How to paint picnic food #worldwatercolormonth day 3

Hello Everybody! Welcome, welcome…
if you’ve been wondering how to paint picnic food you’re in luck because
picnic food is the prompt for world watercolor month today and I’ve decided
to paint oh you know just the essentials so when I was putting together my ideas
for what I was going to paint I have to use a couple of reference images
together so that I have kind of compiled just the things that I want and I played
around in my sketchbook for a while to get the thumbnail kind of idea of what I
wanted to paint before I went ahead and got out my watercolor paper so I will
leave you to watch what I finally decided to paint one I play you some fun
picnic music thank you for watching don’t forget to hit that subscribe
button and notification bell if you want to see the rest of the paintings in
world watercolor month’s challenge this year. See you next time!

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