pack for a Weekend Camping Trip : How to Select Shirts & Pants for Camping
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How to Pack for a Weekend Camping Trip : How to Select Shirts & Pants for Camping

Hi. This is John Stewart and this is how to
select your shirts and pants for a weekend camping trip. When you decide to go camping
you need to pick which clothing you’re going to wear. You’re going to pick clothing according
to the season and the weather for the weekend you’re going to go camping. If you’re going
winter hiking you’re going to definitely want to take warmer clothes. Long pants, long sleeve
shirts, layers, fleece, stuff like that. If you’re doing some summer camping; some real
light moisture wicking shirts are going to work great; shorts, definitely some wool socks,
stuff like that. That’s the stuff you’re going to take. Different types of this clothing
is shorts. Normally you want to find a short with a shorter inseam. These are going to
give you more movement, real comfortable. You can find them in different materials:
nylons, polyesters, some poly blends. They’re going to be real nice. You can take and wear
them. Give you good movement. They wick moisture, so you don’t get and they build up sweat.
I always take some long sleeve shirts. This is good for summer; just because you get moisture
wicking and you also get the sun protection from the shirt. So, you can take long sleeves
or some short sleeves. They’re real light weight, real breathable, so you barely even
know they’re there. They moisture wick, pull that moisture off your body so it doesn’t
soak it up. Most of the time it’s going to get cooler, so you’re definitely going to
want to take a little bit of a light fleece in case you’re doing summer camping or a heavier
fleece for winter camping. OK. It’s going to keep you warm at night when you’re sitting
outside, OK, hanging out with people and when you’re sleeping, because the temperature normally
drops. Other things you can take; rain jackets if you’re expecting rain; rain ponchos, stuff
like that. Just small things that you know you’re going to need based off the weather
and the season. This is how to select your clothing and pack it for a weekend camping

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