How to Prepare for a Camping Trip : How to Select Communications Equipment for Camping

Hi,this is John Stewart, and this is some
communication needs that you’ll need to address, for going on a camping trip. Going on a camping
trip, backpacking trip, anything like that. You need to have ways to communicate. These
things can be found in satellite phones, walkie talkies, GPS, stuff like that. All these things
come in real handy. If you’re going out on the trail with other people, and they’re splitting
off from you, a walkie talkie is real handy. You can get them from two to three mile ranges.
Stay in touch with that person, in case of an emergency. Also cell phones, satellite
phones, these come in real handy. Sometimes you don’t get reception with them, but you
can easily contact people, in case of an emergency, and other people can contact you, also. Lastly,
a GPS. A GPS comes in handy, because it tells you where you are in the world. It always
gets a reception. It tells you where you are, and it’s also going to show the location of
other surrounding areas, to where you can easily take the GPS and say, Hey, I want to
go here, and it’s going to tell you what direction you need to walk in. These are just a few
communication things, for choosing a camping trip.

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