How to Prepare for a Camping Trip : How to Choose Clothing for Camping
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How to Prepare for a Camping Trip : How to Choose Clothing for Camping

Hi, this is John Stewart, and this is how
to choose the appropriate clothing and footwear, for leading up to a camping trip. When you
decide to go camping, you want to take the right clothing and footwear. We’ll start with
footwear. Footwear, you want to have a real supportive shoe. A lot of times a higher shoe
is a little bit better, for the more ultra terrain you’re messing with, or if you’re
carrying a heavier load, a shoe with more support, is going to be better for you in
the long run. It might not be quite as comfortable, but it’s going to help you a lot, to get footwear
that is nice and comfortable, and also specific for the area that you’re going to. Secondly,
clothing. It’s going to be cold. You want to pack warmer stuff. It’s going to be warm.
You want to take and pack clothing that’s going to be moisture wicking, fast drying,
to where your sweat and stuff, it pulls it away from your body, and that way you don’t
get real sweaty, so you want to take stuff like polyesters, and nylons. They’re going
to help do this, synthetic blends. You don’t want to wear cotton when you go camping. Cotton
takes and absorbs moisture, and holds it, and gets really, really, heavy, so it pulls
your body heat out also. Take rain jackets, stuff like that. Fleece to keep you warm.
Socks, socks are key. You always want to take extra socks. Socks take a punishing, and they’ll
punish your feet, if you don’t take and change them daily. Change your socks daily. Let them
air out, so you always want to have extras of some of the stuff, that’s going to take
more of a wear on a trip, so socks, underwear, shirts, stuff like that, that you get a lot
of use out of, get real sweaty and do a lot of work. You want to take extras of those.
This is how to choose clothing, for planning a camping trip.

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